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At Berlin March, Tens of Thousands Demand End to Industrial Agriculture

At Berlin March, Tens of Thousands Demand End to Industrial Agriculture

Andrea Germanos, staff writer
"Farmers and consumers from all over Europe have made it clear that they are fed up with current policies that benefit huge food and agriculture corporations, at the expense of the environment, peasant farming, and public safety," said Adrian Bebb, Friends of the Earth Europe
Demonstrators march in Berlin on Saturday calling for an end to industrial agriculture. (Photo: Bund/Friends of the Earth Germany)

A big problem with the EU is that its formation has been a boon for corporations. Fewer government representatives, easier to buy off, and then all the members must abide by their corporate-friendly (really corporate engineered) laws and policies.


The roar that you hear are the winds of change at their backs and blowing this way.

The obscenity of the military channelling of agriculture for damn near a century; its paranoid model of clawing control over technological ass backwardness and droolingly calling it “science” is just that: a stunningly fetid obscenity.

Green Revolution? just ask the banking cartels - all else is dust in the wind.

For example: coming to vote on the May 2018 ballot - Nebraska Communities has a call to action to oppose a Costco proposal for the LARGEST CHICKEN CAFO IN THE NATION.

Heres the Campaigns page for Organic Consumers Association - let the winds of change blow hearty!

Hang them up by their short hairs and burn the GMO seeds.

For example: Nebraska Communities has a call to action to oppose a May 2018 ballot initiative for Costco to build the LARGEST CAFO CHICKEN OPERATION IN NATION.


Thank you – hadn’t thought about that …



People have the power if they will use it —

Just think of what benefits you and your families, your health …

Move away from the violence of animal-eating –
a vegetarian and even VEGAN die it healthier for you.
Becoming a vegetarian has great benefit for the planet and humanity.

When the FCC threatens to destroy “net neutrality” … is it in your interest
or your family’s interest to continue to subscribe to Comcast or Verizon.

When you see Comcast and Verizon trying to spread their pornography
which they make billions and billions of $$ from into mainstream programming,
is it in your interest to continue to buy their programming?
What should be our reaction to the FCC furthering the interests of Comcast
and Verizon …?

If you have any financial assets, is it in your interest to using banks which fund
pipelines which do harm in your state as we’re seeing here in NJ?
Credit unions and local banks help your community and local businesses.



Every now and then there’s a scratch of hope, though the bar is so low. “We don’t want to eat poisons grown with methods that kill life on earth”. It has come to this. Pesticide farming has become a necessary evil. I was reading a list of the ‘dirty dozen’ most poisonous fruits and vegetables the other day; some had traces of over 20 different poisons.

Glyphosate is a horrible horrible poison with links to numerous conditions and diseases, yet it’s the most common pesticide on the planet. The stuff was originally used to clean pipes. But it makes money and that’s what’s sacred in this crooked piece of time, making money.


Oh thank gods, i am elated to know the Europeans are doing something for nature and their health. Where are you America?
Death to MONSANTO and death to roundup!

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You’re probably already aware of this… but just in case: Demand Progress has posted a petition to investigate Pai

Sign the petition: Investigate FCC Chair Ajit Pai’s corrupt dealmaking!
Petition to FCC Inspector General:
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai appears to be showing improper favoritism towards Sinclair Broadcast Group, changing rules to speed through its merger with Tribune Media instead of protecting the public interest. Please open an investigation into Pai’s sweetheart treatment of Sinclair.

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That is very likely the motive behind creating the EU to start with. Corporate interests are insidious. They get inside your government and before you know it everything is operating with the needs of corporations foremost in mind. You know, just like in the USA.


But Europeans won’t take it like we do!

The EU is the biggest, strongest bastion of social democracy in the world. They rejected US corporate driven TTIP, for example.The driving force that wanted Brexit in the UK, those who are anti-EU and its employment, citizen right’s and environmental regulations (‘red tape’ as they call it,) are the most right wing, neo-liberal element of the Conservative Party. Their campaign was financed by ther Alt right in the USA and some repitlian corporate backers. Think about that.