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At Least He's OUR Racist: As GOP Recoils, Ryan and Others Stand by Trump


At Least He's OUR Racist: As GOP Recoils, Ryan and Others Stand by Trump

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Testing the endurance of the proverbial 'camel's back' on Tuesday, many mainstream Republicans appeared to reach their threshold of blatantly discriminatory remarks made by the anointed party nominee, Donald Trump.

Throughout his campaign, the New York billionaire has insulted entire sectors of people, from Mexicans and Muslims to women and people with disabilities. Despite this, the party has widely gotten behind his candidacy.


Trump is holding the funhouse mirror up to the GOP and the Republicans contort and contort trying to see themselves in their minds' normal view. Ain't going to happen, because the mirror is without distortion.


"The Party" HAS NOT "widely gotten behind his candidacy".

The media and the Party were ALWAYS "behind his candidacy". Repeating the theatrics that made Ronny Raygun's 1980 campaign so successful, the media and Party did a stellar job of feigning disdain and metering out support at strategic times.

Just as you need to turn up the heat slowly to boil a frog so it doesn't jump out of the pot, the Party turned up the endorsements at just the right speed for voters to become comfortable with Trump.


While Ryan acknowledged that the remarks were indeed "the textbook definition of racist comments," he said that he will continue to support Trump for president.

Good. Let the GOP keep destroying itself and become the permanent minority party.


I have been thinking the same thing all along.


There doesn't seem to be a rational explanation for Trump. Certainly if he has any hope of winning the general election he should not be making racist comments about people of Hispanic heritage. I agree with the view that he simply can't help himself, particularly since he has no experience as a professional politician. He is furious because this judge did not dismiss this lawsuit against Trump University and he can't stop himself from lashing out at the judge by making racists comments. Someone said it it looks like Trump will cost the Republicans the Senate and maybe the House the politicians will abandon him. That indeed maybe what finally happens as the Senate and House races progress. Once the price of supporting Trump is seen as being too high they will might withdraw their support.


Conservatives have never been known to be compassionate people. Of course, they aren't bothered by his racism. Their own racism doesn't bother them. He's just more blatant about it.


Both parties -- in their corporate-fascist extremism -- are near collapse.
The GOP was finished in '08 when Obama raised it from the ashes to have someone
to play "good cop"/"bad cop" with.
Imagine the omnipotent Lieberman (Chair of the Koch Bros. funded-DLC) as ruler of
the entire Congress. Theater, indeed.


Dog whistlers don't do bullhorns


I guess if Herr Drumpf believes a Mexican judge unfit to sit on a case where a man of German Heritage being tried , he will suggest only black judges sit in on cases with black defendants.


Seeing how the GOP controls Congress plus more state houses and governors mansions than they have in 90 plus years, they will continue to control politics at the state and federal levels nationwide without occupying the White House, The GOP is therefore free to select and risk the aforementioned contra strategy.


imo, for sure, it's been going on since Carter. "Moving the goalposts", so the avg American who wants to 'be in the middle' gets pushed to the right. If the public happens to pick the Bush or Reagan, no problem. If they pick the Clinton or Obomer, also good. Now, Trump was not expected to be on the reich-wing ticket, and is a wildcard for them, so they want to push him out as far as possible.


Trump's racism in no way tests the limits of Republican endurance for extremism - they create wars, kill 100,000s, poison water, air and land for monetary gain, make people ill from the consequences of their economic program, send jobs and $$$$ out of the country while they claim to do the opposite, . . . . . . . . . . .
No, this in no way tests how low Republicans can go - expect much worse coming to a neighbourhood near yours soon!


The GOP power brokers won't tell you that what they are really pissed about is that Trump refuses to use the code book or the dog whistle.


I keep thinking that we are now living in the dystopian future Phillip K Dick and the Twilight Zone warned us about.

As a more recent reference, if the Donald somehow wins the Presidency -- and just typing that made me queasy -- I'll be obliged to call him President Camacho.


Trump is flawed, but what he was trying to say is that the Mexican Judge is a La Raza member. La Raza is the Mexican KKK. Look at what labor leader Cesar Chavez said about La Raza:

César Chávez was a critic of La Raza, stating to Peter Matthiessen of The New Yorker, ““I hear more and
more Mexicans talking about la raza—to build up their pride. Some
people don’t look at it as racism, but when you say ‘La Raza,’ you are
saying an anti-gringo thing, and it won’t stop there. Today it’s
anti-gringo, tomorrow it will be anti-Negro. We had a stupid guy who
just wanted to play politics with the union, and he began to whip up La
Raza against the white volunteers, and even had some of the farm workers
and the pickets and the organizers hung up on La Raza. So I took him
on. These things have to be met head on. On discrimination, I don’t even
give the members the privilege of a vote, and I’m not ashamed of it.
No, the whole business of discrimination can’t exist here. So often,
these days, the leaders are afraid, and even though they feel strongly
against racism, they will not speak out against it. If the leadership is
united, then it can say, ‘All right, if you’re going to do things that
way, then you’ll have to get rid of us.’ You have to speak out
immediately, the first time.


Trump is NOT a racist. When Jennifer Hudson's family was killed, she called Trump for protection. He put her in a suite and kept her protected for the entire week. Here is a story from a long time Trump employee. https://youtu.be/lxaKUo5naoY . I am a Trump supporter because Hillary is too evil to even consider. Trump is many things but he is not racist and he will mop the floor with Hillary.


The Judge in the Trump U case is a member of LaRaza. In addition, his law firm has given Hillary over $600,000. If that isn't conflict of intererest, I don't know what is. There are links for all of this information if you wanted to know. The press has tried to make it worse than it is. At the end of the day, Trump needs to just stop talking about it and get back to beating Hillary.


I've noticed how "Republicans" put up a candidate who is so far out, so crazy, that almost no one would vote for them. "Democrats" put up an alternative candidate that finally gets picked as the "lesser of two evils."
* The "Democrat" then turns out to be "a Republican in Democrat clothing" and the fascist conversion of this nation becomes ever more certain.
* The 0.001% has a sockdrawer full of sock puppets that will forward their aims. Every election, they put up two so we get to "choose" once again, and the Oligarchy is pleased because their will will be done. If We the People don't like what is happening to us, we can choose a different sock puppet in four years.
* About the only change this time is that there is another candidate in the race that doesn't belong to the sock puppet brigade. We the People are tired of 0.001% sock puppets controlling our destiny and are supporting Bernie despite the foul tricks the Oligarchy is doing to get rid of him.
* If We the People don't accept what the Oilagarchy is doing and see that Bernie makes it, then continue our solidarity with him, give him our full support, perhaps he can burn the sock drawer and give us, once again, the Constitutional Republic with its Bill of Rights that we once enjoyed and that kept us well for over two centuries.
* We really need to ignore the claptrap that the Oilagarchy is spewing and all concentrate on getting a People's Candidate into office. Bernie Sanders!


To me, it is the 0.001%'s cesspool and Trump and Clinton are just two amongst many bottom feeders ready to do their bidding.
* We really need to fill in the cesspool and do something creative with the new land formed.