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At Home and Abroad, Trump Abandons Human Rights


At Home and Abroad, Trump Abandons Human Rights

Mel Gurtov

In January 1941, with the prospect looming of US involvement in another European war, President Franklin Roosevelt spoke of America’s purpose in the world: to protect and promote “four freedoms.” FDR drew a clear link between US security and the fulfillment of human rights at home.


This is insurrection! Inciting the racists here! Cool heads needed here. The insanity of this individual must be considered now.


How appropriate that the article begins by addressing four freedoms within the WWII context as we watch Trump and Congress complete the internal fascist transition in the US…the fascism that our parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts allegedly fought against and in some cases died fighting against during that era.

If I were a WWII veteran I would feel that I was a real sucker.


The USA’s professed prioritization of human rights is mainly lip-service, and has been so for its entire history. Slavery and lynchings of African-Americans, genocide of native Americans, the Constitution’s prioritization of property rights of the aristocracy, constant government repression of labor rights (including murder and imprisonment of labor leaders), repression of peace advocates prior to and during World War I, McCarthyism, overthrow of numerous democratically elected left-leaning governments since 1945 (Guatemala, Honduras, Iran, Argentina, Chile, others), colonialism in Puerto Rico and Philippines…The list is endless. The CIA has been used extensively to extend imperialism and violently repress leftists in other countries. The police in the US have now been militarized to keep restive oppressed minorities in line. The NSA now spies on all of us. ICE is systematically destroying immigrant families. Last but not least, I as a psychiatrist was persecuted and forced out of my career because I used my position of authority to empower those that had been victimized by their family or community. The stuff that you and I learned in school – about the USA being about human rights and democracy – I believed it until I found it to be a total fabrication. The predatory mentality that nonindigenous human civilization adopted about 6000 years ago has found its expression in our systems of governance and especially in capitalism (though not limited to capitalism). Trump has not abandoned human rights; we never had them to begin with unless we conformed to an aristocratic ideology. Trump is clearly showing what our government has been for two centuries. My hope is that there is a growing population of people with conscience that will coalesce and take action to depose the tyranny, keeping in mind that we don’t have simply a tyranny in our governance systems but in a widespread collective mentality as well; a recent poll found something like 50% of the US population approving the use of torture under some circumstances. That number should be 0.00%. We have a lot of work to do.


We have rights???


White nationalism doesn’t seem to include the concept of human rights. It is only about separating the races. It appears to completely reject the Enlightenment. It also seems to come with the concept that there is no standard for truth. Therefore, its bogus genetic theories do not have to stand the test of science. Arbitrary definitions of races can be created and the inferiority of certain races can be widely accepted. And the key is that the white race is always the victim. They really believe they are defending the integrity of the white race.


If it “rejects the Enlightenment” does that mean we are entering a new dark age, seeing how the Enlightenment contributed to ending the previous dark age ?

Economist Galbraith warned us that we might be entering a new dark age shortly after the 1929 crash and later credited FDR’s New Deal with preventing that trend. Perhaps the New Deal may have only delayed the new dark age by half a century seeing how Saint Ron and the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) cast us into this downward spiral more than three decades ago.


The US supported Human rights WHEN exactly? Was it when they were killing The First Nations Peoples and rounding them up onto reservations?

Was it when they used Slaves to work in Cotton Fields so some small few could be wealthy?

Was it when they were slaughtering Filipino’s because they wanted Independence?

Was it when they were bombing anything that mved in North Korea wherby they killed 20 percent of its population.

Was it when they decided the people of Chile did not have the right to vote a Socialist to Power?

The only time the USA ever shows some concern for Human rights is when the Corporations WANT something where under the guise of “Human Rights” they can go in and steal it. Trump is about as low a President as the USA has ever had , but this not on him.


FDR was the last president to be active in establishing the means for humans to be granted rights. In my reading however his personal beliefs did not support his actions which I believe were in fact the result of his wife’s influence. Eleanor Roosevelt did more for human rights than any president of this country.


Yes, we do, but thanks to lots of bread and circuses the poeple sit on their asses and don’t exercise them.


Well, 40,000 voters couldn’t vote in Wisconsin that voted in 2012, so sometimes Republicans decide not to let people excercise their rights. Just look at North Carolina and what they are doing there. They really do like how our favorite fossil fuel oligarch runs his country and seek to emulate it.


Certainly there are instances of human rights violations such as race-based voter suppression and arrests of those planning peaceful protests (but as of yesterday, all charges were finally dropped). But overall, we are free to protest and disrupt (as Pittsburghers did recently - blocking an interstate artery - in protest of a racist police killing) and while there may be some misdemenor arrests, nobody is going to be gunning us down, like Assad did to to Syrian protestors or Sisi did to Egyptians and Israel is doing to Palestinians.

Look at what is going to be happening in London this coming Friday? Why nothing like that in DC? Where are the organizers?


I think the organizers are organizing where it matters: the voting booth.


The trump regime has done serious damage to human and civil rights around the world, as well as in America, perhaps irreparable damage. The ability of one deranged sociopath extremist to reverse, destroy, and roll-back so much of what has gone before is, or should be, a crime! That its not shows the ability of vast wealth to subvert the very essence of what “democracy” is touted as being!

Adlai Stevenson said: “Every man has a right to be heard; but no man has the right to strangle democracy with a single set of vocal cords” - that about sums-up the bully/braggart trump’s malignant influence and of his chosen corrupt “cabinet of horrors”!

The US support for Israeli racist expansionism and illegal settlements of occupied territory is against international law and the subversive influence of Israel on US domestic and foreign policy are a whole abandonment of human rights in one odious “partnership” between trump and netanyahu…both contemptuous of all law, as if they were above any law!

The Irish are considering a law that would ban any products produced in the Occupied Territories “settlements” by Israelis as being illegal under International Law…such contempt for law must not be “normalized” as the trump regime has done in its role as sycophant and lap-dog to Israeli supremacist racism…but trump is himself a demonstrated racist and supporter/spologist for US white supremacists

The proposed Irish law is based on…"Israeli settlements in both the occupied West Bank and the Golan Heights are illegal and constitute a war crime under both the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court and International Humanitarian Law (IHL), which prohibit occupying states from transferring their own civilian population into occupied territory."

*Bravo to Ireland for their principled, moral stand - here’s hoping the proposed law/ban passes! BDS!


Quite hypocritical, when Obama’s bombing of 7 sovereign countries resulting in thousands and thousands of civilian deaths are not considered gross violations of human rights. To the writer, US violations of human rights began only with Trump.

It’s also interesting the article talks about Chinese/Russian governments wanting to cut back funding for human rights, and presented an article alluding to one unknown source for the assertion in a propaganda website. Pathetic, but not unexpected. The MIC must be desperate to hire an inept propagandist like this writer.


Well, he was a progressive president whether he was influenced by Eleanor or not. Could be the reason for his most untimely death.


You just posted that 40,000 voters “couldn’t vote” who wanted to. Please put a link to that. I have never heard anything link this.


The Obama administration entered into an agreement with the Iranian mullahs legalizing their nuclear program and giving them billions of dollars up front. Human rights were off the table. I never heard Mel Gurtov or any other so called human rights group complain. Not one.



There were 41,000 fewer voters in Milwaukee in 2016 than 2012. The state AG acknowledged the role restrictive voting laws played in Trump’s win:


The resurrection of the 1968 “The Poor People’s Campaign” is now headed by two courageous religious leaders: Revs. Barber and Theoharis. Now with the added clause: “A National Call for Moral Revival”, MLK’s Dream will come true. His murder in 1968 by a representative of violent racists in our midst, cemented the return to Civil Rights fo We American Poor and People of Color and Immigrants, 50 years later. Activist and Leader of the Poor, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s, Dream is still our best chance at shutting down the odious killing war machine, even if only for a day or two. Then another day for two and so on. Hallelujah!