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At Freshman Orientation, Young and Growing Progressive Caucus Makes Clear It Will 'Fight Like Hell' for Bold Democratic Agenda


At Freshman Orientation, Young and Growing Progressive Caucus Makes Clear It Will 'Fight Like Hell' for Bold Democratic Agenda

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As some members of the House Democratic leadership quickly pivoted to centrist talk of bipartisanship and compromise with the Trumpian Republican Party in the aftermath of last week's midterm elections, the young, diverse, and rapidly growing Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) used its freshman member orientation


I wonder when these newbies will be given “the talk” by Pelosi and Schumer.


There are 50 new Democrats and there may be more coming when the final results are known. It looks like the progressives did well but so did the centrists. Should be quite a battle for what direction the party will take in the House.


That is why the two-party regime wants 78 year old Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker of the House again.


There will be NO fucking bipartisanship with the Republicans. They have proven that over and over again, to the detriment of America and the people. Any attempts by the moderate Democrats will fail and meanwhile even more damage will occur. It’s time for the moderates to retire and leave America to the progressives.


Fight on progressives and give us hope. Do not cave to the centrists. They are only interested in themselves. They don’t even pretend to be for the poor and working classes. I am a senior and I want what you say you want.


Go STRONG, this IS Your Time.


The leadership has the support of Wall Street. These freshmen have the support of we the people.


We’ll see just how progressive and “bold” the Congressional Progressive Caucus and it’s new members will be when it comes to the vote to decide whether Pelosi stays or goes. There are no Republicans to fight, here. Showtime for the Democrats.


I am wondering about the future as we need another FDR to bring a working economy for all back into the world which will also keep an inhabitable world…so no FDR and his cabinet-----but we have all these ladies new to Congress, and very alert as to what needs to be done. ROAR ladies and take no prisoners! Unstopable is such a wonderful word : )


We’ve had progressive politics (even a Progressive Party, for time) in the US at least since the early 1900s. In a nutshell, it’s about building a better nation from the bottom up – legit aid for the ;poor at one end, firm restraints on corporate and financial powers on the other end. The Dem Party began leaning to the right with the Reagan Democrats of the 1980s. They moved even further to the right in the 1990s, merging with the Clinton “New Democrat Party.” They ended actual welfare aid, took the first steps to similarly “reform” Social Security (targeting the disabled), expanded the share of workers who can be paid even less than min. wage, signed on to NAFTA, etc. In other words, the Democratic Party embraced a solidly regressive (not progressive) agenda.

To date, I haven’t seen that this “Progressive Caucus” has anything more to do with actual progressive politics and ideology than Progressive Insurance, or for that matter, Progresso Soup.


You might want to reconsider using FDR’s agenda as an example of something that would have much support today. The New Deal was established in a profoundly different era, rooted in the concept of “the common good.” It was never just for improving conditions for the currently employed.In fact, what came to be called AFDC (our primary former welfare aid program) was actually first included in FDR’s Social Security Act, a major part of the New Deal. Democrats who ended actual welfare aid, and took the first steps to similarly “reform” Social Security (targeting the disabled) – all with the implicit support of liberals.


Centrists did well in many places only because the Democratic Party did everything it could to crush their progressive primary challengers. We would have had many more progressive s in office if not for that. That’s the job of the official Democratic Party- keep the donors happy, keep the money flowing in, and keep the 1% in power.


It isn’t a matter of “caving”. In the House, they are going to be heavily outnumbered by centrist Democrats and on rightward to the lunatics from there. So what exactly do you expect them to do?


They should have some power. Make the centrist do some compromising. I feel as if the Dems have pretty much caved on most bit issues. They give to the war budget, my understanding is they could have done more to stop Kavanaugh by not showing up to the first committee meeting. The Republicans find all kinds of ways to get what they want.
They should have made a bunch of noise over Garland but they did not. And they gave in on Gorsuch. And what about all this election fraud? Nothing can be done about it? I find that hard to believe. The Dems are like little meek sissy in my opinion. And maybe the new progressives can shake them up a bit. I can hope any way.


At no point in its history has America ever been a democracy.


An infusion of corporate/bankster bribes will turn their rudders back in line and a few false flag ops will ensure maintenance of the status quo.


So far no democrat has stepped up for the leadership role for Speaker of the House. There is no other choice at this time? Why not Mark Pocan?


With 90 members in the Progressive Caucus I’d say it would be pretty easy to drown out those 2 old codgers. Now … what can we old codgers do to help them drown out Pelosi and Schumer???


Sorry but we are a Republic------and in a Republic minority rights are considered important. And this should be one of the important roles the courts play------but we are a Republic captured by a CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE!