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At Least 5 Dead in Bahamas as Hurricane Dorian Unleashes 'One of Most Catastrophic 24-Hour Periods of Weather in Recorded World History'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/03/least-5-dead-bahamas-hurricane-dorian-unleashes-one-most-catastrophic-24-hour

So tragic, add the death toll to a global warming count. Congratulations to rescue services for keeping the human deaths to a minimum.
One website said all herbiage was shredded.


Scientists have been warning us to move to higher ground for a while now, so get off the islands and away from the coasts while you can. Climate refugees and migrants are in deep need for compassion and services not jail and more trauma. We are slipping into chaos. Keep your hat screwed on real tight and do not panic. Share peace, give love.


that monster’s still over Grand Bahama even now. It’s moving at like a half mile an hour. It might hit FLorida next month at this pace.

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Gee, I wonder if Trumpo the Traitor will even consider visiting the Bahamas and throwing some paper towels at the victims, all the while denying that this disaster was caused, in large part, by human activity. Probably not. He got his photo op in Puerto Rico where his regime was responsible for a great deal more suffering than there should have been. He really is a monster.


Had it hit Palm Beach he would’ve been all over that mofo.

Offering gov’t golf carts to all the displaced country club residents.


This hurricane would have been better named, “Donald.”

It’s been a huge pain in the ass to everyone it has come in contact with, and it’s always been either heading to, or from, a golf course.

As is the American Military, which is the world’s largest user of fossil fuels, and polluter of our air and waters.

The American Military is the single greatest contributor to Climate Change, and accepts absolutely no responsibility for it.


The Bahamian people (I suspect) are not in denial nor is anyone anywhere affected by the climate emergency (change) intensified weather. And, it isn’t just hurricanes — tornadoes, storms, drought — depends on where you are. Just because you aren’t impacted by this at the moment doesn’t mean you won’t be in the future, and that people across the planet aren’t and haven’t been.

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I’m quite sorry to bear bad news, but I could see the death toll at 1000 people. Numbers of people have been trapped in unlivable situations for 24 hours straight. At least with the Paradise, CA fire people could flee.


Hi Paul,

Thanks and no thanks for saying that. I’ve been tempted, but don’t want to bear bad news either. The Bahamas just took an unbelievable beating. I doubt that any of the models foresaw Dorian stalling so long over that island, because it’s unprecedented. From Robert Rohde (cited by Masters at Weather Undergound):

Dorian’s incredible stall over the island of Grand Bahama appears to set a new record for the slowest moving major hurricane over any 24-hour period since records began in 1851.

Most people can easily walk faster than the mere 1.3 mph (2.0 kph) that Dorian has been advancing.

I’m accustomed to thinking of hurricanes as similar to sharks: they’ve got to keep moving in order to stay alive. Dorian finally declined to cat 2 after nearly stopping because the perpetuating energy gets used up in one place, in a sense (my rough idea of it). It is surpassingly strange for a major hurricane to just idle in park like this. And folks wonder why the models are confused. You can’t predict the unpredictable, and models aren’t geared to foresee the unprecedented.

You mentioned Paradise. That was a revelation: your whole town could go up in an hour or so. Similarly, Dorian is a revelation: we now know a hurricane can just hang out to totally scrub an archipelago.

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And we have models of a climate crisis, and the trumppy jerks just deny the existence of this dilemma.

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