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At Non-Proliferation Summit, Iran Highlights Threat of Israel's Non-Declared Nuclear Arsenal


At Non-Proliferation Summit, Iran Highlights Threat of Israel's Non-Declared Nuclear Arsenal

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Speaking before the Review Conference of the Non-Proliferation Treaty on Monday, Iran demanded that countries possessing nuclear weapons halt all plans to modernize their arsenals, while warning that the atomic stockpile of Israel, which is not a signatory, poses a "serious and continuous threat" to the Middle East.


Why is it, that time and time again, the “rogue state” of Iran sounds the most sane and reasonable?
(That is, unless you hear the slant from Russ or Faux News.)


Why at such crucial time of negotiations with Iran such an important event like Non-proliferation summit is a non event per the mass media. Hypocrisy it sure is!


Veterans For Peace and the Golden Rule Project were at the Peace & Planet lead-up conference to the summit.

Support the Marshall Islands case against the nuke powers for their violations of the NPT - Article Six


I also wonder how many of the NATO allies and partners bothered to listen to the speech, or absented themselves in “protest” at hearing real facts. The disgusting behavior of US “lawmakers” listening enthralled to Netanyahu, but the US/West boycotting someone they really need to hear, is not “news”.


“Zarif said the non-aligned nations viewed Israel’s assumed nuclear weapons…”

As if the nuclear weapons Israel has is merely a conjecture. As if CD’s staff had read only the MSM for the past 20 years and hadn’t heard of Mordecai Vanunu.
Why this underhanded drivel from CD?
I expect lies, innuendo and slanted framing to deflect anger from and awareness of Israel’s misdeeds from the MSM. Why should it be acceptable to find it here?


Israel is the Golden Calf and will continue to be worshiped by its supporters and adherents. The U S holds Israel up to different standards (carte blanche along with hands-off) in addition to laying tribute to the Golden Calf in the form of providing the country with highest percentage of foreign aid than given to any other nation( by the U S). All with the blessings of each and every successive U S President and Congress. Gee, I wonder why??? U S foreign policy (State Department) seems to take its lead from Israel when it comes to the Middle East, sad to say.

Israel, in turn, will not be “beholding” to the US, UN, NATO or any other nation or world organization. The quintessential “mouse that roars.”


Yes! The Marshall Islanders have been the longest lasting guinea pigs of the nuclear testing mavins. They got conned into signing away their rights for a mess of pottage many years ago.

  • I am a nuclear veteran (Operation Redwing, Marshall Islands, 1956) and I can swear to the fact that nuclear weaponry has no place on planet earth. I’ve seen WW-III up close and too personal. Nobody on Earth needs them, ever. It wouldn’t hurt to get rid of the slower acting nuclear weaponry, also. Shut down and dismantle the time bombs known as nuclear power plants, aka Fukushima, Chernobyl, TMI, Fermi, etc.
  • Many have died or been sickened by exposure and now it just keeps getting worse.
ON the First of March, 1954, the United States detonated the Castle-Bravo blast at Bikini. It was a fifteen megaton surface blast. It blew a hole over a mile wide and four hundred feet deep in the atoll, completely obliterating the island and vaporizing over *thirteen billion cubic feet of coral, rock and water*, sending it in a radioactive cloud extending into the stratosphere. The fallout over the atolls downwind was devastating to the people and ecology there. All of that material is rendered extremely radioactive and as it cools it condenses to fall as rain or radioactive “snow” which contaminates everything it touches. The effects are felt worldwide.
	In February of 2004, Marsha, a lady who has been a tireless worker for Downwinders had heard of my anti-nuclear writing and contacted me to ask if I would contribute a poem as a memorial to the victims of Castle Bravo. I agreed, and wrote The Day of Two Sunrises from the point of view of a young boy on Rongalap, basing much of it on eyewitness reports of the test..

			**The Day of Two Sunrises**

My brother and I went to play
By the boats pulled up on the beach.
We raced and played tag
And chased land crabs in the predawn light.

The sun began to light the east
As it always had before,
Suddenly, a second sun arose in the west
Where never the sun had risen!

We ran to Mama to ask her what and why.
She did not know and the new sun died
As quickly as it grew.
In the Men’s House, they talked and remembered.

The day began as always, the men to fish in their outriggers,
The mothers cooking and digging taro, gathering plantains
And watching over the children
Who played at fishing and gathering and ran and played tag.

Suddenly, from the sky fell white powder!
Once a missionary had told of snow. Perhaps this was snow!
It came down covering everything. It was sticky.
We played, and scooped it up and threw it at each other. It was fun!

That evening I did not feel so well. My eyes hurt and my stomach turned to water.
My brother’s body was covered with blisters and his skin began to fall off.
Mother was vomiting, too, and her beautiful hair
Began to come out in handfuls.

Mother wondered if it was the snow, so she washed us,
But the water was filled with snow and the scrubbing removed the skin.
Soon, the whole village was sick, and the animals, and the plants,
All were sick.

After two days, the strange men came, in boats with a large mouth
Which dropped open on the beach and white clad creatures came out.
They wore masks with strange eyes and a long round mouth.
They pointed sticks at us which buzzed and crackled.

They pointed the sticks at everything, the trees, the well, the fish,
And listened to the buzz and crackle, then made marks on little boards they carried.
Finally they left, but told us we were very sick and not to eat
Of the fish, the coconuts, the plantains, the taro, that they were now tabu.

The men returned in their large boats and said our island was now tabu.
They gathered us up, leaving everything behind
We were taken to another place where we were poked and bled.
We looked so terrible that the people must have been afraid.

They wore the strange white suits when they looked in on us.
My brother looked the worst, like an old man with scabs
Which broke and bled and his teeth fell out
And then he was dead.

Mama became an old woman with patchy hair
And always a sickness.
Each time she saw me, she cried.
I was so sick, so tired, and then one day I died.

In memory of the Rongalapese and other Islanders who were poisoned by Castle Bravo (15 megatons, 1 March 1954) and other bombs. Just collateral damage in the quest for knowledge and power.
Steve Osborn
25 February 2004