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At Munich Conference, US Hawks Press for Military Escalation Towards Russia


At Munich Conference, US Hawks Press for Military Escalation Towards Russia

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

At a security conference in Munich on Saturday, U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) vigorously pressed for more western military backing of Ukraine and escalation towards Russia, openly clashing with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and pointing towards a deepening transatlantic rift over strategy.


NATO and the CIA must be abolished. In promoting war for the expansion of global corporate empire, they are more of a clear and present danger than the fascism we faced in the 1940s.


Lindsey Graham is a real piece of work, sad that he represents the US in any way. From Clinton’s impeachment trial, and on and on, some of the worse stuff from the senate, imo.


Its a volunteer Army. Why won’t Lindsay volunteer, put on some combat boots, grab a gun and get his pink ass over to Ukraine and fight the Russians? Why are cons always ready to put somebody else’s kids in the line of fire?


Okay Lindsey as long as you quit being a chickenhawk and volunteer to lead the charge!


Many years ago, when our Hawks were salivating at the thought of nuking the CCCP and the Soviet Hawks wanted to hit us, there was a little saying that millions (or at least thousands) of people used to say:

  • God created the atom so that all men may be cremated equally.
  • I think these bastards still believe that nuclear weapons are the solution. It may be, but not the solution they want.


It is unbelievable that corporate stooges like Lindsey Graham or the General can actually be addressing the leader of Germany on behalf of Americans. I’m quite sure that Graham is either mentally ill (as in a sociopath) or incredibly brainwashed by his MIC sponsors, yet the MSM covers what comes out of his mouth as if he were an intelligent, rational human being that represented Americans on the whole. Is it any wonder that the average American believes Putin is the bad guy after listening to such hogwash coming from the likes of Graham et al?


As climate changes, as resources run out, as the population continues to grow on a finite planet people, these things will continue to happen. It’s not capitalism versus socialism. Its not Russia versus the US. It’s overpopulation and the idea that people can breed and shop all over the world while pointing fingers at everyone but themselves for the problem.


Graham always seems to be looking for a fight. That little bantam rooster should go fight it himself then.


The average American has suffered damage to their brain by watching too much of the major media ‘news’. We are ignorant to what is really going on so that we can not fight back against this oncoming war in Ukraine which can explode into a third world war—which will be nuclear. Russia is not the bad guy in this conflict. The United States is the evil force urging an attack on Russia on, of course, a false story of events. Think ‘weapons of mass destruction’ before the attack on Iraq.


I agree that overpopulation is a major problem to be addressed especially given, as you point out, ACD and its ongoing consequence. However, when the Earth had a lot fewer people the problems facing humanity at the core still existed i.e., lust for power, greed, violence, et al.


Graham is like a pimp addressing the President in support of black women.


Oh yea Linsey Graham: Your strategy of supplying weapons in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Ukraine have worked so well. Most of these countries now are either failed States or borderline failed States. And now the same people that brought us all this Chaos, death and destruction in the Mid East. Want to go from a cold war with Russia to a hot War. With Germany and the rest of Europe risking total destruction from a Nuclear War if these Warmongers are allowed to escalate the situation.
Arrest these War Mongers before the whole world is at risk. “Enough is Enough”


MICC-y* Mouse, MICC-y Mouse - forever let us hold our banner high … and let the “others” die for it.

MICC - Military - Industrial - Congressional - Complex.

*Complex - mental disorder.


The military is really becoming a private mercenary foreign army
paid for by the U.S. tax payers.
The government is using the military to wage war for Corporations and
foreign nations like Saudi Arabia and Israel.
The Oil companies which pay NO taxes have the most say in the
countries which this government is waging war on.
This is mainly want the middle east war and the conflict with Russia
Ukraine crisis is about Great Power oil, gas pipeline rivalry
Every other thing you hear in the news is just BS…


I like that phrase - will have to remember it (smile)


This goes as far back as “Cain and Abel” … population pressures exacerbate it in some places, to be sure, but in the end it is about power and greed …


Yup - this is definitely a MICC-y Mouse operation, all right (smile)


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