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At Center of Sex Trafficking Scandal, Jeffrey Epstein Dead by Apparent Jailhouse Suicide: Officials

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/10/center-sex-trafficking-scandal-jeffrey-epstein-dead-apparent-jailhouse-suicide

And the rabbit hole deepens…


Very convenient for Trump, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and all the other guys who partied with Epstein.
Notice how the mainstream media immediately reports this “suicide” as a fact, believing what law enforcement tells them without questioning the veracity of the claim.
He was supposed to be on suicide watch, so the jailers should have prevented a suicide. At the very least, this is jailer negligence, but gosh, I wonder how the “suicide” could have happened despite their diligent care.
Perhaps the same way Sandra Bland “committed suicide?”
I’m sure Donald and many others are happy today.


So a man on suicide watch commits suicide? Right. They either “suicided” him, or
faked it and whisked him away to some undisclosed location. After all he had the
goods on so many in high places, they just couldn’t let his case come to trial.


If you didn’t expect this, you haven’t been paying attention over the years, or, you’re too young to understand how this works. He was never going to get to trial. Too many CEO’s, American Presidents, Lawyers, are involved.

This will bury any Criminal investigations. MAybe the Civil trials will continue


Emperor Trump has always said that he is better than President Obama.

Hopefully this obsession of Trump’s will go one-up on Obama.

Obama has said that some days he thinks about “Going Bulworth”.

Perhaps Emperor Trump will show-up Obama by “Going Epstein”!!!


Who’s digging the hole? Rabbits are incapable of using a backhoe, as far as I know.
Epstein doesn’t much look like a heavy equipment operator, either. Possibly living a double life; billionaire by night, backhoe operator by day?
The palace intrigues and plot twists are more shocking than discovering there’s gambling in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, even.
Things that make you go hmmmm…


I wonder if the big names will ever see the light of day?


Good riddance to that POS, if, if he truly is dead. As others have mentioned in posts above this, murder is not out of the question, or suicide either, bad people do not wantr to face the music of their making; i e, trump and taxes! As far as epstein goes, too bad he couldn’t take trump and etc, etc with him.


It wouldn’t surprise me if the guards killed him and made it look like suicide, if they had other convicts kill him, or if they just gave him the rope and let him use it.

Any investigations that continue will not focus on the complicity of Trump, Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz, et al. These criminals (go ahead try to sue me for libel Dershowitz) will now be able to rest easy.


The undisclosed location is offshore; probably about 40-50 miles east of Cape Cod, possibly. Within helicopter range though, for sure.

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During the height of the Black Panthers, Young Lords, American Indian Movement, there were lots of activists who were suicided. Anna Mae Aquash, an AIM leader , ‘committed suicide’ by beating herself up and then shooting herself in the back of her head.


Suicide? BS! This better not mean - tho it probably will - that the rest of the incriminating documents that were not released yesterday will now never be released! If this wasn’t a hit to protect a lot of powerful people (the hit squad made a hell of a lot of dough!), then the facility and whoever was charged with “watching” Epstein (that’s what “suicide watch” means doesn’t it?? was criminally incompetent. "On suicide watch" apparently doesn’t mean shit! Don’t they have TV monitors and a night watch for fucks sake?

The stench of this “suicide” is very ripe! Something of this sort should have been expected if there was any competent intention of a real investigation and prosecutions!


Time to change faux-Emperors?

This string of strange things happening could well be a string that goes UP, instead of down.

It might well be time for the UHNWI ruling-elite, their global corporations and transnational banks of this hidden, but actual, Disguised Global Crony Capitalist EMPIRE to make a shift in the kind of faux-EMPEROR who can do a better job for them, eh?

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I have a bridge for sale. Anyone??


I’ll tell you what time it is. It’s time the build the guillotines, revive the French Revolution, and disinfect our society of the filth that has risen to the top.


Like the Roman Empire, all Empires involve shifts in Emperors (mostly via un-pleasant and unplanned means for the former Emperors).

The current Disguised ‘Global’ Crony Capitalist Empire is looking a lot like a ‘three card Monte’, eh?

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[insert obligatory apolitical “rest in peace even though I think you were terrible human being” comment here]

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Exactly! It would be the same for Julian Assange as well as for Edward Snowden. Neither men, if forcibly brought to AmeriKa, would ever face trial.


Nicholas Tartaglione, cell mate, ex-cop accused of four murders.
The Williams
Prince and Clinton
both have muscle.
Nick receives reduced sentence !!
maybe time served.
New Orleans keeps them 90 days before release.
Chicago very seldom even looks for them at all.

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