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At Massive London Protest, Jeremy Corbyn Trashes Trump, Calls for 'World of Justice Not Division'


At Massive London Protest, Jeremy Corbyn Trashes Trump, Calls for 'World of Justice Not Division'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn joined the mass protest against Donald Trump in London on Friday, where he said the message to the U.S. president was a call for a "world of justice not division."


Americans should be protesting en masse against this embarrasment of a potus


Jeremy Corbyn is a true democratic socialist. I know because the UK elite despise him so…


That was a great speech.


It’s rather sad really. Here we are the targets of his brutal campaign to end democracy in the United States and half the country and most of “our” congress, the military, and most of the police are united in stupidity and actually support the big orange Bag of Gas. Unbelievable.


It is not all about Trump. It is about the republican bullies, racists et al, it is about the right wing nationals taking hold in some part of Eu and Eastern Eu, South America et al. They are all in our face thumbing their nose at we the people, humanity and our planet.


Jeremy ROCKS!


WOW, I’ve always heard about the word,“statesman;” finally I’ve heard one speak. : )


Yogi Berra said, “It ain’t over til it’s over!” The great baseball catcher and coach of the Yankees - a Hall off Fame-er! Rev. Barber is at bat lol! - And the bases are loaded with a full count. And the pitch! OHoooooo foul ball! Just misses the left field foul post! Ouch! lol The score is 3 to zip. The last of the ninth! Next pitch: I think the Rev and I and all the millions of Good People, will win. We, The Poor People’s Campaign: A 21st Century National Call for Moral Revival


There cannot be “a world of justice, not division” as long as there is capitalism.


I agree with Corbyn who in essence is saying that the strong and weak should work together for a better world for everyone. Trump has the opposite the view. In his view strong should be the winners or might makes right. It’s just tough luck for the weak. Why much of the world has admired the US since WWII is even though it emerged victorious and in a dominant position it helped other countries to recover and set up systems to give the both the strong and the weak a voice. That is why the countries the US defeated trusted the US to protect them following the war and that relationship has continued. At least until now because Trump is working to destroy all these systems of cooperation that served so many people for a long time.


Bless his soul. Corbyn is the REAL DEAL!


“United in Hope” beats “Divided by Hate.”

Corbyn has my vote.


The poor grow and gravitate to the left and the rich hoard more and move further right. Eventually a critical mass is reached and revolution ensues but the representative system stays and the vicious cycle repeats in reverse. The Swiss broke that cycle about 300 years ago.


Oh where oh where have all the Leftist Leaders gone?
Gone to the other side of the world while ours are
Cold, dead and in graves for a century or more.

Where, oh where have all the Leftist leaders gone?
Carried by the scabs called The Democratic Party to their graves!


I am so looking forward to being able to say “Prime Minister Corbyn”.


I wish we could say “President Corbyn!”


Here in Canada, the New Democratic Party used to have politicians of Corbyn’s stature, before it became yet another neo-liberal sell-out. One day, perhaps, the NDP will come to its senses and become a party of the people once again.


I love it that others of our allies are just as disgusted with Big Old Orange Butt as we are. He’s in Scotland today at his golf course,after leaving England, and the Scots are demonstrating like there’s no tomorrow. Maybe we should do likewise in just a general great big NO to him. They didn’t care much about foul language and we shouldn’t either!

Thank you, Europe!

Fly that baby balloon near the WH so he can see it and the news media can, too.


It would appear that you have a lot to learn about the US Empire.