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At Historic Habeas Corpus Hearing, Guantanamo's 'Dangerous Experiment in Indefinite Detention' Challenged


At Historic Habeas Corpus Hearing, Guantanamo's 'Dangerous Experiment in Indefinite Detention' Challenged

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Lawyers representing a group of men held for over a decade without charge at Guantánamo asked a federal court on Wednesday to provide judicial intervention to stop the men's arbitrary and unlawful imprisonment—continued detention, the legal team says, that is fueled by President Donald Trump's "executive hubris and raw animus."


Americans are sick Mofos.


A cowardly nation has backed itself into a corner with the war on “terror”. Absent complete repudiation, there is no exit. Stop this phony war!


Although this suggestion is probably no solution but how be we try to understand these prisoners who are indigenous to life in their God given middle eastern countries.and their customs and religion. Follow this with some reasoning.


Take another look at what we’re told about 9/11. The government’s story is literally impossible. Airliners don’t disappear into 20-foot holes. Airliners don’t crash into the ground and bury themselves completely incinerating all human remains leaving no wreckage to be seen. An aluminum airplane cannot slice through the steel framing of a building and leave a Wile E Coyote like image of itself out to the wingtips. And steel-framed buildings do not collapse from fire at near free-fall speeds.

Democracy has been stolen from the American People by elements of our un-elected government. Our Treasury has been pillaged, and ordinary Americans and the World are suffering for it. Ask your congressman to open up a real criminal investigation into 9/11 and fire him if he pushes the ruling junta’s lies.

The rulers of the US have been executing global war crimes under cover of a lie. The media has become their propaganda arm, paid for at our expense. The rulers of the US attacked America to steal our treasury and indeed our country. Are we going to just dwell in patriotic ignorant stupidity and victimhood forever?


Our rulers are sick mofos for sure, and their power to propagandize citizens is nearly overwhelming. Americans themselves are lazy and stupid when it comes to understanding geopolitics, and most of us don’t understand yet that our country has been stolen from us by the oligarchs, who have us believing that the Mexicans did it, and that poor Muslims are conspiring to murder us, just to keep their oil.


Why hasn’t this been done before now


With the material wealth from taxation being funnelled into a war machine for predatory capitalism, young men not coached and learned in discernment, but awash under propaganda, convinced to become ‘warriors’ when they’re ‘trained’ to be unquestioning pawns with deadly weapons skills, and are encouraged to become policemen after their tour of duty.

Whats wrong with this picture?

This is the question explored by the Marshall Project: When Warriors put on the Badge

We are inundated with calculated actions on the material plain that “externalize” virtually all other dimensions and the tsunami of consequences call for full spectrum attention.


When did this outrageous and vicious incarceration turn into a Trump thing, given that it has been going on since the Bush baby’s reign. (With apologies to the lovely galagos .)


not Americans, republicans - they stopped being American a long time ago
we will be rid of them soon


It became a Trump thing the minute he took office. That’s kind of how it works.


Yeah, Obama ought to have considered this eventuality when he signed the expanded AUMF in 2012 allowing indefinite detention and denying bail and access to legal counsel. Or did he think a callous vindictive republican would never become President?