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At Least 61 Dead in Massive Fire That Roared Through Cenctral Portugal


At Least 61 Dead in Massive Fire That Roared Through Cenctral Portugal

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Prime Minister Antonio Costa called it "the biggest tragedy of human life that we have known in years."


Again, I am reminded by such tragedies brought on by nature that war, injustice, and all that comes with it are so difficult to understand. We must accept what nature brings her way but why should we tolerate the unnecessary insanity of war and all other irrational manifestations of hate that do nothing to bring meaning to our collective lives?

Stand with these victims in the Great Mystery that is Life.


Soon to be the new normal everywhere. Boycott fossil fuels.


Poor people. I saw a clip of the burned out cars…no where to go. Prayers for them and their families.


Invent the end of natural gas.

  1. Buildings should store and then use more solar heat. We can do far better, we can get there quickly, and the lifetime cost is going to be so cheap that natural gas doesn’t stand a chance almost anywhere on earth.

  2. Stored solar heat can also generate electricity after the sun goes down. The engineering issue is bird kills, and playing sounds of distressed birds only goes so far until the birds wise up. Yes there are quick engineering solutions.

  3. A lot of other engineering solutions are simply around some corner where they’ve been waiting to meet you.

The decimation of the world’s oceans, forests, wheat belts, rice belts and human population is nowhere near a foregone conclusion. I recommend that you flee your personal apathy, as opposed to waiting a bit too long for too much death.


Summer arrives. In years to come, people will fear the killer heat of summers. This deadly forest fire amid a heat wave is a harbinger of great misery to come. The forest fire season begins. I fear that it will be a terrible year ahead that won’t seem so bad a decade hence as compared to the terrible years that they would be starting to have. In another twenty years?

People should consider that it will never get cooler. Always warmer year after year. Even ancient forests become extremely vulnerable.

Had we avoided Trump we might have stood a reasonable chance of escaping the worst but because of him, the worst arrives even more rapidly.


The article states: “Officials say lightning was the cause.” No, lightning was the spark. The out-of-control, fossil-fueled, extractivist, colonialist, human economy, and the accelerating global warming it fuels, was the cause.


Every year lightning causes wildfires. The risk increases during droughts and heat waves. Global warming has ramped up the risk another notch. Nature in the past ‘understood’ wildfires with forests that could tolerate the various conditions and grow in those specific areas. There are types of trees that actually need forest fires to open their pine cones for them. But global warming is an artificial acceleration of these fire prone conditions and even fire tolerant trees in dry, hot conditions experience fires that are too hot to withstand.

What we see is the readjustment of nature in response to new climatic conditions. Forests will repeatedly burn in hot and dry conditions beyond what the trees evolved to withstand. In time those trees will disappear and be replaced by scrub. If conditions get worse then over time even the woody scrub will be replaced by desert. Normally this all would take generations of slow incremental climate change.

We on the other hand can literally watch it in real time. Quite possibly a young person may see the landscape change around them by the time they grow old as types of trees are replaced by other species which are more drought and fire tolerant etc.

The world will never be what once it should have become.

It will always get hotter year after year. Always!