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At Major US Corporations, Employees Would Have to Work 1,000 Years to Earn What CEOs Made in One: Study

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/30/major-us-corporations-employees-would-have-work-1000-years-earn-what-ceos-made-one

It was societal changes that began to occur during the Agricultural Revolution that are ultimately responsible for our “wonderful” modern world, with its various social problems and the threat of global warming. Given that societal system change is a possible “cure,” here’s a proposal to bring that about: https://www.academia.edu/39328067/A_Road_to_Survival_1. Given the stupidity of our species, however (https://www.counterpunch.org/2018/08/10/dying-of-consumption-while-guzzling-snake-oil-a-realists-perspective-on-the-environmental-crisis/), there’s little chance that we will “save” our species!


And most CEO’s have never broken a sweat doing their jobs, unlike their employees.


What an idiotic statement. Do you have any idea what CEOs do? They work 100+ hr weeks. They have no life. They work harder than anyone else at the company. You are so sadly ignorant.

Why does it matter what CEOs make? As long as the company is successful and people want to work there, why should we care?

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a financial world where the largest companies actually re invested their profits in the form of better wages, benefits, and working conditions? Wouldn’t it be great if they actually had competition again that forced them to spend the lions share of their profits on improving their product and R&D?
Ever since the Reagan tax cuts of 1982 CEO pay has exploded. The SCOTUS, through numerous pro-big business decisions, have made “shareholder primacy” the only concern of every corrupt board room in America. Now, instead of corporations actually re investing profits in their own companies, they live quarter to quarter (some month to month) and bleed as much cash from the bottom line as possible in the form of dividends and manipulated stock prices. And since the average CEO is a board member now, and the members of most corporate boards serve on the boards of 8 other companies, you can see how the money is being concentrated in the hands of the few, to the detriment of the many.
It’s a giant Ponzi scheme. Always has been.


Don’t have a problem with CEO’s and executives taking a larger slice of the profit pie… just hate seeing when they take the whole pie for themselves and leave the crust for everyone else.

What is the purpose or need for this insane salaries?

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Look what’s back to set us all straight–and if we call it idiotic and ignorant in return, it will use that as an excuse to lambaste “the left” for OUR lack of “civility.” Since we’re all so hopelessly retrograde, why does it even bother with all this futile typing?



You could guillotine the CEOs, take all their money, and disperse it among the other employees. It wouldn’t make a difference. What increases worker pay is more productivity and company success.

You don’t know what a Ponzi scheme is. But good use of the term…

The reality is that Americans are wealthier now than in the history of the world. You should be happy with human progress, not drawing up this strawman world that doesn’t exist.

And today’s Stupidest Comment Award goes to this post!


We taxpayers don’t just pay safety net benefits to underpaid workers, we provide corporate welfare to wealthy corporations and bail-outs to wealthy bankers.

P.S. Try not to feed the trolls!


Why, Eds? Are you claiming that a CEO’s work requirements aren’t what I wrote? Have you ever met a CEO? Do you have any idea what you’re talking about?

I don’t engage trolls.

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I’m not a troll. Just setting the reality straight. My father-in-law is a CEO of a major corporation. I promise you, his hours are insane. He travels around the world. He had to sacrifice seeing his children grow up in the way most parents would, because he had to put work first and his hours/travel were too intense. I promise you, he doesn’t sit in some high chair all day watching the money roll in. If his company makes any form of a downturn, he’s the one that gets blamed. Few people can be CEOs. It takes an incredible wherewithal, an inhuman amount of effort and major sacrifices to take on the role. Many turn it down even knowing the potential compensation.

Wow. You know a CEO and he works hard. Therefore, it extends to all CEOs because they are all just like the one you know, and none are like this:

You’ll have to do better. [Damn, I effin’ engaged the damned troll!]


As politely as possible: rubbish. Productivity has increased an average of 2.1% per year from the end of WW2 to 2018, while worker pay has barely budged (in inflation-adjusted dollars) since 1972.


You totally missed the point. Ask yourself this, Why does it matter how much you earn? Why should you earn enough to not live in poverty? Why should any employer pay you more than that? Why should you matter? Why should any employer treat their employees as anything other than a disposable resource?Why should employers treat their employees as humans who deserve a dignified life? Answer that since you are so not ignorant.

Your dad was a CEO? Well, didn’t you live a sheltered life. No wonder you have no idea how hard it is for people to get by. I call that ignorance.

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You have so much to learn about the ‘real world’. Are you honestly suggesting to us that every single company has management, CEO’s and owners who are not greedy in the slightest? They literally will always give employees raises with every good earnings report?

Your suggestion that ‘hard work’ and ‘good earnings’ are all that is required for workers to receive just compensation is laughable and extremely naïve - OR - you are being intellectually dishonest (or both).

Human beings are inadequate for a system like Capitalism to work effectively. I agree with others who suggest that wealth hoarding is an addiction like all others and needs to be treated. The first step is to remove some of the hoarded wealth and put it to good use. I’d start with all the people that worked to make money for the hoarder and whose labor and pay was stolen from. For every billionaire that exists, there are tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of people who were stolen from.