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At Packed New Hampshire Rally, Sanders Calls on Supporters to "Transform America" on Primary Day

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/10/packed-new-hampshire-rally-sanders-calls-supporters-transform-america-primary-day

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“Referring to comments from centrist Democrats like James Carville…”

Please, stop calling them centrists. They are corporate Democrats.


I heard that Biden also had a concert featuring Uncle Yuncle and his No Malarkey All Accordian Review.


I watched the rally and loved it. You can really tell the difference with the people who support Bernie, they have real enthusiasm, while the people at the corporate candidates rallies look like they are wondering what they will eat for breakfast tomorrow, and wishing they had a strong cup of coffee to keep them awake.



Just FYI this was at UNH not SNHU


I always wonder if trump attendees are paid 5 bucks apiece to come.

And Cornell West was great.

And it looks like they raised around $80,000 tonight.


Trust that C-span will be playing this rally this week –

As we await NH, why hasn’t Iowa yet blown up in Butt’s face as his having
been invested in “Shadow” app and where his campaign manager’s wife owns it?

Only Rachel Maddow seems to be chasing down investigations going on – and
the private investigations are the most interesting – reports on how Trump has moved
Secret Service, NSA and CIA onto his “loyalists team.”

Was also something going on at IRS re interference with Trump and Pence Tax returns
which was supposed to be investigated, but now doesn’t seem to be happening.

Still no reporting on what Lev Parnas has told us re Trump sending his own personal lawyer
to represent him when he was arrested in NYC and put in NYC jail. Parnas seems to have
copy of email from Oct. 2 where JAY SEKULOW is telling JOHN DOWD, another of Trump’s
lawyers, that Trump has personally approved JOHN DOWD representing Parnas.

Parnas also reports that John Dowd did represent him for some time, but that he became
wary of being set up and he fired Dowd – and then hired his own lawyer.

Re these personal Trump lawyers – what now with Mike Flynn where Barr has put one of
his close aides into play in NYC covering the Mike Flynn case and sentencing. Also the
previous prosecutor seems to have been removed.
And on SUNDAY (yes, Sunday) Flynn applied to have his case delayed until after the election?

Looks like besides retribution from Trump against those who testified against him, that we’re
also going to be seeing a lot of juggling of cases and rigging by Trump – likely for Manifort,
as well. Maybe PARDONS?

What about the safety of Cohen now? Just noticed he’s also been given an extension and
won’t be reporting until May 6th – supposedly eventually to be imprisoned in Otisville, NY/
Catskills – a “cushy prison”?

Too many things that our press isn’t looking into and not connecting the dots, either!


On a minor note Steve K. on MSNBC tonight was all pumped up about the mayor jumping 14 points in the polls after the Iowa caucus. Didn’t say a word about the fact that he got that bump because of the crazy way the totals came about. Same crap, different day.


What a team that would be – Bernie Sanders & AOS –

Does anyone give any thought to a VP for Bernie – ?

How about Adam Schiff – ?
Oprah Winfrey – ?

There’s was an AA woman who headed up Planned Parenthood at one time –
She was fantastic and has largely disappeared. Evidently, she resigned as she
was offered a spot on TV as Host/Anchor. And then it never became reality.

Thank you Wiki –
Faye Wattleton became the first African American president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America in 1978. Wattleton , who was also the youngest president in Planned Parenthood’s history, served in this role until 1992.

Of course, one of my favorite ladies is Elaine Boozler – a comedian.
I think we could use one in the campaign!

Or – how do you think Bernie Sanders may be approaching this decision – ?

Wonder what the DNC has up their sleeve to diminish Sanders win tomorrow?


Oprah Winfrey? LOL! She’s part of the corporate billionaire class and is reportedly dissatisfied with the Democratic candidates. She’s even been pressuring Disney CEO Bob Iger to run. Just what we need…more billionaires. My vote for VP is Nina Turner or Rashida Talib. Someone who can take up the mantle if, heaven forbid, something happens to Bernie.


Thank you – didn’t know that – she’s been mentioned by others (not here!) …

Which Dem candidates is she unhappy with?

Disney has always been more right wing than even General Electric/MIC –

Spooky organization –

Not as familiar with Nina Turner or Rashida Talib as guess I should be –

will have to try to become more familiar with them.

Also not very familiar with Oprah, either!

Thanks for the info –

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I can’t recommend this (ahem) “thing” enough. It’ll make your knees weak:

There will never be a wake-up call for corporations; the justice system doesn’t do that anymore.



Now that the Impeachment is over, our press could be doing more to help
anti-Trump candidates – especially like Bernie Sanders –

If they were to merely look at the effort (worldwide!) he was putting into the
effort to try to bring down Biden, they/we’d all realize how obsessed he is with
getting re-elected. That might have a lot to do with all the crime he’s already
committed while in the Oval Office and covering it up. But I also think he’s nuts
enough to see himself as some Royal figure rising. What was it – being called
a “god” – and proclaiming himself “King of the Jews”?

Why does it seem to be only Rachel Maddow looking at Trump’s corruption
of our government – Secret Service, NSA, CIA?

There were reports as well earlier that something seemed to be going on at the IRS
with some kind of interference with Trump and Pence tax returns – and then nothing.

Plus Trump’s Evangelicals are no angels – evidently disliked as well by other religious
groups –

And then there’s Paula White/TV Evangelist – speaking in tongues –
a large number of the TV millionaire Evangelicals were being investigated by the IRS
and refusing to turn over financial information.

We need to remember that more religious groups BACK reproductive freedom than are
against it.


Seeing the picture for this story reminds me of the criticism AOC was getting on this site for not yet endorsing Bernie. I heard on the Rumble podcast that the heart attack was an event that had an impact on her deciding to do it and though I’ve picked on her over getting a few facts wrong in the past (e.g. unemployment stats, military audits), I only have gratitude for all she’s done since she’s been on Bernie’s team which seems like forever.

Thanks AOC! Good luck to Bernie (and us) tomorrow!


Sorry but what do you mean by “our” press?

I mean our ALLEGEDLY free press –

All owned by Elites/wealthy –

and PBS/NPR our ALLEGED public service broadcasting and radio –
both taken down decades ago by GOP by threatening budgets and made useless
with starvation budgets.

Anyone see any fight-back from Democrats on any of that?

PBS now very openly owned by Koch and long list of other wealthy.

Constantly acknowledged now – but never challenged by the network during beg-a-thons
or any other time.

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Thank you Barbara. I know you know but I could not let you call “the media” OUR PRESS since it is owned by our wealthy citizens who own us as per George Carlin.

Since language does matter as you also know. In fact you know a lot.

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Yes, and THANK YOU, Mary for that important reminder –

At the moment just can’t think of the name right now, but under New Deal
broadcasting was to be based in 39% service to the public re information.

If you looked at TV overall right now – or radio – I’m sure it’s 40% ADS and
the rest junk coverage of nonsense.

What bothers me is that PBS still has a liberal reputation in the minds of many
citizens – they see some program leaning slightly left and they think all’s well.

They seem to think how nice it is that Koch and wealthy who give large contributions
are helping save the network – except they are using it to “save” themselves from
what the reporting should be.

Keep at it, Mary –
Sometimes when I come back to a post I hadn’t reread before hitting “reply”
I find it hard to believe the many things wrong with it.