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At Last, Legislation to Stop Private Equity Abuses

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/18/last-legislation-stop-private-equity-abuses

With daily polls fluctuating pretty widely, between them, Bernie and Liz consistently manage to attract 30% or more of the Dem electorate. Their policies are supported by the majority of Dem voters, not to mention a majority of all voters in many cases. Yet Speaker Pelosi derides The Squad as out-of-touch aberrations with no following.

Yoo hoo, Nancy, your corporate butt-kissing is showing…

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Timothy Geithner left Obama’s team to head a private equity firm. And he has been looting the public ever since.


One of my first jobs way way back was with a small locally owned business that was doing rather well for itself. The owner decided he wanted to relocate to a warmer and more distant city so sold the Company off to a person we were not familiar with. Of a sudden all manner of stuff started arriving in the doors and we were wondering what we were to do with it. It all new but our sales rep had no idea how he was expected to sell it all.

A few weeks later we were asked to load this stuff up on a truck and ship it to another address. I really did not think much of it as I was not well versed in how Business practiced. Then our paycheques started arriving late. Then we asked to ship more stuff out to another business. Ok we are now worried. Of a sudden the business declares bankruptcy. The bankers arrive to sieze the assets and there are far fewer on the site then the books reflect.

The new owner used the good name of the Business to buy a pile of inventory. He shipped it to his other separate business and in essense got it for free.

We had to go to the labor relations board for lost pay and dealing with the person there he indicated that the Businessman in question had been doing this for years and he was always one step ahead of them when they tried to catch him.

This was also about the time I started listening to the hard core Socialist that wa sworking at the same place. We remain friends to this day although I think I now more Socialist than he is.

I learned about 15 years after this incident that the “Businessman” in question had finally been caught red handed and was in the slammer.

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That’s why the kleptocrats are tasked with crushing Warren, Bernie… assuring no repetition of The Squad! Massa’s worst fear ain’t them, it sure ain’t us! It’s their own 60+ million indentured deplorables, as they finally begin waking up?

Back to THIS story. Yesterday, we’d touched upon how sinsemilla would be replaced with GMO brewer’s yeast, you could specify how much THC, CBD, what terpenes (or make your own opioids, cocaine, phytronutrients… with sugar?) We basically funded the research. Just TRY to buy any shares!

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Sounds familiar, somehow? https://youtu.be/b8u5xQXHXsQ