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At Every Door


At Every Door

Kathy Kelly

I come and stand at every door

But none shall hear my silent tread

I knock and yet remain unseen

Nazim Hikmet


A report on some of the billions spent in Syria (click on July 21st).



The news of this famine, and the role we and our “allies” played, and continue to play in creating and sustaining it, needs to be the lead story on every media outlet! Instead we are daily informed of the latest childish tweeting of the tweeter-in-chief. It is way past time for “officials”, both elected and appointed ones, to do the right thing. It is way past time for American voters to accept the fact that
horrific acts of murder and cruelty are being done, in our name, while we busy ourselves with mindless and trivial things.


As I keep reading about the Saudi’s lack of response to criticism of their tactic to destroy access to food, water, medical supplies and to block any more humanitarian aid at all in Yemen, all I can figure is that, when Yemen consists of a charnel house of dead and dying, while the stench rises to the heavens, the Saudi King will say, "Since all that land is vacant, we shall take it as a province of our own. Bring in the drillers.
*Since it has not yet reached that stage, they continue to pour in much of the billion$ in weaponry and ammo, supplied by the US Reich at enormous profit to MIMIC, to finish the job.


War Crimes brought to you by the American Military.

When will the men and women in uniform refuse to murder for the Empire? Does the blood on the money when they cash their paychecks have any effect on their conscience?


Probably you’ll concede this, but we are all culpable, unfortunately and/or shamefully. All of us who pay taxes, to provide “the money” for the US military.

Ray McGovern, in last week’s commentary, offered two quotes that stuck with me: “When injustice takes place, few are guilty but all are responsible,” from Rabbi Hershel; and Dr. King’s “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

Ray finishes, “But how long, and how to make it bend?”

Peace is the way to peace.


Thanks Kathy- another great job of reporting news no one wants to hear but we all need. keep shining that light on famines and Yemen


Peace is the way to Peace. Absolutely.

First, We the People must tear down the Empire before it’s too late.


Thank you, Kathy Kelly, for your somber description of, and witness to the harm our military dollars and personnel are abetting in Yemen. It’s funny, I woke this am, with those same words from the Japanese girl’s poem, running through my head, about nuclear destruction and the need to ensure it does not kill and poison any more children. When Vietnam was raging, I remember how I first heard the song; it was on a Byrds album–with beautiful 12 string guitar by Jim McGuinn.
These are challenging and destructive times for those without power,who are subject to American actions, and we have to do what we can to get our government to rethink our foreign policy that harms so many, when we could be helping, and earning respect. Conflict created hunger and famine, with attendant diseases like cholera, need not exist, and we can keep telling our ‘leaders’ that we expect them to act with humanity and generosity, not narrow and misguided group-think.