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At Least 80 Dead in Kabul After Massive Attack on Peaceful March


At Least 80 Dead in Kabul After Massive Attack on Peaceful March

Common Dreams staff


This "God" humans invented, is clearly a monster.

To "Hell" with EVERYONE who kills for "God."


This madness will never, ever end. The "war on terror" will go on until nearly every human being is dead (did WE win?). The only way to stop people from killing over perceived injustice is to stop perpetrating injustice and even that will lessen only the extent of killing. The march of civilization is a cruel joke. Humanity has not changed one whit over the millennia. The only thing that has changed is the technology of killing. These mad killings reflect "an eye for an eye" writ large. Gandhi was right -- the whole world is going blind.


It's not necessarily for God. It may well be for the power plant.


It was the cruel and deranged monsters in Washington, DC that started this mess. They have been doing it since 1979. I used to think that they believed they could control their proxies and maybe they did once. Now I deeply believe that they don't care anymore. Every IS bomb that explodes and every IS atrocity that happens puts a smile on the faces of people like Victoria Nuland and Ashton Carter. More War, more funding for war, more excuses for arms sales, more chaos, more funding for permanent war. The dead and maimed, wherever they are in the world, are just fodder units for more funding. Worse than the despicable fascists of the 20th century because they don't even have an ideology, not even a despicable one. It's just about money.



Our new century seems destined to be one of violence. The rising heat won't help. The pitiless nature of the Middle East destabilization and the organized pursuit of forever war (read forever destabilization) maintains the violence. Perceived futility against superior forces provides the rationale for irrational acts of terror when doing nothing also results in death and oppression. Lashing out may be suicidal but doing nothing has become suicidal as well. The west ignores the fact that they seek only their version of victory which leaves no room for the other side to accept peace.

The endless war has overflowed the empty cup. Destabilization becomes a pandemic. The west exported occupation and destabilization and the east exported its results back again. Violence without borders?

In an over populated heat stressed destabilizing world... Violence gives a sense of identity to those who have nothing else but violence to identify themselves.

Maybe it is time to restore the Middle East and end the destabilization?


Sunni and Shia lived peacefully in Iraq until death squads started popping up. Coincidentally, those death squads started after U.S. personnel with experience setting up death squads in Central America went to Iraq.

"Noam Chomsky on John Negroponte's Career From the Death Squads of Honduras to the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad."


"From El Salvador to Iraq: Washington's man [John Steele] behind brutal police squads
In 2004, with the war in Iraq going from bad to worse, the US drafted in a veteran of Central America's dirty wars to help set up a new force to fight the insurgency. The result: secret detention centres, torture and a spiral into sectarian carnage"


This title should read, "Conservatives attack liberal protest" Same ole garbage, every liberal government, leader, politician, rally, movement or ideology is attacked non stop world wide by conservatives.


Images of Afghanistan in the 1950s and 1960s. This that same Muslim faith and with the same ethnic groups as today. This before the US meddled trying to use Afghanistan as a battleground to draw the USSR into a war. As can be seen years of peace was breaking down the Patriarchy.

What Afghanistan is today is a result of WAR and GUNS and VIOLENCE much of it instigated by foreign nations seeking more POWER. The Patriarchy thrives on such and reimposes itself on the society.

Those that support wars and violence can not in the same breath claim they for freedom and liberty, Peace is freedom. Peace is Liberty. May Afghanistan know peace again.


Yes, Carol, there are the Peace Brigades International, who put their bodies on the line between warring parties, and to preserve human rights.

Their website: ..... http://www.peacebrigades.org/?L=0

And FaceBook site: ....... https://www.facebook.com/Peace-Brigades-International-International-Secretariat-182199571825500/

And their site for work in Columbia: ..... https://www.facebook.com/pbicolombia/

But they have to choose where to go very carefully. Not every group will tolerate them.

And you are right about CD participants, as well as about contributors to other sites. It's much easier to cast blame than to come up with solutions. But the latter is what we need to be talking about.


And we grieve...


Thank you




Unmet needs leads to fear, leads to anger, leads to violence. There are too many of us, thus needs are unmet, leads to fear,,,,,

It seems clear that there is an agenda to reduce populations. As environments are destroyed in the process,
even more will have unmet needs, leads to fear...


I think people are trapped by their need for conspiracies. I don't think anyone is trying to reduce populations in the slightest. What I see is far more simplistic yet realistic. They just don't f'n care. Nothing special about it. They just don't and they don't think about helping or hurting - they simply never think about you. Nor are they concerned with a better life for you or anyone else but only a better life for themselves. That's it - no drama - they simply never think about you. You live or die so what. They are packing for their villa up in the Alps and treating themselves to a new piece of jewelry or that new car.


I humbly disagree, at least in this case. I have a difficult time believing
that even destructive elites are that stupid. They buy their islands and
build panic rooms and wall themselves off from the rest of us. It is
impossible to be a thinking (even though uncaring) person and not be aware
of the destruction being wrought globally, and over-population as the
immediate (if not primary) cause. I understand that 'they don't care' about
most of us. Hard not to care about children and grandchildren, though.

I believe there are plans afoot to protect themselves. Endless war/killing
- at least not on home ground, does facilitate one necessary objective...


Protect themselves how exactly? I understand about safe rooms and walls around the estate or electrified security fences, maybe a fall out shelter or even a private island, all of which are useless. An underground complex is also useless because so what if you survive climate change then you'd still be living in an air conditioned prison underground.

You want them to care but they don't. Right now they don't see the seas rising visually although they know a slow rise is occurring. It is not a huge rise so they can ignore it. They see climate change as a problem for people in the future and even though their kids will suffer too, as yet they are not.

Tell that pickpocket that he shouldn't steal because stealing is wrong all you like but don't expect him to care about your position. He knows it is wrong but doesn't care. Simple as that. As yet they know but they don't care. In twenty years they probably will though and at that time they will probably go around claiming that they were always in favor of doing something about climate change...lol.

Btw. Overpopulation is actually a problem for the poor. The rich are not crowded together or short on food. The rich live lives of ease and comfort. A penthouse with a pool way above the crowded tenements down below in the slums. The rich are not affected by overpopulation.


It has to start with successful prosecutions of our deliberately, determinedly psychopathic -by-choice leaders...starting with Bush & Cheney, tho I know this organisation...I believe it must be an organisation w/ an ideology, goes back much further in time. Everyone instrumental in arming and destabilising the world...fomenting chaos for profit must be charged with war crimes and high treason, and plain old mass murder. Then they must be jailed for the rest of their lives with scenes of the suffering they caused projected onto their cell walls day and night. All their assets must be discovered and stripped into a massive fund for the repair of ruined lives and environments all over the world. And even if this could be achieved, it could take generations to heal and rebuild in the worst chaos fields of the ME. Please don't say "good luck with that " . I so want to live long enough to see HRC in an orange pantsuit.


Oh and I think the only way to achieve the large-scale program of prosecutions/convictions/corrections that we need if we are ever to be America again, is through a military coup.