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At COP25 Kickoff, Spain's Socialist Leader Rips 'Fanatics' Like Trump Who Deny Climate Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/02/cop25-kickoff-spains-socialist-leader-rips-fanatics-trump-who-deny-climate-crisis

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Climate activists should consider a BDS movement targeting the US until we commit to a Green New Deal and stop fomenting dictatorship and war.


In one of the best articles I’ve read this year, Pedro Navarro lays out the objections of the Indignados to people like Pedro Sánchez, from the PSOE branch of Spain’s neoliberal duopoly:

Its slogan “ no nos representan ” (“they do not represent us”) became a popular cry. The party Podemos was established, rooted in this 15M movement. In three years it became the third largest political force in the country. Many things happened during these years, including the resignation of King Juan Carlos and the rebellion of the PSOE’s party base against the party’s apparatus (too close to financial institutions). A similar pressure also appeared among the militants of the Communist Party and allied forces (IU – Izquierda Unida) to change its leadership, who then allied IU with Podemos, establishing Unidos Podemos (UP).

What is Happening in Spain?


The world should be using plant photosynthesis to sequester carbon.

Are you enhancing the sequestration of carbon into your front yard, as a demonstration of your beliefs to your neighbors? Do you know how to do it? Can you use a search engine?

I pointedly ignore the fossil fuel industry’s paid trolls that post on this forum.


Photosynthesis is a good idea. The little problem is human engineering hubris (from which some of us exquisitely suffer) thinking ourselves capable of controlling how much photosynthesis occurs on Earth’s surface (while keeping the trees from burning, of course – our special problem out here in California). When we can’t even control our own fossil excretions. It’s possible the mindset which hosts hubris of that nature has something to do with how we messed up, PaulK.

Here’s what I think of the fossil fuel industry: there should not be a fossil fuel industry. Who else is saying that? For my part, I’m deadly serious about it.

PaulK could assent to that serious an objective: Shut them down now. But he won’t, as he’s given the forum ample evidence (including obliviousness to thermodyamics) he is not a serious person.

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# COP25 may put climate at greater risk by failing to address forests

  • COP25, originally slated for Brazil, then Chile, but starting today in Madrid comes as global temperatures, sea level rise, wildfires, coral bleaching, extreme drought and storms break new planetary records.
  • But delegates have set a relatively low bar for the summit, with COP25’s primary goal to determine rules under Article 6 of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement for creating carbon markets among nations, cities and corporations as a means of incentivizing emission-reduction strategies.
  • Policy experts warn that global forest conservation is not yet being actively incentivized as part of carbon market discussions, a possible lapse apparently backed by Brazil and the government of Jair Bolsonaro which has declared its plan to develop the Amazon basin — the world’s largest remaining rainforest and vital to sequestering carbon to curb climate change.
  • COP25 also seems unlikely to address the UN biomass carbon accounting loophole, which allows nations to convert obsolete coal plants to burn wood pellets to produce energy, with the carbon emitted counted as “zero emissions” equivalent to solar and wind. Scientists warn that biomass burning, far from being carbon neutral, is actually worse than burning coal.

Indigenous Environmental Network analysis of REDD+ SKY PROTECTORS



This guy can not come out and mention names because if he did Herr Trump would be instructing the NED and CIA to start orchestrating riots in the streets of Madrid. This would be followed by an executive order claiming Spain supports “Terrorists” and deemed a threat to the National Security of the USA.


Don’t let them fool you. The “Socialist” Party is the Democrat Party of Spain, ie, they will do nothing.

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ANYONE who doesn’t get on board with (at the very least) Bernie & AOC’s green new deal is a fanatic and an extremist.


We have needed to be boycotted for the longest time, and for a whole host of reasons.


From the headline:
“Leader Rips ‘Fanatics’ Like Trump”

From the article:
Sanchez “did not condemn any nations or world leaders by name.”

If Sanchez mentioned no one by name, how do we know that he meant Trump - and not Pelosi?

(I’m not defending Trump; I’m pointing out that Pelosi is a problem, too.)

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There is no difference between denier politicians and politicians that do nothing … except collect donations from the polluters and wall street funders of the polluters. In other words: 99% of American politicians are climate change deniers. In my poor southern state, make that 100%.


“During his speech…Sánchez stressed…the ‘ecological transition’ away from fossil fuels [must be] ‘fair and equitable.’”

“Fair and equitable”? Where’s the profit in that…

“Are you enhancing the sequestration of carbon into your front yard, as a demonstration of your beliefs to your neighbors?”

“As a demonstration of…beliefs”?

Eh…not that I have a front yard…but, for those that do, I’m good with that…

…so long as the “demonstration” is understood to be a symbolic expression of “belief” in the large-scale and radical actions of governments necessary to actually stop and reverse the climate crisis…

…and not a sanctimonious and impotent form of bad faith virtue-signalling that “believes” individual acts are sufficient to halt the crisis.

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so who’d you have them vote for? the fascist “spanish identity” party?

get real… the “socialist” party is the only viable choice that does not lead to a furtherance of the pathogen that is international fascism.

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To those who worry about jobs being lost from the fossil fuel industry, or the health care insurance industry for that matter if Medicare for All is passed, let me remind you that the people who manufactured steam engines or horse carriages or promoted whale oil did not starve to death and disappear. They moved on to new opportunities. And if any teeth appear in future legislative action (meaning without corporate influence), the Green New Deal will result in a complete transformation of our infrastructure, with an abundance of employment opportunities.


I don’t know where you get that from. You peremptorily dismiss Unidos Podemos (see above). Why?

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Too bad Sanchez is not much of a socialist to deserver that fate – more like socialist lite.

That is better by far than what we have calling itself the Democratic Party today. The last pro citizenry Republican was Eisenhower and Jimmy Carter was the last Democratic president.

Those who hold back progress are doomed to fail, but it takes a while. Unfortunatly we are fast running out of time. Quite soon we won’t have to worry about jobs. Something to eat and safe place to sleep will be our most urgent worries.

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