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At Heart of Humanitarian Crisis, Israel Building Wall to Keep Syrian Refugees Out



Demographic purity? No admittance to non-Jews.

Translation: Too many of these refugees are Muslims.


Zionism is racism.

If you weren't sure before, you can see the proof of that here.


Why is it okay that Israel be so racist? Again apartheid - is it not? Segregation, apartheid, racial purity, religious discrimination or whatever you call it is wrong everywhere else in the world except in Israel. It is racism pure and simple.

How f'n bizarre that Israel won't even allow refugees into the occupied territories. Why are they allowed to be so freakishly hostile to these refugees? Israel pushed and pushed for the War in Iraq so they have a direct responsibility (that influence over our congress has another side. It shares responsibility too) for what has followed.

It there right and wrong or can Israel dehumanize anyone who isn't jewish?

Read how ghettos were created. Originally they were created by walls built by the inhabitants to keep outsiders away. They later became walls to keep the inhabitants inside.

We are going wrong so often in our world. Goodness and decency is failing all around us. Governments have been stolen from the people by ruling elites who convince themselves that they know best but it is a lie. Look at what happened in Iceland. The government said no but the people said yes.

It is sickening that the old status quo will not adapt to the future we will face. They would rather build walls than they would helping people. They would rather build hatred as their walls than have peace and friendship be their shield.

Our way of life has begun to fester, our world is dying... and some pretend that walls will protect them. We need a better way... a more human way where people are valued before the worst hits... because this kind of thing will surely be a horror when catastrophe hits.

Behind everything we do there lies catastrophic climate change looming overhead. The way we act now will be terrible if we need to rely on each other later.

We need to help each other. We need to be humane to humanity...

We have met the refugees and they are us.


"Keiner unserer Lebensraum wird von den Untermenschen übertreten werden. " Bibi Netanyahu.

How much of this 'Labensraum', including that which was captured from Jordan and ceded to Palestine and Israel and that captured from Syria and occupied by Israel in the Six Day War will be fenced (walled, or whatever) by Israel? Will it be all the way around to the Sea of Galilee or all the way to the Dead Sea. Oh how unholy the holy land has become.


Bibi is afraid of losing power. His views remind me of the views of some Republicans. Their fear is based on racism and their actions are vicious.
We may all be climate refugees one day we need to find our humanity now.


The United States corrupts and destroys governments around the world, fosters war and when the inevitable human catastrophe occurs the United States gets a pass by blaming one of the most dreadful nations in the world, Israel.


Benjamin Netanyahu is an asshole.


Netanyahoo is Israel's Dick Cheney. It would be good for the world if both of these war criminals were renditioned to The Hague to stand trial for war crimes.


For what it's worth, Israel is legally racist. It was founded and openly billed as a "Jewish state." Immigration laws give full, instant citizenship to any Jew for the asking. God's Chosen People, ya' know.


"Israel is not the only country to refuse entry to refugees. Its close ally the United States has admitted just 1,500 Syrian refugees since 2011, and in 2013, the last year for which Homeland Security statistics are available, granted asylum to a mere 36."

Birds of a feather.

Maybe Trump can get some wall building tips from Netanyahu.

And not that I disagree about Israel's bigotry, but I find it ironic that it takes a white baby washing up on a beach to make people sympathetic. I remember when drowned Haitian refugees were washing up on the beaches of Florida. No policy changes resulted. The bodies weren't the right color.

A blast from the past


Do remember that after some 70 years Palestinian refugees and their descendants still live in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.

When the solutions to such a crisis is Nation States such as Israel and the Gulf States will the Syrians still be huddled in camps across the Middle east 70 years from now?

In the time of That Great Caliphate which so many in the west fear , the entire Middle east was living under the banner of one Nation. Christian Muslim and Jew all lived together in relative harmony unlike in Europe where there constant pogroms to drive Jewish peoples out. Is a bunch of bickering warring nation states closing their borders to people in need really the best that can be come up with?

Nasser tried to form a Pan Arabian Union wherein the Muslim nations in the region would coalesce under one banner. This was not to be tolerated by the Western powers and the newly created Israel and they worked in concert to ensure such a union never came about. Now they bitch and moan about what they have wrought,


Yes and a spokesperson for the US State Department indicated their no plans for the USA to accept more. Rather what they indicate they are going to do is provide Financial aid to nations housing those refugees.

So as the US uses tax dollars to stoke tensions, and create these civil wars by armng terrorists and bombing targets inside these countries forcing the peoples to flee they than use taxpayer dollars to give to the Governments of jordan and Turkey.

THOSE Governments spend the bulk of those dollars on security ensuring the people stay in the camps assigned to them and trying to reduce conflict between the newcomers and the peoples already there.

It just mind numbing idiocy unless one looks at it from one angle and one angle only. Who is making MONEY off this. Follow the dollars and you get your answers.


I do believe that the UK Parliament is going to have to debate the question of whether Netanyahu is to be tried for war crimes because the petition on the Parliament's website got above 100,000 signatures. I doubt we'll see him in chains but the spectacle of the Parliament having to debate this question is something that I look forward to.
"Benjamin Netanyahu is to hold talks in London this September. Under
international law he should be arrested for war crimes upon arrival in
the U.K for the massacre of over 2000 civilians in 2014"


Not the right color and not the right shore, although there are them that consider Syrians as brown-skinned.


"It just mind numbing idiocy unless one looks at it from one angle and one angle only. Who is making MONEY of this."
But that really only makes sense if one believes that a fiction, money, trumps (excuse the pun) reality and lives. And if you believe that then 'mind-numbing idiocy' still seems to be the operative expression.


Oh I quite agree. Just to the South of me is the hanford Nuclear site . This type of idiocy is recreated tens of thousands of times across this earth resulting in realities like 99 percent of all sea birds have ingested plastics.I go to the store to get a can opener and it comes layered a plastic sheel that has to be hacksawed into to get at the can opener. It hard to get a grip on that insanity.


Why is it that people all think that their favorite historical entity was more perfect than the next guy's. Some will cite the crusades, some will cite the Great Caliphate, some will cite the Pax of the Great Khan...and on and on and yes the Romans built very good roads... they wiped out people left and right and clear cut vast areas of forest constantly. "The Romans make a desert and call it peace!"

They all sucked big time people! Murderous, rapacious, slavers and torturers, nobody ever liked the peasants... nobody..., everybody thought massacring a town or city just part of a day's work whether the enemy's or their own... everybody stomped hard on peasant revolts... everybody... being a peasant was not fun despite any affinities to organic gardening.

Everybody in the past were nuts. Fanatics and real SOB's in general.

By the way the Great Caliphate busily made war upon rivals (and there were rivals) wiped out peasants (evidently a popular hobby in the middle ages) imported thousands and thousands of european slaves and in general had a wild old time when nobody was looking with harems of several hundred wives, concubines and assorted royal floozies.

In my opinion the only thing that set them apart from the European Kingdoms was that they bathed more regularly and invented soap. Hey that was a biggie ...trust me on that.

Sheesh... forget the damn past... not a one of us would have lasted five minutes with our progressive views. Not five minutes.


"I find it ironic that it takes a white baby washing up on a beach..."

I've been wanting to point that out myself, but have been biting my tongue. The corpse of a white middle class-looking kid in nice clothes and sneakers gets all this attention, but surely there have been a number of black African kid's corpses, from families fleeing the hell that Libya has become thanks to US intervention, washing up on Italian or Maltese beaches. But we hear nothing about them.


Where you get the idea that Zionists financed Hitler is beyond serious consideration. However if you can show cause as to why you think that is true then say so. Please do not just cite links because I haven't the time to read them but I would like to hear why you believe this to be true in your own words.