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At DAPL, Confiscating Cameras as Evidence of Journalism


At DAPL, Confiscating Cameras as Evidence of Journalism

Janine Jackson

While elite media wait for the resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline to go away so they can return to presenting their own chin-stroking as what it means to take climate change seriously, independent media continue to fill the void with actual coverage.


Map Displays Five Years of Oil Pipeline Spills
Center for Effective Government & POGO

" (...) Moreover, only 139 federal pipeline inspectors are responsible for examining over 2.6 million miles of pipelines. That’s nearly 18,000 miles of pipeline per inspector – clearly not enough to ensure the integrity of our nation’s aging pipeline

No wonder the oil barons and their minions want to criminalize journalism. We are witness to the traumatizing of courageous individuals who seek to get the truth out by violently predatory, including in this case the illegal use of private attack dog company "policing" and buying of legislators - a virtual holding hostage of due process.

Tragic to think how centuries of this model demands sacrifice of anything and virtually everything in order to keep its dissociative, out-of-control expansion from being held accountable as it also attempts to hold all as hostage in witness of its collapse from the inside.


It's freedom of speech - as long as you don't say (show) too much
I think we're all runnin' thinkin' that we can hide
I think we're runnin' tryin' to get away
But sooner or later we gonna realize
We gonna meet up with the truth face to face



I feel love for our water protectors. To know their righteous sacrifice, the damage done to their bodies, their liberties violated. Their strength in spirit requires good people everywhere to act.

These stories cannot be hidden from the public. The collective cannot be demobilized. We traverse the precipice of civil autonomy, never once considering surrender.


Where are the elected State and Federal officials and President of US?
This is so outrageous and beyond anything I've seen yet for civil rights abuse..
and where are the lawyers to help these people and file counter charges
on the police and county?
horrible trampling of the rights of the people and land...


My guess is that a large part of the increased energy of the sheriff's (supported by ND state officers, up to the Governor) action against the protectors is because they're being squeezed by the federal Dept of Justice (with Interior and Army, whose Corps of Engineers holds the easements needed by the pipeline constructors) and statements the President has made to Native leaders. Lawyers for 5 international environmental guardians have warned the pipeline builders and their financiers that they will be sued if they don't stop. And the ACLU is defending those charged.

Voices are being raised. Add yours.


I'm sorry, but my respect for FAIR has just fallen, and by more than a bit. Focusing on the poor journalists who participate in such actions does not help those the journalists are there to support or the causes they are there to document.

Any time there's such a high-velocity action, there will be broken ankles and difficulties with handling of individuals. A pregnant teen and a 78yo woman were there by their choice, knowing the risk they would be chased and arrested, and knowing that those arrested before had been strip-searched on admission to the county jail. The sheriff's office just keeps making more mistakes, and at some point they will be held to account. The tide is turning against construction of the pipeline, but it will take some time for all of the issues to be resolved.

I call again for a focus on the Water Protectors and their unarmed, nonviolent resistance to attempts to intimidate them. I'm glad the journalists are there, but they have to stop becoming the news.


Have you ever been strip searched for a MISDEMEANOR!!!
That is what the charge is for 'trespassing', a misdemeanor.
In the chaos of militarized forces against the Protectors, journalists ARE targeted.
Seriously woman, I really wonder about you...


I think it is FAIR to assume FAIR wouldn't seek your respect.

bkswrites once again you show your true alliances aren't with those trying to turn the tide.

You smear journalists who have been charged with felonies and those who consider such attacks on the 1st Amendment dangerous.

You seek to blunt criticism of and indeed normalize the brutality of the militarized police ("any time...") against peaceful demonstrators.

Your disdain is expressed not for the advent of routine strip searches as brute and unjustified intimidation through humiliation, rather you emphasize that the peaceful demonstrators have a choice to not be strip searched by not protesting.

For pity's sake!


No need to wonder, just know.


To address just one of the straw dolls you've made of my opinions, and one that also seems to have upset @BeijaFlor enough to scream ad hominem:

I have never denied that strip searches are intimidating and humiliating. But I have worked in jails and take a spacial interest in the experiences of those admitted to jails and prisons. All I've ever said about body searches is that they are entirely routine, especially in jails where people may be held for a routine 48 hours on almost any charge, or for years before they're sentenced to anything. People coming in on arrest, when they didn't expect to be arrested or especially when they have knowingly risked arrest, such as by going to a protest or carrying out an act of sabotage against a pipeline, are most likely to possess materials that are contraband in the jail, and to attempt to secrete those materials under their clothes and, yes, in body cavities.

If it is routine in the Morton County Jail to strip-search all incoming arrestees, there is no reason they cannot strip search those arrested at DAPL. What I'd like FAIR to find out is exactly that rather than simply turn up the temperature of outrage. Outrage is useful only if it's well grounded.


You have worked in jails. No wonder you are such a suck up to power.

You are here to direct dialogue in service to corporate governance, and indeed to the militarization of police. That much is clear.

What is also clear, is that you take sides against journalists in favor of those who seek to stifle even the reporting of dissent.