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At Least 28 Civilians Killed by US-Led Bombing of Ice Factory in Syria


At Least 28 Civilians Killed by US-Led Bombing of Ice Factory in Syria

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The U.S. has admitted it may have been responsible for an airstrike in eastern Syrian that a war monitoring group says killed 28 civilians.

The bombing took place late Thursday in the eastern province of Deir al Zour, hitting near the villages of al Soussa and al Baghouz, according to Syrian state news agency SANA and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).


This is a newsworthy atrocity of course. And it is understandable to emphasize atrocities committed by one’s own home country.

But why is Commondreams been so totally silent on the orders-of-magnitude larger atrocities being committed every day by the Syrian Army and the allied forces (which admittedly, for ISIL targets, includes the US) supporting them? The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights regularly documents these atrocities.

They estimate that of the hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths, 85 percent were caused by Syrian and allied forces.




Why are the oh so wonderful troops still in Syria killing people? Get the rank assh**es back home. They should all be up on murder charges not “supported” by ignorant Americans.


excuse me but our soldiers have no say so in where they are sent and what they must do for the “commander in chief”. if you have to blame someone blame him


They do have a say. They pledged to honor to the constitution not the Prez. They can refuse to fight, Remember Mohammad Ali, I took a clue from him and refused to fight in Nam along with thousands of other true patriots. Best decision I ever made.


I have read a lot of different sources which say that the Syrian Army is not doing the major damage----and that the White Helmets can’t be trusted to be fair either -------How do you know for sure that the Syrian Army is doing the larger atrocities—? The US media says so— is no longer a valid answer for me--------so I have to read lots of views—although lately, the UK has gotten really weird , and the US major media has rolled over and seems to play dead a lot by not covering lots of stories and issues. Ignoring the murders in Palestine committed by the Israelis is another example of American news ignoring what is really happening. YOU make me sad US Major Media : (


That is true, but My concern lies with an individual giving his body to the cause of violence and strife!


No. The Syrian Observatory for Human rights is run by Syrian Leftists like us - it is similar to "Iraq Body Count in the Iraq invasion. The consensus of all independent human rights organizations is universal regarding Assad’s atrociousness.

And that stuff about the White Helmets from “all your different sources” (please list them) is complete, dreadful, tin-foil-hat nonsense. Next up…Doctors without Borders and Kathy Kelly’s Voices for Creative Nonviolence are just shills for American imperialism!!!

But yes, the US media is ignoring the Israeli atrocities in Gaza - and the ones by Assad in Syria too. And yes, the US and Israel rather like Assad: