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At Bannon's Behest, Blackwater Founder and War-Profiteer Erik Prince Mulling Senate Run


At Bannon's Behest, Blackwater Founder and War-Profiteer Erik Prince Mulling Senate Run

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"I guess Erik Prince figures he can get elected in Wyoming because they elected torture architect Dick Cheney and his spawn."

Erik Prince


Just another piece of sh*t, billionaire mercenary to run the show…that’s all we need…where’s the phkn rope?


Prince is a war criminal who should be in prison, not in the Senate.  But since more than half of “our” current senators are also criminals of one kind or another, what difference does one more make?   Mother Nature has punished Texas & Florida for supporting Tweetle-Dumb, and now she’s going after the South again. Good thing for Wyoming that she’s so far from the Gulf, otherwise Mother Nature would be punishing her for supporting the Cheatin’ Cheneys.


I’ll only say that most of the other Senate criminals are not murderers, they’re thieves. That’s all I’ll give them anyway.


Last I knew, he was wetting his cammos undies in UAE or Qatar.


I’d vote for this Prince in a Raspberry Beret

Maybe the ban will one day have his head fall out of his @$$. There is always hope that the inversions of the eric will be revealed for what he is… a vile manifestation of privileged delusions of mercenary as “Academi” in the previous mutation. Golly, might that have been to swing the appointment of this, whatever she actually is, proven ignoramus to the office of Sec’y of Ed - so kindly posed as “open to question”?

Feces take flight with this crew. Time to haul out the fans en mass.

These are nothing more than 21st century versions of captains of slave ships and the US government is being fashioned into today’s “Middle Passage”.

I really hope that I am wrong - but the similarities serve as a goose to activism.


Scum of the earth.


This bannon is quite a piece of work, ain’t he now. It seems to me that he wants the country to look like him. Through out Federalist Paper #10, Madison writes about “factions” and what they will do to the Republic. He knew about bannon beforehand. I am of the opinion that this person is a threat to our Republic and it’s democratic institutions. Under this administration we are in a state of collapse and that’s what empires do when they become top heavy, they fall apart. We are nothing more than fading ghosts of our former selves. If you read news/opinion pages from over seas they see our dimming light very clearly.


Erik Prince: Like Cheney, the perfect senator for the Fourth Reich!


My question is, can he play nice with the other senators? I wouldn’t want him on my committee. They should make it a rule that bans low life thugs from office. I guess allowing his sister to oversee the education of American children should be included.

This starts with the least protected. The CHIPS program has few protections, Medicaid has some but needs more. Medicare is a fortress.


“Modern slavers, in drag, as Champions of Freedom”. Bruce Cockburn


" Scum of the earth."

Well we have to admit that makes Erik the perfect Republican, Senator!


Clowns to the Left of me, Jokers to the Right, here I am stuck in the Middle Ages with a Goof for President.


Great post, I couldn’t have said it as well. I agree, Bannon is a grave threat to our Republic. I wonder what his ( and others like him) end game is.


We live in an f-ing mad house. Have you seen Trump’s posturing on war over the last couple of days? This eminently readable book by a research in authoritarian personality describes what we’re in for. Look at his description of what happens when you set up a game, a model world of countries, negotiation, trade and war, while secretly engineering that someone who fits the authoritarian personality leads key countries as opposed to what happens when such people are shunted into minor positions. The result in the former case, is conflagration.


Great song! For those of you who may not know it:


I read a piece about a Doctor at Duke who is authority on narrsissism (can’t spell) and she said he doesn’t have that personality type, he is just plain evil. We are in deeep dooodooo here folks


Thanks WiseOwl. Great song. Great memory. Those were the days my friend.


Well, that solidifies Bannon as also a pos, in my trash compactor.


Lorenzo –

Many lives lost in these wars the Senate isn’t stopping — I’d call that murder.
US/CIA/MIC have killed 1 million Muslims, at the least.

And how many wars before these – ?

Without doubt, I would put “murder” on their heads.

What about the lives that are lost because of the lack of National Health Care for all?
And budget cuts …
Our disabled are throwing themselves on the mercy of our Congress and they were arrested for it.

What about 20% of our children living in poverty?