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At Least 84 Dead as France Reels from Attack in Nice


At Least 84 Dead as France Reels from Attack in Nice

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Scores of people were killed in Nice, France late Thursday night when a truck rammed into a crowd that had gathered for Bastille Day, in what officials say was a deliberate attack.

At least 84 have been killed, another 50 seriously injured, and many others hurt.

The Guardian is providing live updates here.


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“You reap what you sow”. So, simple a saying, so simple a truth…
Yet, the powers that be have convinced the majority that these acts are somehow without provocation, that they are the acts of crazy people, acting without just cause, monsters, “terrorists”.


Yet more European blowback from the Clinton Doctrine that was applied during Clinton’s tenure at the US State Department.


More fucking neocon blowback bullshit. Thanks Shrub!


Really ? Would you mind telling what France did to deserve this?


I just watched the sci-fi movie Terminus on Netflix.
The main plot was sci-fi, but the back story was that we were invading Iran. Russia was not too happy with us. I will not give anything away, but all throughout, all I could think of was this is exactly how Hillary Clinton would manage our foreign policy.
Foreign soil wars are so good for business.
And our leaders never think (or at least acknowledge) that these wars have serious repercussions at home.


This isn’t the Clinton’s, they are have just been carrying out along standing tradition among the powerful, empire building.
They are continuing the long standing tradition of the “strong do as they can, and the weak suffer what they must”.


Once again the perpetrator is simply killed instead of captured which illustrates precisely the violent attitudes of the powers that be with their drone assassinations, bombings etc. It is impossible to actually apprehend the perpetrators of these violent attacks for investigation and trial?
I find that hard to believe that in the 21st Century we cannot tranquilize or otherwise subdue these sorts of attackers. By just killing them, besides the wanton violence involved it also cuts off a major source of investigation- namely the killer themselves, who they knew, their motives etc.
Dead men (unfortunately in 90% of cases it is MEN!) tell no tales…
In many cases it becomes a murder/suicide with the killer finally killing themselves. But
I doubt that was the case this time and once again it appears no effort was made to simply subdue
and capture the perpetrator. Nope. Just blow then away
Emblematic of the Deep State’s violence


Perhaps from the historical Arab point of view: Sykes-Picot agreement and the post-1919 carve up of Arabia; also Algeria and Morocco.

But, from my point of view; the modern victims of this incident, and of the current mess in the Middle East, did not deserve any of it.


Empire has gone into hyper-parasitic mode. Never are the psychic concentration camps of extractive predatory capitalism ever critiqued in cases like this.

The IMF/ ECB/WB have been protecting their cronies who inserted hyper-parasitic corporate practices into nations like Greece, Portugal, Spain - the “civilized” versions of “regime change” for resources in the middle east. Shared by both is utter and complete dehumanization rendering human life dissociated from the environment and tabulated as a bizzarely inhuman equation on spreadsheets.

Why does this system adopt these practices? Because it is thoroughly dysfunctional and incompetent while hyper-pumping exquisitely clever propaganda that suspends human life in viscous mediums of mass media.

It has been said that the collectivity called human life in society is like a fish never questioning the water in which it swims. Very interesting point in this aphorism: Each time it is repeated it is also repeating a very specific lacuna: Human beings, according to the system, are denied the single most defining aspect of being human: the capacity to think and function by the very same defining aspect of being human: thinking and functioning as societies.

The system of economic domination of a single economic THEORY undergirding its system is utterly dependent on institutionalized denial of access to information in constant re-creation of its solipsistic premise, which has become nakedly visible to societies on which it preys in its denials, violence, secrecy and collapse of integrity.

The sad reality is, I would submit, that all of us must hold firmly to the very qualities of it means to be a human being: to love, to include, to learn, to support each other and not “buy into” the premises of a demonstrably failed system.

To make ‘journey of a thousand miles’, we must be where our feet, hands, hearts and minds are and through so doing learn the strengths that been usurped over centuries. We must teach the system through direct experience from the roots upward. We have the capacity and are fully capable of showing the coherence of humility in clarity, strength in drawing on our differences as breadth of capacity and do so for our children, the children of our neighbors as well as those designated by the predatory aspects of institutions as “enemies”.


From the guardian:

The man responsible for Thursday evening’s murderous attack in Nice appears to have been a violent petty criminal, unknown to the French security services, who was born in Tunisia but living and working in the coastal city.

The man – who was shot dead by police after killing 84 people and injuring scores more – has been named locally as Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel.

According to widespread French media reports, the 31-year-old was a delivery driver from the town of M’saken, near the city of Sousse where dozens of foreign tourists were shot dead on a beach last year. He had reportedly last visited the town four years ago.

The married father of three was reported to have had a long criminal record and little apparent interest in religion. Echoing the remarks of French officials, security sources in Tunisia said he was not known by the Tunisian authorities to hold radical or Islamist views.

So no organised religion there. Just petty criminal mad man. But that won’t stop everyone from spinning it otherwise


What’s with all the attacks everywhere? A prelude by the Jackels to World War?

Seems off. 269 intelligence agencies and they can’t prevent a single one of these? Let’s just shut them down and mail the taxpayers a hefty refund.


In her significant work, “The Shock Doctrine,” Naomi Klein explains that predatory capitalists either capitalize on traumatic events or create them. Either way their business model is the financial equivalent of the role played by nature’s vultures.

It is not possible to know how many terrorist attacks in U.S., Brussels, France, and elsewhere are “organic” and which ones have been deliberately triggered. Of course, when populations rise, and the climate thermostat rises along with them, and the vast majority feel their financial security threatened… the recipe is ripe for spontaneous eruptions of aggression.

To the military maniacs who view the entire world as a war-zone, these violent events are welcomed because they provide the rationale for this, a protocol being put into operation in many formerly “free” nations:

"French President François Hollande declared three national days of mourning and extended the country’s state of emergency—still in place since November’s attack on the headquarters of satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo—by another three months. He also said France was “tightening up its borders” and that military officials would deploy another 10,000 army reservists to patrol the streets of France, while “activities will be strengthened” in Iraq and Syria.

“The controversial state of emergency allows police to conduct unwarranted house raids and empowers officials to place individuals under house arrest.”

Under the guise of protection, elites find ways to place societies under virtual lock-down.

And how convenient that these events come right before the TPP and TIPP become enforced–as law–AGAINST the People, the creatures of Earth, and the ecosystems upon which all life rests.


I’ve made this analogy before: That corporations like Monsanto blend naturally occurring organic foods with dangerous chemical pesticides (and various genetic deformities). The result is that the real thing can no longer be separated from the counterfeit.

The above serves as metaphor for ALL major news events. Some elements may indeed be natural (or naturally occurring), yet there’s a lot of Hollywood Style “special effects” going on, too.

Remember: the mass media is the military’s megaphone these days and since the CIA got actively involved in a pro-torture mainstream movie like “Zero Dark 30,” why would anyone think they’re not equally involved in other “Made for T.V. newly-minted Historical Events”?

I mean, if these diabolical misfits can get away with orchestrating a 911 without enough public scrutiny, or the nonsense that Bin Laden (who required Dialysis) was living in a remote cave and killed–without a body being produced and with some of the Navy Seals on that “mission” also dead due to accidents…

This stuff is a merger of Hollywood and reality. (Remember that line from the unquoted source about the neocons CREATING reality that historians would one day study.)

My point is that I no longer believe these events. Some may well be true, but there’s been so much taint to what passes for news, and too many predictable occurrences with similar scripts. Then, too, there is the timing.

The worst of elites want world war and they have created contracts that literally turn them into the owners of everything on this planet… where citizens’ permission is no longer required for ANYTHING that they do. The TPP and TIPP effectively write pollution, plunder, and predation INTO the legal mix.

They will use “laws” like the TPP and “anti-terrorism” laws to essentially imprison, threaten, and subdue the masses killing AS NEEDED to maintain the “necessary threat level.” That seems to be the protocol as per the Black Community. Shooting after shooting, cop after cop acquitted. How can this NOT say to the Black Community: “You are expendable and no court, justice, or jury will be permitted to counter the notion.”

What’s being done to Muslims (wars), and Black citizens (domestic police use of Force Overkill), and Hispanics (tossed back over the border)… as if only GAYS have rights! What a strange and twisted paradigm…

These events are USED to justify the increasing presence of soldiers on our streets, laws that curtail citizen protest, soon–the right to assembly, and as for free speech: all the better for Big Brother to listen in on.

Laws have been violated in ways that allot to criminals the rights being stolen from citizens. This problem and its applicable protocols are global.

(I agree with your comment and offer this as reinforcement.)


Nobody deserves this kind of treatment. However, if you are asking what France did in the past to bring the focus of violent groups upon them, that is a different question…and France has done plenty. Almost every hot spot of unrest and civil turmoil in the world today can be traced to former colonies of France. Because of the extreme racist attitude of 18th, 19th and 20th century French society, these countries were stripped of their resources while the populations were kept in near slavery and starvation. All government function was reserved for French officials at the exclusion of the local people as the French saw themselves so wonderfully superior on every level. When the colonial empire they had assembled began to crumble, huge power vacuums were left in its wake. With no local governing experience, these former colonies descended into chaos and factionalism that has continued to plague them ever since. Syria, Libya, Cambodia, Vietnam, Morocco, Algeria…the list is long. So, you may ask, what does the ancient past have to do with the present? Well, people have long memories. The Serbs are still extremely pissed about a battle they lost to the Turks in the 1300’s. Then there is the Arab tradition similar to machismo within Hispanic culture. An Arab man must be steadfastly dedicated to his family and his religion. But most of all, an Arab man must get revenge…and not just revenge for himself but also for any family member who has been wronged in some way several generations back. A son inherits his father’s revenge obligations and so on. If one’s great-great-great grandfather failed to get revenge then one is still obligated to realize retribution. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. The French poked the hornet’s nest and it is coming back to bite them in the ass. We Americans should take note and clean up our act before it is too late.


I did not say they deserved it, no body deserves it, I stated a simple truth. “You reap what you sow.”
The western powers have been sowing for a long time and when the survivors of victims fight back, they are labeled terrorists.
No sane person would try to defend the killing of innocents, but you cannot simply ignore without continuing the violence, cause and effect.

" If you want to stop terrorism, stop participating in it"- Noam Chomsky

Western powers have terrorized the ME for most of the 20th century and continued without missing a breath into the 21st.


You mention the psychic component to controlling the masses, and also mention economic domination.

However, like the vast majority who post here, your castigation is projected onto the masses who you define as unthinking or in “water that doesn’t allow them to see outside their fishbowls.”

This is either mistaken or a lie told often in these threads.

Quite a few writers–Paul Buchheit, Richard Eskow, Robert Reich and others have laid out what POLL numbers say.

Majorities get it. They want decent health care. They want fair taxes. They want the military budget reduced. They want investments that help to alleviate global warming.

Millions didn’t want the banks bailed out.

Millions tried to stop the already prepared-to-launch wars against the Arab world.

For the HUNDREDTH TIME: Knowledge of a thing is not the same thing as holding the Agency through which to alter it.

You left out the STRONG military presence. And that’s quite fascinating since what this article is explaining is that due to the various terrorist (or “terrorist”) events popping up in lots of unexpected places and lots of urban centers, the response will be more police as if a police presence and protection really mean the same thing.

You went off on tangents that as usual, point to those BEING contained rather than those doing the containing.

I also wonder what kind of people sit in threads all day–with no jobs to go to–and call their peers things like unthinking, malleable sheep–realize that they are judging their own brothers and sisters. Are YOU not citizens? Therefore, all this calling others sheep either means you are not a citizen among them, looking down on them (what, in soldier uniform?)… see yourselves as different, distinct, superior, and in this castigation, foment distrust and work against the Solidarity that True Leftists claim to want.


Good point, T.J.

You’d think with all the money poured into Homeland Security, the CIA, and those thousands of kids employed (as Edward Snowden exposed) to spy on others’ emails, phone calls, “meta data,” Face book news, and whatever else… that they just might prevent some of these things.

Instead, they use the outbreaks as Sales Pitches to get federal governments to pay for yet more spying and “protection” outfits.

Not that soldiers “win” wars anymore. The important thing is to sustain the wars to keep the financial currents ever moving towards the MIC juggernaut.

The Shock Doctrine devotees Wet Dream: Sustaining the State of Emergency, everywhere at every time.

Big Pharma cashes in, too.

After all, with a constant threat level looming in our midst, the chance of the next shootout apt to occur at: a post office, McDonalds, house of worship, movie theater, gay night club, busy city street, athletic marathon… WHAT is safe?

And what better way to push drugs into children who ARE suffering from trauma, and a plethora of Anti-Depressants onto adults who are suppressing the roller coaster ride that life has become.

The times ARE insane… following the leadership of the M.A.D. contingent!


Not in those terms, no. But it is possible that violent mass-murders can happen with no connection to any background wars that just happen to be going on. People do flip because of any number of reasons, from money to family to drug etc problems.

This attempt at always justifying all crimes as some blowback from “wars on terror” or some other religious connections is a dangerous path. It’s also lazy knee-jerk thinking.