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At Oil-Friendly States' Behest, Pruitt Cancels EPA Methane Emissions Inquiry


At Oil-Friendly States' Behest, Pruitt Cancels EPA Methane Emissions Inquiry

Nika Knight, staff writer

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) chief Scott Pruitt on Thursday fulfilled environmentalists' fears with a gift to the oil and gas industry, in the form of canceling an Obama-era request for information regarding methane emissions from fossil fuel facilities.


Trainwreck after trainwreck for the next four years. This clown-car administration is a sham! I suppose sine there will no longer be an inquiry into CH4, that the methane issue doesn't exist then. NOT my moron, imbecile, clown, incompetent thug of a-president! Resist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It just gets more mind boggling every day... it's like living in the twilight zone... it really really is...


I bet the letter was just the convenient excuse for what he planned to do anyway.


What a disaster that we now have an administration of greedy, fossil fuel, climate deniers!

They will not stop until it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to them, that their climate denying has murdered millions. But even though their families and loved ones are also at risk, the fossil fuel, climate deniers are so blinded by greed that they are insouciant and have no conscience.


It's too bad there was no possible way of knowing about all this before the election.


The above picture reminds me of the vast oil fields where they are burning off excess fuels. When you drive through these areas there are signs everywhere saying: DANGER! POISON GASES. NO STOPPING.


Agreed in spirit, but surely they just pose as climate deniers as if it justifies their money gluttonous actions.

And that makes their acts even more hypocritical and evil. It is like a rapist telling their victim "I don't think this will hurt you at all."

Seriously, I tend to agree with those that say only a complete revolution, the Haves vs the Have Nots will result in true change. 30 odd years of Golden Shower economics IS a 30 year attack on the Have Nots, of which I am a standing member.


" They just pose as climate deniers".

True, it is hard to believe otherwise; because of the overwhelming, plethora of scientific evidence of climate devastation. Even the fossil fuel industries, like Exxon and others, own hidden evidence substantiates the facts of climate change due to fossil fuels. They can't really be that stupid...can they?


Unfortunately, saving a place for humanity on planet Earth is going to be "burdensome" - very burdensome. Fucking burdensome. Do I like:

  1. Riding that electric scooter to work on bitter cold mornings or driving rain only to receive weird looks from my (mostly Trump-voting, global warming denying, Limbaugh-cubicle-radio-listening) co-workers when I arrive,

  2. Spending an exorbitant rate for electricity so that it comes (if I'm not being scammed) by a wind/solar electric supplier..

  3. Forgoing hundreds of thousands of dollars of earnings so that my retirement isn't financed by the profits of big oil companies?

And what good is it doing when nobody else is doing it? FUCK-ALL! (look it up in your British-USAn dictionary)

Why, the anarchist Catholic Worker Peter Maurin asked, can't it be "easy to be good"?

Why? Capitalism.


Your sarcasm will go over totally the heads of almost everyone here!