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At House Hearing, Poor People's Campaign Demands End to 'Systemic Policy Violence Against the Poor'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/19/house-hearing-poor-peoples-campaign-demands-end-systemic-policy-violence-against


We love Rev Barber and this movement, but we’re concerned about Joy Reid hosting the forum for presidential candidates that we heard about. She’s very biased against Bernie and she used her authority over the meeting to diminish his candidacy, including on social media forums like twitter. She did the same thing at this women’s forum she hosted where people believe she had plants in the audience to heckle Bernie. And … I didn’t hear the presidential forum yet (I plan to), but I heard she did something similar there and then posted about it to try to lower his poll numbers.

For many years, she’s been continuously attacking Bernie Sanders. She drives Bernie supporters crazy. Clearly she speaks for corporate interests that are afraid of what he represents ITO actually taking on poverty. Some say they also think she’s anti-Semitic because she seems so inappropriately and even personally obsessed with a bashing a politician, with Jewish working class roots, who’'s never for sale and has consistently taken on Wall St and the status quo for decades, including the military industrial complex which is addressed in the Poor People’s Campaign budget proposal.

So why did they allow this? She is too biased against one of the participants to effectively and honorably lead such a forum - whatever her reasons for being that way, there’s years of evidence what we’re describing - and that should be enough (whatever is going on in Reid’s mind about all of this - or behind the scenes at her corporate MSM TV station).

Furthermore, we think the Poor People’s Campaign should take a far more aggressive position on health care - specially, single payer Medicare For All, and not just Medicaid expansion in states where it hasn’t happened.

These two issues worry us that they’re linked in some way with the corporate wing of the Democratic party which has no intention of abolishing poverty - they’re maintaining, perpetuating and furthering poverty - and they want to use the PPC to get poorer Americans to vote for their disgraceful and disgusting records in Congress on this subject.

I know the GOP are worse in many ways, but we believe the Democrats are really the greater problem. Without their corporate wing Democratic party games, we could get the GOP out of the way. People like Reid are more in the way of progress than the Republicans, for us, for all their pearl clutching about the Republicans, they never really take them on - they’re too busy bashing real progressives like Bernie and the people trying to put through real changes like egalitarian health care for all.

The Dems and GOPs are a team whereby they play off one another. After all, the corporate Democrats cared so little about the American People and the entire world, they were willing to make Trump the GOP nominee and one step from the presidency. That, along with all the corrupt monies they’re taking, is all you need to know about which side they’re on … and it ain’t ours. Nor is Joy Reid on our side.

Bernie Sanders, though … he is. No question about it. And no other Democratic Party candidate is going to get our vote. Seeing people like Joy Reid in action on behalf of the corporate wing of the DP - only makes us more determined in that regard. I am offended that she was considered a legitimate host on behalf of the interests of poor and lower income Americans.


Thanks BarnOwl for this comment that exposes one problem, and one betrayer in this critical election cycle; the power of the corrupt media talking heads to twist the narrative toward the DINO pro-corporate, big-money wing of the Democratic Party, as they trash candidates of integrity. That overt serving partisan politics should disqualify any supposed “journalist” such as Joy Reid from any position of influence except as deceitful partisan propagandist.

Communities of color and poor people have often been taken-in by betrayals from ambitious opportunists they think work for them because they ‘are one of us’, when the truth is they work against them, Neither the Clinton’s nor Obama did much of anything to actually fundamentally improve the lives or political power of the poor or people of color! The worst of “identity politics”.

Joy Reid is one such actor who works against progressive interests and at-risk communities to further her own career. Attacking and demeaning Bernie Sanders makes her unfit to be part of any forum or progressive stage that purports to serve truth and honesty.

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I for one am extremely grateful for your post. It is apparent that you went to great lengths to write this post and it is obvious you are empathetic and care a great deal about the issues you brought forth. We need more and more of this. I try to do my part by also posting to defend the poor and working classes and encourage the electorate to vote solely for time-tested, proven candidates who are both moral and ethical. I also think it’s important to thank those who do the same. The more messages go out, the more the message will be heard, disseminated and the more minds we can change.


Absolutely! These guys get it: https://www.blackagendareport.com/