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At Least 29 Dead After Shootings In Texas and Ohio, With Police Probing Alleged White Supremacist Views of El Paso Gunman

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/04/least-29-dead-after-shootings-texas-and-ohio-police-probing-alleged-white

Can’t wait for the headline in The Onion today. As it has so many times before it will probably read…
“Nothing we can do to stop this” says people of only nation where it regularly happens.
Thoughts and prayers folks! Because everybody knows, if you pray really hard you become bullet proof!


There is no doubt in my mind the racism, bigotry, calculated divisions, and overt hatred embraced, espoused, supported and spread by donald trump and his regime agenda is responsible in many ways for these and many other murders, ill-health, and deaths of innocent people, children, during his tenure and that his hatred it will continue long after he is gone unless he is called-out and held responsible

If ever there was a need to hold a pattern of contempt and lack of respect, concern for the lives, health, and safety of all others to account it is this hideous depraved creature.


We all know who is setting the tone of intolerance and influencing these morons with their big guns (little dicks) and deluded racist beliefs. The “garlic” shooting had all the signs of bigotry but the media for some reason never emphasized that fact. These are domestic terrorists that represent more than their own insanity.


The El Paso gunman was clearly out to mow down Latinos, inspired by Trump-fueled hate.

I’ll be interested to see how the 2020 Latino vote for president compares to 2016, which was 29% for Trump.


Wow ! Can’t wait for the stampede of republicans to back Medicare for all. Since these latest “shootings” are obviously caused by “mental illness” Republicans should now push hard for health care that includes care for mental illnesses. They have already gone hard for the first line of defense (thoughts and prayers) and have insured that there would always be a good guy with a gun when needed. Interesting how John Crawford (black) picked up a toy gun in Walmart and was killed by police. This white guy in Texas kills twenty and is arrested.


"Hispanic invasion of Texas"

That’s rich considering Texas history but the US overall. Texas was part of northern Mexico until it was first occupied and then conquered/annexed by racist USA in the 19th C. It was the homeland of Mexican indigenous and Mestizos but land long coveted by US racist enslavers. After the so-called Revolutionary War which was fought in great part to preserve the institution of slavery but also to reject Britain’s law preventing westward expansion which meant, in essence, to spread slavery of Africans and African-Americans and the theft of more and more indigenous lands, enslavers started to infiltrate and squat on this land we call Texas. Mexico forbade slavery so this of course was a problem for these racist thieves. The rest is history which, tragically, continues today. This so-call “Hispanic Invasion” is really people returning to their homelands.


Massive income inequality creates this whole generation of disgruntled white men who scapegoat immigrants and minorities for all their problems and then go on these brutal killing sprees with easy access to assault weapons. All of this predates Trump but he makes it much worse.

This too must needs be tied to US history: the Scots-Irish who first practiced their scalping techniques on the Irish at the behest of Britain before the US foundation were enticed to come here as to Ireland for the same reason–land. They had first seen their lands conquered by Britain and made landless they went to Ireland then pre-USA for land. Their plight continues today in a class war with elites who manipulate them all the while taking it out on those who were not responsible as in the “Hispanic”, the indigenous peoples instead of those who wronged them in the first place. In the 19th C they coveted Texas for the purpose of murdering the indigenous peoples to steal their lands so as to steal the lives and freedom of Africans and to force them in the worst chatted slavery the world has witnessed just so as to accumulate wealth for themselves. So, we need to stop being shocked that this USA only values money and the commodification of everything including other human beings and must needs get busy rectifying this horrid history which continues today.


No one in America should believe that the power behind the NRA
keeps this gun violence in our societies going –

It’s based in the right wing and its need for violence –
and to create chaos in our societies and societies all over the world.
Preparing us for more government interference in our freedom and liberty
a la the fakery of the Patriot Act and Homeland Security –

The most likely cause behind this take over of the NRA in the 1970’s was the CIA
who were reeling from Congressional investigations by the few liberals and moderates
of both parties still left in the Congress. See: Frank Church Hearings – the full report
still not released.

All of the intelligence agencies work together to protect Elites – not the public.
They all represent authoritarian rule by Elites.

As Brig. General Smedley Darlington Butler also told us . . . our MIC also exists
to protect Elites/Corporations/Capitalism. It’s all part of the same system of control.

Anywhere you see the rise of the right wing over the people, it should be understood
that it only happens via secrecy, violence, assassinations, stolen elections – long term
planning and the wealth of Elites.


Where I live, in the US, there are many Trump supporting white folk in one part of town, and Blacks and Latinxs in other parts. I have not found Latinx voters, here, to be more progressive than the general population. My heritage is Puerto Rican and Cuban. All the Cubans I know, where I live are strong Trump supporters. That will not change. The are a few progressive Puerto Rican’s , who I do organizing work with, but most reject politics and a few are strong Trump supporters. The community based organizing I engage with is with unauthorized, Mexicans and Central Americans. Most are afraid of Trump but they can’t vote. Some young folk, from this community, are very outspoken against Trump and work on organizing in the community. Two parents that have spoken out , have been separated from their kids and deported, and will likely never see their children again.

My sense is that things are similar, in many areas around the country, with the exception of some cities, which have a greater degree of community organizing and more progressive Latinxs.


Hate is in full bloom and Trump just keeps fanning the flames.

If the Democrats don’t impeach this subhuman, all our lives are at risk.


Interesting that the gunman in Texas drove 9 hours to El Paso to do his ghastly deed, while there are plenty of non-white people in Dallas. That suggests to me something else in addition to hate going on.


Nancy is not going to impeach Trump.
only 21% public support available for this action.
Backlash would re-elect trump for sure plus
republicans would win house majority and retain senate.

all she has left is to hope dem wins prez contest.
No aces up her sleeve !!

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He was just going to ground zero. Conservatives have decided that the border is where they will pound in their picket pins and make what they have been convinced by the oligarchy as their “ last stand” against the Hispanic hordes.
The wealthy have convinced the poor white rubes that there is a culture war, and that they should take up arms against anyone who they fear doesn’t recognize the white euro/centric power structure.
This could be the beginning of America’s second civil war.


When mass murderers start repeating Trump’s words spoken at rallies, it time to put an end to the gunmen, and Trump.

Trump belongs in jail.


Well when we have ICE legally abusing immigrants, letting children die in their detention, and generally treating people like they are vermin, what’s so different about what these killers are doing? One is legal and government sanctioned, and one is illegal but encouraged by this government.


From the most ancient writings and myths, to appease (please) the gods, sacrifices were made. According to prominent right wing evangels, god sent (anointed) Trump … The evangels can thank god on this sabbath day for the great sacrifice made on their behalf and in honor of their king.


The shooter said that his racist sentiments began before Trump. I take him at his word. Nevertheless, it’s clear that Trump’s behavior has encourage racism and emboldened racists. The only way I see the climate improving is through strong and widespread community organizing. Progressive political representatives, backed by an organized populace, can also help, but with Republican going proto-fascist and the DCCC and DNC pushing right leaning centrists, I don’t see any political change without alternative progressive political organizations.


…along with the DP patsies who enable Orangeman by refusing (as usual) to hold anyone to account, by strategically floating Russiagate instead of discussing his ongoing crimes, by ensuring his continued dominance via the weakest possible sham opposition, personified by that other racist, from Delaware…

It gets complicated: assessing the roots of contempt for human decency in a culture suffused for generations with the violent pathology of Empire: the necessity of wiping out lesser peoples.


While I would never claim to be any kind of expert on mental health, and while I have been advocating a gun-free society for decades, and while I too believe that “white supremacy” is an ideology, I also maintain that anyone who would start shooting innocent strangers while believing that his actions could ever result in anything that could ever bring about his preferred society, must be mentally ill.

I have been estranged for many years from a brother over a comment I made (to another sibling) that was reported back to him. I said that while he had little money and so was living in near poverty, the fact that he always seemed to be able to afford another gun and more ammo, and that nearly every conversation we had eventually turned into a discussion of how only more guns could save us, made we wonder about his mental health. He sent me an email telling me where I could go and hasn’t talked to me since. While I don’t believe he subscribes to the Nazi/white supremacist ideology, he certainly believes that as patriots, we can shoot our way out of any problem. Knowing him all my life, I don’t think he would ever consider a mass execution of innocents to be a good political statement, but he would never consider, under any circumstances, taking away any gun away from anyone, no matter how radical that person may be. Why? Because owning all the guns you want is a “right,” and cannot be “infringed,” even if it is a wholly invented right that actually appears in writing nowhere, including in the sacred 2nd amendment.

How can you not be deranged and expect that the 10,000th mass killing will finally change the minds of politicians and they will finally give in and execute all the black and brown people, or at least send them all back to Africa?

How can you not be insane and still think that one loon with one rifle can eliminate all the evil people who seek sanctuary here, or believe that even if you can’t get them all, killing as many as you can will make any kind of difference?

Psychiatry may or may not be a real science, I don’t know, but I do know that mental illness is real and makes people do things that sane people, even ideologues, would never do. We must continue to strive to understand it and treat it when and where possible. But in the meantime, take away the f#@$%ing guns!