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At G20, Only India Is On Track to Meet Goals for Keeping Global Heating to 3.6° F

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/21/g20-only-india-track-meet-goals-keeping-global-heating-36deg-f

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If only those ‘shithole’ countries were as great as the U.S.A. Number one in Worst Covid response in the world. U.S.A. U.S.A!


Hi Trooth:
Do all the millions of poor in India have health care??? How did they do that?

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food production will be impossible over 1.5 c, at best. Imagining somehow, that the gangs of war addicts will somehow retool is as insane as saying we can survive at 2 + c. Nature bats last, and we are too greedy,selfish and brainwashed to realize the pot we’re all in is slowly boiling. Tell me something relevant, and possibly helpful.


Many articles are out talking about China’s plan to use all electric or hybrid vehicles by 2030. Many small cars, and most motorcycles are already electric on the road in China.

What is helpful at this point?

I guess that varies for each individual.

For me the truth is helpful.
For example when I see/hear/feel/smell my surroundings and my body is sending off alarm signals (horrid, anxious feeling in stomach, tight neck, headache etc.) it helps me to know the truth about what is going on in the arctic, in the oceans, in the atmosphere etc.

When the lakes where I live are filled with invasive species, algal blooms that are toxic and increasing, the Big Lake is ice free in February when it should be frozen, the sky is hazy etc. it helps me to know the truth behind what my senses are telling me.

Even when the truth brings me to my knees with grief. Even when the truth points to us boiling and not able to get out of the pot (imo, I don’t think it is going to be slow boiling anymore)

I’m not sure what else we have at this point. Though most days I prefer Jack Kerouac’s definition of truth: “The only truth is music”.! I’ll turn away from Climate re-analyzer, Copernicus Atmosphere monitoring service charts and go into music.

I don’t find the notion of “only love remains” as helpful. That seems like an escape fantasy to me. While I believe love is powerful and healing, it is much easier to toss out that pat little reassurance when one has a full stomach and when one is not fighting off mad max white supremacist Neo nazi killing machines that are trying to get your last organic tomatoes/potatoes from your homestead that you created to live lightly on the land!

Relevant? (in the sense that the pot may now be reaching full boil?):

Shocking temperatures across the Arctic

The hottest October ever in Europe is now followed by a November weekend with an average of 6,7°C above normal across the Arctic.


From this article:

"Although 3.6° F./ 2° C. does not sound like much, it would be a very challenging situation. "

Now the truth about 2C (more than “very challenging”----- my bold):

Peter Carter, M.D., (expert Reviewer for the IPCC)-----according to Dr. Carter re the NOAA report:

“It is Earth catastrophic news. This is not modeling; it is actual catastrophic news happening in real time. There is no other way to look at it.”

Carter: “A world at 1.5°C is a disastrous world, no question.”

Carter: “2°C is an impossible world.”


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Trump wasn’t much interested in any of this at the recent G20, or the pandemic raging across the US. so he departed the conference and went golfing. He’s a sorry golf player and a cheat at that as has been publicized over the years, more than once. What struck me was a short article on the Guardian where Biden was begging for donations from Americans to help fund DTs removal from the WH. I must have missed something as I was convinced the election was to do that if he won, which he did. Heres’ my plan tor that BS. Biden/Harris/Pelosi/the The entire DP must sign a contract with the “Donars” to wipe all student loans without exception, make Medicare For All the law of the land (no exceptions), accept AOCs Green New Deal across the board, no exceptions, leave space for additions as needed. Sounds only fair as they have absolutely no intentions of going with these “Left Agendas”. I don’t recall Biden/Harris thanking AOC, her Posse, Warren, Sanders for the win. They won, nothing to see here, Move on. Sameold, sameold BS. That’s our deal, take it or leave it. We’ll see you in court when all of you renege on the contract and sic your attorneys on us to get out of it. We all know your word means nothing. That’s why you keep losing elections and voters.


China is going to change its energy usage, in a big way, and soon.

Hi Caroline !

Just read your link, but I have not watched the 41 minute video yet.

(Trajectories of the Earth System in the Anthropocene, Will Steffen, Johan Rockström, et al

This paper is mentioned in the article interview. I have that paper - since it came out two years ago.

I don’t know this fellow Carter, perhaps you do ? Yes - I see he is an official IPCC reviewer, but I have never heard things put like he has put them by a top flight climate scientist.

Yet what he is saying does not surprise me overly - it could easily be that bad.

Let’s say it is that bad - then it won’t be long before word gets out officially. James Hansen is still alive - I would like to hear his reaction to Carter’s thinking - and Hansen is not afraid to speak his mind.

I will listen to the full video at the first opportunity. Have you seen the video ?

Yes I’ve watched it. If you want to sleep I would not recommend watching it at night.

And if you watch it during the day, make sure you are not already in a bad state emotionally.

I don’t cry as much as I should (tears are healthy)----this made me sob and my stomach hurt from crying so much. The tears did not help.

With that said, in this video is the truth, it is something everyone should be required to hear. This is our life support system that we are killing—how can we continue to ignore this?

He makes clear: 1.5 C we lose food production. Biosphere is in state of collapse right now. It is not Storms of our Grandchildren----it is storms (and death) of us and our children.

Nature is not going to support us anymore. Starvation, water deprivation and diseases. The latter will all increase with higher temps.

“The only plan we have is for global suicide”

But we’ll have a covid vaccine! (she says tongue in cheek)

I like the conversation on moral responsibility (and what is “evil”) that starts at around 28 minutes.
And what we can do morally----even if it’s too late.

I hope my comment makes sense----I am multi-tasking (making a vegan meal!) and typing.

I’ll end with some major gaslighting by MSM:


US vaccine expert predicts life could be back to normal around May


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Here’s useful:

  • It is possible to grow food in a hotter, dryer environment than is typically done. That does not mean that it is a good idea to keep cooking the planet. It just also means that it is a bad idea to give up and let others cook the planet.
  • I do it, and there are others who do it better.
  • Search for videos with these strings to start: “Geoff Lawton Greening the Desert.”

Then there’s a lot of how-to that can be found.

Yes - perfectly, and thanks for thoughts. Being a hound for punishment, I intend to watch it after a vegan supper here, which Underacanoe is preparing as we speak. Cloudrunner (son) and Underacanoe are watching a Japanese animation this evening - so I get to be on this computer and listen to your video.

Just a thought or two to cheer you up.

It only has been the last thirty years really where most of the damage has been done - the real serious stuff - existential stuff. I think we could undo the existential threat in the next thirty,

In the new American Scientist (Nov/Dec) there are many interesting articles, including on the wildfires in California, on the pandemic etc… Highly recommend you go out and for the price of a latte get the best science from the best scientists.

A feature article is about the pollinators in the Chiricahua Mountains of Arizona - near where I first encountered the Apaches, whom I like very much. I was in the Dragoon Mountains, just west of the ‘sky island’ Chiricahua Mountains ca yr 2000. There I entered the Cochise Stronghold. When I wondered about the name Dragoon, I did some research. Turns out the ancient Romans were in need of defenders of their new wall, Hadrian’s Wall, in Great Britain, in present day Scotland, to defend against the Picts I believe. The Romans had fought the Sarmatians, steppe warriors from Eurasia who carried the draconarius on their cavalry standards, which emitted a terrifying sound when at the gallop. The Romans hired these Sarmatians to defend their Scottish wall. Cavalry units thereafter remembered, or at least remembered to call themselves Dragoons.

Here is a pic of the draconarius: ~https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Draconarius

Anyway - back to the present day Chiricahua Mountains and their hummingbirds and fruit bat pollinators - the subject of this American Scientist article - very interesting reading for a nature lover !

I celebrated the climbing of Picacho del Diablo in Baja (2003) at Colibris, a restaurant in or near Palm Springs (maybe Rancho Mirage). Colibri in Spanish is of course hummingbird - memories heh ??

Pretty swank place actually - a Mariott Hotel I think - I came in quite the mess as I remember, and surreptiously went into a fancy golf change room to clean up and dress up for the restaurant. An employee saw me - I explained the situation - she just laughed and allowed me to continue.

Heh Caroline - no matter how bad it is - we all die - including everyone we have or will ever know.

What keeps me going is the fight -

OK - just finished the video Caroline.

Medical doctor Peter Carter and Elizabeth Woodworth co-authored the 2018 book:

“Unprecedented Crime: Climate Science Denial and Game Changers for Survival”

Here is a review from James Hansen"

“Peter Carter and Elizabeth Woodworth make an overwhelming case … much more than expose the crimes against humanity – they also present actions that people can take to alleviate consequences” — Dr. James E. Hansen, Former Director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies; presently Director, Program on Climate Science, Columbia University’s Earth Institute"

Some initial thoughts Caroline, remembering that I was a stockbroker for 11 months back in 1988,just after the '87 stockmarket crash:

  1. Quite rightly, in a way, at the end of the interview, the banks are fingered. They fund everything and everybody, to oversimplify, and in 2007/2008 they were bailed out to the tune of trillions as “too big to fail”.

  2. No one was really held to account - not really - they got off essentially scott free - and have continued their ways to this day.

  3. The reason they were bailed out may be debated - but as I see it as a former stockbroker, if anyone tried to shut down the fossil fuel industry in a timescale of a few years, the global stock market would indeed panic and collapse the world economy - more or less instantly. No sane government is going to attempt this - even if they believed every word of this video.

  4. James Hansen did not panic after the book - I don’t yet know his reaction to the video ???

  5. So where does that leave us ?

I saw Extinction Rebellion in person here at a climate rally in Calgary’s City Hall a couple of years ago. They were the most visible and impressive amongst several climate action groups there.

Both Dr. Carter and Roger Hallam strike me as well intentioned, well informed, but real world naive.

Things probably will not, and possibly cannot, change as fast as these two men suggest.

Like that recent book, “The Uninhabitable Earth”, by David Wallace-Wells, this video says:

“It is worse, much worse, than you think.” (Goodreads review).

Since actions speak louder than words, I will remind you that our son decided to take a year off senior high, for many reasons perhaps, one being of course the pandemic and the lack of any real effort on the part of the Trump like Alberta government to be proactive. They remain to this minute reactive, we just set a new record yesterday, breaking the records set each of the previous three days. Over 1500 new cases, the same as Ontario - but Ontario has three times Alberta’s population.

This is the most likely scenario worldwide in dealing with climate change and biodiversity, the Sixth Extinction etc… Reactive - not proactive and treating these threats as an emergency of the first order.

In short, things will get worse before they get better - and to boot - Trump may yet prevail and stay in office. That is the most immediate threat I am aware of.

As for my son opting out of senior high - I remember thinking clearly at the time - we were in a canoe on our city reservoir - that not only was that a good decision re the pandemic - but that the world in general was in such bad shape that a year to see what shakes out might render an education meaningless.

I still think that. This year 2020, and 2021 - will be where we find out what we are made of.

They did mention a Golden Age was possible - and not just doom and gloom.

I have to believe that we will as a global village come to see that real change is mandatory, on pretty much every conventional front.

My experience with human kind is that it always comes down to necessity. Soon everyone will come to see that it is in fact necessary to change - and then we will.

I changed some twenty-three years ago. I’m just patiently waiting for more company.


RE: Hallam - Carter video:

Had a night to sleep on it - and I see I am primed for bad news also - been a tough year, what with the pandemic and Trump and the GOP - easy to be overly sensitive to bad news,

Bottom line:

Both of these men have dead eyes - especially Carter. No sense of humor - in short - nutballs.

“All in all, 3.3 gigawatts of new solar is expected to be brought on line in 2020.
By 2022, India is expected to have a 100 gigawatt solar capacity. Its current solar capacity is 37 gigawatts,”

So new solar capacity in India this year was 3.3 gigawatts, and next year it is expected to be 63 gigawatts?
That seems improbable.

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