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At Least 33 Million Workers Are Being Hurt by the Coronavirus Recession

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/25/least-33-million-workers-are-being-hurt-coronavirus-recession


This article important as it demonstrates a Political Party does NOT have to take power in order to have influence on a given Governments Policy.

In order to maintain power the Liberals needed the support of one of the opposition parties. In this case it was the NDP. In return for that support the Liberals had to agree to a number of demands from that same NDP. This included enhancing benefits to people affected by Covid and or reversing plans to scale those benefits back.

If there was no NDP and those members were in the Liberal party instead and the Liberals held a majority the politicians wanting enhanced benefits due to COVID would have been silenced and expected to vote along party lines.

This is why the US Left MUST work towards forming a third party. It not about them taking power. It about them having their voices heard.

lying troll. george.

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Your buddies in congress enriched the corporate capitalists to the tune of 45 trillion in the CARES Act, and there was no COVID martial law anywhere in this country. This is not the first ignorant comment posted by you today, wear a helmet in case you trip and fall, you can not afford to lose any more brain cells.

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