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At Current Rate, Study Shows, Women Will Continue To Be Paid Less Than Men For Another 200 Years


At Current Rate, Study Shows, Women Will Continue To Be Paid Less Than Men For Another 200 Years

Julia Conley, staff writer

At the current rate of progress—or lack thereof—the global gender pay gap would take more than 200 years to close, according to a new report by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

The 2018 Global Gender Gap Report examined women's earning potential and political involvement in comparison to that—given the current rate—women will continue to earn less than their male counterparts until at least the year 2220.


Our species will have joined the MANY OTHER species that have gone extinct LONG BEFORE 200 YEARS!! The UN Secretary General stated , in September, that “runaway global warming” is likely to begin within 2 years, and that would be “the beginning of the end”!!


Missed that report – but basically, at this point because of a 50 year gap
(and possibly more) before we began feeling the effects of the harm done
to nature/Global Warming, we are only now set to begin to feel the damage
done after 1968 …

We need major decisions to be made to shut down all nuclear reactors –
100 here in US – and another 500 internationally.
These reactors require a full year to shut down – and you are still left with the WASTE.

Thanks for the update.


This is very misleading.

There are many jobs in this world that require incredible physical strength, time, and getting hands dirty. Wildcatter on an oil rig, heavy equipment operator, roofer, nuclear power technician, electrician, AC technician, mechanics, logger, farmer, utility linemen, slaughterhouse worker (I am not debating veganism - until the world is vegan, there will be slaughterhouses), firefighting, metalcrafter, mining, sanitation work, land mine removers… There are some women in these fields and their pay is based on ability. They are not disqualified, but there are not millions of women lining up to do these jobs. And yes, these jobs pay more than a receptionist is going to make, as they should. A long haul trucker can make $100k a year, but it requires massive amounts of time on the road and mechanical skills to handle a breakdown. There is nothing stopping women from doing these jobs if they so choose, but they don’t have a right to complain because the male wildcatter makes 5 times the amount as a female kindergarten teacher. Dangerous, high risk, high skilled jobs deserve to be paid at a higher rate than a desk job. If they dropped the wages, who would do the work? Why would someone risk their life in a job if he could make $100K a year answering a telephone?

These statistics are also misleading because they are estimates. There is no real survey. You don’t check your gender on your tax forms. In terms of equal pay for equal work, you would have a hard time finding many women who are paid less than men for doing the same job, provided both had the same skills set, experience and dedication to the job. Many countries have anti-dsicrimination laws, so if there is a gender gap, it is because women are not doing the dangerous work that pays more and they are more likely to take time off to raise their family, which was their choice to conceive in the first place.


Women, Put Your Foot Down Now!


Headline change - “At Current Rate, Study Shows, Women Will Continue To Be Paid Less Than Men For Another 200 Years - Business Leaders Enraged by Their Inability to Hold Womens’ Wage Down Permanently”
In related news - business leaders excoriated government interference which stops extremist capitalists from enforcing slave labor and poverty wages. ‘The battle isn’t over. We will win this in the trenches,’ a business spokesperson said. ‘Republicans and Democrats will perform what the free market demands. We’ are confident of that.’


Think this is the link –


The post makes note the low number of women in higher positions paying higher salaries not who is climbing power line poles at $100,000 per year. My early thirties granddaughter is an executive with a major wireless telephone/media company. She has BS, MBA and MS degrees related to her management position. During a recent management revamp she ended up with a male senior manager in his mid life years. In the first meeting with her new boss he says: “You are too young for this job”. Meaning: She was a threat. He would be more comfortable if the granddaughter was at some call center handling gripes. Besides, she makes too much money for her age… draw you own picture.


So, you’ve done the research and read the studies, or just assumed this because there are laws against explicitly discriminating against women based on their gender? Cause data and studies DO show differences in pay for the same work. There are laws against racial discrimination too. But Wells Fargo did a study of business owners a few years ago, and it found that African American business owners have harder times accessing credit. They also have, on average, less in savings, which means that borrowing terms are usually worse. Them having less in reserves means that when there is a downturn, they have less to fall back on. Because they operate in lower income areas, there is less disposable income, and so for these and other reasons, business failure rates are higher. And I could go on. So, just because there are laws against discrimination doesn’t mean institutional racism doesn’t exist.

For one, one of the issues is getting women into professions that pay more, engineering for example. But the other issue is paying women the same for the same work, which is a straight forward matter of justice. Most studies show that a percentage of the difference in pay for equal work comes down to just gender alone. Beyond that though, the data shows that the biggest difference comes from women that have children, because of the increased demands on mothers. In the US, this reduces income, harms careers, and makes employers more skittish of hiring women. Some studies analyze how hard women negotiate, and speak up, so they try to see how much that leads to lower wages, but the data is at best mixed on that. Women that have children will make less than women that don’t, even if you control for age, experience, education, etc. over the course of their lives, and that is to say nothing of increased expenditures associated with having a kid. Beyond all of that, we simply don’t place any value on the work done by women done in households and as mothers, even though that work has a huge value in our society and society still heavily depends on women for these things. Those things don’t have market values because they don’t result in some profit making venture and because it isn’t something that shows up in employment data, but if we truly valued what mothers do, we would see it as work and reward it as such, which we don’t. We could at least do basic things to partially address this, like having universal daycare and universal pre-school, but that is one of the things that the neoliberals and the right argue against. And Hillary Clinton herself, the great feminist that she is, said lots of horrible things about poor women in the 1990’s, basically lauding the rotten things her husband was doing as far as gutting social programs and “putting people back to work”. She said that women that stayed home to take care of their kids were no longer going to be deadbeats (paraphrasing), and would be more productive. So, screw the idea that the work that goes into being a mother has any societal worth and was worthy of state support. Cause these neoliberal types at least greatly expanded state support for poor women that were forced to work in horrific situations, right? Nope.


All true - there simply is no explanation for disparities like why janitors are paid more than maids. Another important type of research in this area beyond those you mention is purely qualification-based. i.e., studies that compare the qualifications needed for professions and their salaries versus the degree to which they are gender specific. For example, those studies compare the training required (including education and on-going re-certifications), the mental and physical stresses, and the responsibilities of female dominated occupations like K-12 teaching and nursing and their associated salaries with male dominated professions that require much lower qualifications.
Another type of study that is particularly telling looks at temporal migration between jobs and salary changes over time. Those studies show that when females move into a field the salaries for that field go down while, when men move into a field, the salaries go up.

Although data in this area are observational, they are often extremely well controlled and always account for the variety of “legitimate” explanatory variables that people discuss. Bottom line - you can control for as many factors as you like and you’ll still come up with about a third of the salary differential between men and women is directly attributable to nothing more than gender alone.


That’s right, “Hell hath no fury…scorn of a woman.”
Men, stand by your women.


“I’m tough, I’m ambitious, and I know what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay.” ~Madonna


Sounds like it could have been Mae West. Great voice.
I like the honesty women have brought to politics. Let’s hope it continues.


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Yes, I actually have studied the issue for years. Women have made huge strides. They outnumber men in medical school, they outnumber men in university programs, and they live longer than men.

There are no reliable statistics regarding income for women business owners, many of whom make far more than they would in a salary role. The reality is that we do not have numbers, only made up estimates by statisticians, 25% of whom admit that they have had clients ask them to manipulate data. According the the editors of the New England Journal of Medicine and the Lancet, more than half of the articles printed are faked. If the two most respected medical journals in the world cannot get their facts straight, then I hardly trust a sociologist with an agenda to accurately report the state of the world.

The feminists have argued that women earn less than men and as I explained above, this is why. There are too many hard core jobs that women do not want to do or physically cannot do. Equal pay for equal work has nothing to do with wage gaps between men and women because statistically, women will earn less income because they do not participate in the high paying positions. And maybe we need to stop worry that there are not enough female engineers and accept that the reason is lack of interest by women, not lack of opportunity.

As for the comments about someone’s daughter, there are probably other factors that have come into play. Having a couple degrees means nothing in reality. It comes down to who can do the job better and who works best with the boss and the team. Regardless of your personal anecdote, I can list 20 women friends and acquaintances who earn more than their male counterparts doing the same work. I do not know of any women in my group of friends who has complained that she has earned less than a man for doing the same job other than a few Realtors whose sales are based on commissions and their ability to sell a product.

Women with children earn less because they work fewer hours. They work more flexible, low paying jobs so they can be home with their kids or take care of them in emergencies. Some jobs cannot be done by a working parent. It is not discrimination, it is reality. A job that requires a lot of travel or wining and dining clients is not the right job for a working parent. It might be glamorous and pay more, but the company knows that they will lose money or clients if a parent misses work to take care of their child. It is not a judgment, it is economic reality.

I am tired of women playing the victim card. When you make yourself a victim you lose your power. If a woman feels that she is being discriminated against based on gender, she has the right to take it to the labor boards in Europe, Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand, Israel and a host of other countries. If she chooses to sit in silence, that is her problem. In this world of instant social media shaming, any company discriminating against women can expect a huge backlash, which is why so many companies have diversity programs to make sure that doesn’t happen.

From 2010:
According to a new analysis of 2,000 communities by a market research company, in 147 out of 150 of the biggest cities in the U.S., the median full-time salaries of young women are 8% higher than those of the guys in their peer group. In two cities, Atlanta and Memphis, those women are making about 20% more. This squares with earlier research from Queens College, New York, that had suggested that this was happening in metropolises. But the new study suggests that the gap is bigger than previously thought, with young women in New York City, Los Angeles and San Diego making 17%, 12% and 15% more than their male peers, respectively. And it also holds true even in reasonably small areas like the Raleigh-Durham region and Charlotte in North Carolina (both 14% more), and Jacksonville, Fla. (6%).

From Time i am not allowed to post links.

Almost a third of working women nationwide now out-earn their husbands from a link at psychcentral dot com

Put “women earn more than men” in a non-Google search engine and see what comes up. You will be surprised.


I loathe having to defend Donald Trump, but he has never been accused of paying women less than men for doing the same job. He hired the first female architect to engineer a skyscraper and she was paid more than some of her male counterparts. Donald Trump is not the reason for the gender gap. When you use your time to complain non-stop about a politician, you have wasted your voice. It doesn’t change anything. In fact, it disempowers your position because you have not offered any constructive ideas on how to change the situation, nor does it offer anything valid to the discourse. There is no shortage of Donald Trump memes and nasty comments about the man, but there does seem to be a lack of intelligent conversation about the problems facing this society and the world. Blaming Donald Trump for this is asinine. If you do not hold your own candidates to the same personal standard you have set for the opposition, then your arguments lack credibility.