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At Concert Attended by 50,000 Texans, Beto O'Rourke and Willie Nelson Team Up to Deliver Simple Message: 'Vote 'Em Out'

At Concert Attended by 50,000 Texans, Beto O'Rourke and Willie Nelson Team Up to Deliver Simple Message: 'Vote 'Em Out'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

At a massive outdoor concert attended by an estimated 50,000 Texans Saturday night, country music icon and unabashed progressive champion Willie Nelson teamed up with Rep. Beto O'Rourke (D-Texas)—who is challenging Republican Sen. Ted Cruz—to deliver a simple message just over a month before election day: "Vote 'em out."

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Amusing to see the reaction of many of Nelson’s fans when they found out that he supported
O’Rourke. They were suddenly upset with him because he had violated their concept of him as being, along with Waylon Jennings, a kind of cowboy outlaw who exemplified the classic “western” values of rugged individualism and self-reliance. The kind of people who would never turn to liberal politics and who think of Texas as a stronghold for those supposed values. Now, they feel betrayed by him. Ahhhh, poor right-wingers. They still don’t accept that the U.S. is in the 21st century and changes, and even progress, have been made.
Gee, maybe whackjob Ted Nugent will run for governor of Texas some day and they’ll have something to cheer about again. Meanwhile, in the real world Texas is becoming more and more of a blue state.


I agree with you. For a very good perspective on what you are describing I recommend reading a book by Dr. Morris Berman called “Why America Failed”. Berman emigrated to Mexico.


I can imagine that Slimy Ted Cruz and his campaign are now desperately searching for any piece of scandal that they can use against O’Rourke. Hopefully, it is too late and the momentum is on O’Rourke’s side to win. It is time for this appalling POS, Cruz, to be voted out of political office. He is so reviled, even my members of his own party, that they talk of how acceptable it would be if someone killed him! If Texans are smart enough to get rid of this piece of garbage I would love to see him sink down to having to make a living for his long-suffering family by being a commentator on Fux Noise.


Vote Them Haters Out!


Well said! Did we see this coming? I think most smart people did. Could we have done anything say two years ago? Yes we could have but we didn’t. We counted on our justice system to take care of it for us. We realize now, it was a waste of time.


The best news I’ve heard in a long time. I am smiling and tears are running down my cheeks. I just love it when the right people are supported by ordinary maases.


Ted Nugent I love his music but why did he go nuts

People are watching this freight train gather speed and are beginning to feel the aftermath of a disastrous decision by “we the people.” Many of us expected what we are getting from a one party rule autocracy. And it is starting to affect on more and more of us.
OH, but the economy is good and unemployment down. Well I didn’t need a job and my tax rate was acceptable. What hasn’t happened is good jobs on the bottom end of the workforce, no better insurance outcome, but we can be comforted. We can just pull up a chair and watch as Ryan and his band of thugs proceed to pay for their tax give away by shrinking your SSI and medicare ins. The gutting of financial and environmental regulation eating away at the things that made America great, but are now destroying them. I could write 10,000 more words but they wouldn’t make us feel any better this morning.


I love the reprise of “Roll me up and smoke me when I die.” But I don’t care much for protest chants. I might have to compromise when I join the protest crowds that are beginning to grow. I don’t think we have time enough to change the country one candidate at a time, unless we march with them.

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Not so soon my friend, there are a huge majority who think progressive, it just takes time to get the momentum going. The elites do want us to give up without a fight but we are many and more powerful and we are gaining a lot of strength quickly.


Agreed! They lie to us about everything, and most people believe them! The economy is horrible! There are no good jobs for most people. They steal our safety nets and want us dead! That’s their plan. We are allowing it. Nothing more can be said about our sad future.

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Please explain how we are gaining in any way? We are losing!


music with a message can have a remarkably unifying effect on people. remember Pete Seeger?


Vote out the politicians that you do not like? Vote in the politicians you do like? NO WAY! I would argue what is needed is to eliminate all likes and dislikes; otherwise, we are just fooling ourselves. My definition of political insanity, is that voting for democrats and expecting a different result is political, insanity.

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Yes, but that is not the problem; the problem is the progressives have no real political power! Because the fake opposition party pretends to be progressive and that eliminates the progressives from having any real political power.


Actually i’ve “seen this coming” since the early 1970s. Not since two years ago.

i can’t think of anything more horrific than spending my life watching this train, wreck, in “slow motion” in human time, but in the flicker of an eyelash in geologic and evolutionary time.

When the 1960s and 1970s “environmental movement” focused in on things like recycling paper and plastic – instead of re-tooling the entire economy along truly ecological principles…

When the 1960s and 1970s “anti-war movement” focused on the American war in Vietnam – instead of ending war…

When the 1960s and 1970s “Women’s movement” focused on the right to get the same jobs in the same economy as men – instead of unbuilding all the divisive institutions of patriarchy and replacing them with systems that truly care for all…

When the “Civil Rights movement” turned away from Martin Luther King’s vision of “beloved community” and “revolution of values” that confronted the “triple evils” of poverty, racism and militarism…

i was only 4 when JFK was shot. i literally do not remember it – my parents must have been quite careful not to burden me with it.

i was only 9 when MLK and RFK were shot. i did not understand the full meaning of those murders at that time.

i was only 11 when the first Earth Day was organized. It seemed to me like a great opportunity for humans in the USA to turn away from automobiles, petro-industrialism, mass-consumerism, and toxic waste. i did not fully understand what capitalism was at that time.

But i read Barry Commoner’s book The Closing Circle that he published in 1971, in direct response to the celebratory pageantry of Earth Day. Among other things, Commoner included a chapter in his 1971 book about global warming and climate change. (i had also been shown, in elementary school, the 1958 science documentary Unchained Goddess about the oceans, which also included a short segment on global warming and climate change.) It became starkly obvious to me that “we” were not taking anywhere near the steps needed to avert rapidly escalating crises, on all fronts.

When Jimmy Carter ran for president in 1976, his main campaign theme was “Trust Me.” i did not trust him. He’s the best ex-president of my life, but he was very plainly not speaking in terms that would truly address the rapidly escalating crises “we” were creating with the distorted, predatory, patriarchal, white-supremacist, militaristic, industrial economy. By this time i was 17 and had a much more comprehensive understanding.

Then in 1980 USA, Ronald Reagan was “elected” on a platform that explicitly rejected any steps to address any of these horrific crises. The march toward fascism in the USA has been on-course ever since, and the milquetoast “opposition” of the Democratic Party dared not speak the truth. Reagan also began the march back to global war by invading Grenada. Grenada!

In 1988 George HW Bush was elected, and he “succeeded” in finally wiping out the “Vietnam Syndrome” of US opposition to war, by invading first Panama – Panama! – and then more ominously, Iraq, in the “First Gulf War.”

Then in 1992 USA, Bill Clinton was “elected” and brought the Democratic “opposition” party directly in line with Reaganism. The two parties have marched together toward fascism and world war, ever since. In Clinton’s war, he led NATO in dismembering Yugoslavia.

i’ve been involved in direct-action, non-violent organizing to try to spark awareness and build a movement to end war, end ecocide, and build a holistic economy that takes care of the ecology and humanity instead of taking care of the most vicious predatory narcissistic solipsistic psychopathic looters among us. i’ve been arrested in political action and civil disobedience many times. i / we failed to get the attention or engagement of the vast majority of people in the USA.

Now we have Trump. Trump has been absolutely no surprise to me. But let me be absolutely clear: Electing Clinton in 2016 would have done zero to actually address the whole-system synergistic mega-crises that must be faced.

What we still need, is honesty – about everything – and humility in the face of the horrors “we” have created. And, we need to launch immediate, whole-system, transformation of the economy, to disempower the looting class, democratize wealth, and place ecology and humanity as the highest economic goods, not individual wealth and profit.

And again – no “Blue Wave” in 2018 or 2020 is going to even remotely begin to address these synergistic metastasizing mega-crises in any useful way.

Each “resistance” movement in the USA today needs to step back and look at these whole-system mega-crises, and figure out how to come together with honesty, and humility, and solidarity, to have a vision and a program, to actually end war, end the looting class, and build a human economy that can support the Earth’s ecology.

i don’t see it. But i keep trying. What else am i going to do?


Thanks, timebr, for being another voice of reason and positive outcome when so many here at Common Dreams are negative in their views.


He was always nuts, right from his time with the Amboy Dukes. Always liked young girls (and I mean young) and right wing politics. I liked his early stuff, after the 60’s he blew.


Reading your comment, I couldn’t help but think of the feedback loops occuring in the biosphere. It seems so eerily similar.