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At Break Free Protests Coast-to-Coast, Climate Activists Put Bodies on the Line



My accolades go out to the protesters for trying to protect the environment and humanity from fossil fuels. We need to keep this Dinosaur pollution and climate devastation deep in the ground.

The saying: " the love of money is the root of all evil" applies to the fossil fuel industry because it is an evil, multi- billion $ industry that is devastating our planet for the love of money.


" We must have Bernie Sanders in office."

Yes, and then millions of his constituents need to stand behind him and not allow Wall Street to marginalize him.

But what should scare the hell out of Bernie's acolytes is if Hillary is given the nomination for POTUS, because that could mean a Trump presidency.

I will support a third party candidate, but many people I talk to that would vote for Bernie tell me they would rather vote for Trump rather than a third party because they despise HRC so much. And their only way to protest HRC is to vote against her!


What has happened to people that we seem afraid to call for protests and demonstrations to support Bernie against the corrupt dealings of the Dems and their superdelegates? Stand up for your democracy and demand that the rigged game be stopped and that the most popular candidate be nominated to run against the fascistic Trump!


What the only way to protest her is to vote against her? Why is that? How about protesting and demonstrating before they get away with nominating her? Why are we suddenly so afraid of demonstrating? Is it that people don't really want to be bothered or they just want other people to do the standing up for what they believe in?


Yes, does not seem logical to me either, but many that I know feel that way. Why is that? Good question which I cannot answer except to say the vitriol against Hillary seems to be so rampant that if she steals the nomination from Bernie some are appealing to ad hominem emotions.


Desperate times result in desperate measures.

Critical railroad and highway bridges on the US and Canadian west coast were loaded up with explosives during WWII with the 24/7 sentries guarding those bridges instructed to push the button in the event of a Japanese invasion, to slow down that invasion.

Many Murkins believe the destruction of Murka as they knew it has advanced to the point that banking on a Trump presidency destroying government to the extent that things improve is the solution, no matter how desperate that hoped for "solution" really is.

Call it 2016 "hope and change" ?


Just to clarify: If Bernie goes MIA in November, I'll vote for T because I simply don't want the woman in power, to put it bluntly, she kills people--and likes doing it. "We came, we saw, he died ....cackle cackle...". I don't think he's anywhere near conditioned enough to take peoples lives, and that overrules any other negative he may have. Yes, death and destruction is more important than anything else he may bring to the table. That's why I'm voting for him--if Bernie walks.


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Try to remember he is a republican and not a liberal. Try to remember that he doesn't believe global warming is real. Try to remember that the Repubs are now working a deal to make use of his surprising popularity over the untrusted Hillary when they were resigned to losing against the honest man Bernie. They will work out a deal to use Trump for republican goals. Do you really think Trump is so far apart from the republican game plan? In what way is Trump so distant from what the other Repubs talked about? Aside from the wall and the round ups. The anti- women nonsense, the punish abortions, the whole grotesquely hypocritical morality playbook ( how amazingly bizzare that is for him), the mob connections and the endless cost overruns on whatever he touches, the bankruptcies and all the other sharpie deals. He has no experience and will undoubtedly rely on the mainstream republicans to run things while he gets on stage and says look at me, this is what I will do...etc.

Trump is not the un-republican just because he isn't Hillary. Neocons were republicans and we are still in the Mideast where they put us. You are being conned by the Trump is entertaining meme.


Yes, I know many people like you and I empathize with their frustrations. One Bernie potential voter told me, if Bernie is screwed out of the nomination, his only satisfaction in voting is to vote for Trump and against HRC. It does not seem logical, but I fully understand it! Lets hope it does not come to Trump vs Hillary because she could very well lose to Trump, where Bernie, in my opinion, would beat Trump in a landslide. But someone smarter than me needs to figure out how to persuade and convince the delegates in Philly, that Bernie has to be their choice, because Bernie is the choice of the people! And in almost every poll beats Hillary in a general election against Trump.


this acton is what we need, multiplied by 100 and kept constant, non stop. don't shut it down for a day or 2 then walk away. to save our planet we must totally ignore all the oil soaked "leaders" in the western world, who have proved beyond doubt they are all hopeless toadies. People power is our only hope


Well said!


Has anyone seen coverage of this on MSM? I do not know, but would guess not. That is how dissent is stifled in today's world. With little or no coverage it is simply an inconvenience and that is the plan. Like news from the wars - distilled and homogenized so we see only what is deemed appropriate and what makes the most recent "enemy" appear the ugliest. That is one of many strategies used and our challenge is how to counter that effectively. Protesting is vital and important, but until widely known its value is radically diminished.


A Trump presidency could be the worst thing, or the best thing, depending on what we the people do. Keeping in mind that this is a very BIG IF...

IF Bernie's campaign morphs into a social movement following his loss at the Democratic convention;
the election of Donald Trump would bring down both of the two parties as we know them, opening up a world of possibilities.

The selection of Trump as their nominee proves the Republican Party is completely broken. His governance will finally send the Party over the cliff it has been dancing near for the last seven decades.

After the shenanigans the DNC pulled to nominate Clinton, should she lose to Trump, it would be the undoing of the anti-democratic Democratic Party as well. Fracturing it, possibly moving it to the right to replace the GOP, or just plain dying of attrition.

By the midterms the movement elects a new Congress up out of its ranks, and takes the presidency in 2020.

The whole scenario depends on an active and engaged social movement, and Hillary's defeat. Should Hillary win, the Democratic Party rebuilds and still moves to the right; the broken GOP struggles on for a while, and the pair of them continue to implement neoconservative and neoliberal policies that keep us on a downward spiral to rock bottom.

I'm at the point where I want to force this change to happen. It is a too long, too slow, and too painful decline for many people here and abroad to continue with the status quo.

A lot can happen between now and Election Day, and saying you'll vote for Trump is a lot different than actually doing it. However, there are strategic reasons for electing him, but only IF an engaged social movement emerges.


Rather depends if you like your fascism bold and in your face or subtle, sneaky and insidious. Not difficult to know which is which.


Trump is scary. So is Hillary:
Hillary Clinton's campaign and the Super PAC supporting her have received more than $6.9 million from the fossil fuel industry.

  • Trump is a bombastic autocrat; Hillary is a lying autocrat. Take your pick.

  • Trump spews hateful rhetoric in public, Hillary does it in private. Take your pick.

  • Trump is an unknown and therefore dangerous; Clinton is known to be dangerous. Take your pick.

  • Trump won't release his tax returns; Hillary won't release the transcripts of her speeches. Take your pick.

I can go on ad infinitum. The point being there is only a hair's breadth of difference between these two candidates. I don't understand why people think she is a safer bet than Trump. With either of these candidates we're still headed over the cliff, unless Bernie's campaign morphs into a social movement.


Thank you all for fighting for our freedom from fossil fuels. I am so grateful to them for all they do.
The revolution is on.


Cogent reply. Trump, to me, is evil that is gaucherie and overt, while HRC is evil that is surrepititious and covert. So I would argue that Hillary is the more effective evil.