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At Least One 'Suspect' in Custody After Subway Explosion Near Times Square


At Least One 'Suspect' in Custody After Subway Explosion Near Times Square

Common Dreams staff

Non-life-threatening injuries reported after "an explosive device" was set off on a mid-town subway platform during the morning commute.


We know the drill to come: if the suspect is a white American right-wing male, he is “mentally unbalanced,” yada yada yada. If he is dark-skinned or, heaven forbid, Muslim, he will be a “terrorist,” and further ramping up of the Police State, and further demonization of dark-skinned people/Muslims, and further Stasi-esque “security” laws will be passed to “protect us from the evil terrorists,” yada yada. Ad nauseum.


I’d add that further militarization of the NYPD will be called for - the proposal for such found to be already in the pipeline.

What I doubt we’ll see is any advances in human rights, economic or environmental justice, or standing down from aggressions and adventurism in other peoples’ countries… much less transparency about such adventurism except for that which is provided by people and organizations of conscience.


In the end it will just be another step in the current path of the U.S. in becoming a police state.


Ho hum, I’d guess the CIA has been busy. We need another false flag of some sort to get the people back in line. They’re pretty good at that, get a lot of practice around the world.


When I read “male suspect”, my first thought was he was white, because if he wasn’t white, they certainly would have pointed that out.


Pay no attention to the 16 women speaking out today. Ahem, and no one should check the Congressional Record today either. Nothing to see here, Move along…


The militarization of the police has already occurred.


It has been going on for awhile.


And Cuomo was quoted as follows, “The reality is that we are a target by many who would like to make a statement against democracy, against freedom…”

What democracy!? What freedom!? Are you fucking kidding me, Cuomo? Do you realize that the american government/military are amongst the most oppressive of forces acting upon the world stage? Do you think that if we hadn’t destabilized most of the middle east for our own maligned benefit that we would still be targeted?

This world could be such a peaceful place, but humanity is disgustingly destroying any chance of that. The strings are pulled and the puppets respond with no delay. We have to cut the fucking strings. STOP PARTICIPATING. START SHOWING SOME UNDERSTANDING AND EMPATHY


This gets full day coverage----yet 300 dead in Somalia gets maybe a blip------Maybe we could have a discussion about who created Isis.


Here’s another conspiracy theory: “Young muslim extremist, disappointed by his failure to do anything with his life decides to blow himself up and fails miserably.”


The Fourth Reich is rolling through the world flexing it’s Fascist military might. Clearly, the chickens are coming home to roost.
It should be no surprise, the cell attacks are battlefield blowback.


Let us not forget they are always “loners” too— even though locals knew them, as well as immediate and extended families – enough to be frightened in the least, and their girlfriends/boyfriends/any friends, childhood friends, college friends, coworkers, church members, psychotherapists, attorneys, doctors, children and spouses never chose to speak up.

As author Anneli Rufus states:

"Mainstream culture loves nonloners. Joiners, schmoozers, teamworkers, congregants and all those who play well with others scoop up the rewards.

Meanwhile, loners get dissed. All the time. At school, at work, at church or temple, in movies, loners are misunderstood, misjudged, loathed, pitied and feared. Reporters and profilers calmly and constantly call us perverts, losers, stalkers and serial killers.

If every headline that includes the word “loner” had “Canadian” or “certified public accountant” instead, imagine the outcry."



Does anyone care about the people injured or who were at the Port Authority during rush hour ? Imagine how scary this must have been.