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At Queer Liberation March, 45K People Reject 'Rainbow Capitalism' and Police State

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/01/queer-liberation-march-45k-people-reject-rainbow-capitalism-and-police-state

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Wow. No corporate floats, no cops, and no politicians campaigning? Y’all sure know how to march. Where does this straight-but-not-narrow old hippie sign up for next year?

about bloody time.

leadership in the queer community has been co-opted for years. during the brouhaha over chelsea manning as GM for the SF Pride parade several years ago, it almost boiled over.

corporatists have dominated the movement for a long, long time, and it’s nice to see queer brothers and sisters figuring out that perhaps not all LGBT activists want or need the same things.

good luck. and flush the suits.


True, but your corporatist “LGBT” thing is revisionist history and it’s what the corporatists use as well as their corporatist queer enablers. Lesbians did not start or lead the queer movement so the “L” should not be first. Gay guys and trans individuals started it (pre Stonewall). It was originally GLBTQ, but somehow got hijacked by lesbians and corporatists to reflect our history in a way that never existed. I and the queers I know don’t use any of these silly acronyms but rather the word queer or gay. I like what Lea DeLaria said about that:

Lea DeLaria Doesn’t Want You Calling Her A Lesbian. “I am a dyke! Get it right. I don’t do that alphabet, LGBTQ thing. By the time you get to all of those letters, the parade is over!” … “Previously, DeLaria said, “Part of me believes that this so-called inclusivity of calling us the LGBTQQTY-whatever-LMNOP tends to stress our differences, and that’s why I refuse to do it. I say queer. Queer is everybody.”*

Straights don’t have any ridiculous acronyms and their sexual interests are as varied as that of queers. San Francisco so sanitised their thoroughly corporate “Pride” parade that they removed the word “Gay” from the title. Now it’s called “San Francisco Pride” which sounds like it’s all about having pride in the City as a resident, having nothing remotely to do with being queer.

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i don’t know if you read counterpunch, but there was a piece in there from an old Stonewall vet about how much he hates the term “queer” and he hated it enough to use it as a litmus test for avoiding groups or actions.

I suppose the lesson is that wherever there’s a group of humans, there’s never going to be an agreement on the lexicon.

I get your point, though. As a straight male, I’ll call people whatever they want. But as you know, without consensus, it’s largely a minefield.

We have the same disputes on the class side of the house, too, only older and broader.

Thanks for that.

“I suppose the lesson is that wherever there’s a group of humans, there’s never going to be an agreement on the lexicon.”

Yeah, I understand what you’re saying, but online and elsewhere I pretty much see lockstep conformity – with few exceptions – with the revisionist history “LGBT” thing and they usually deliberately leave off the Q for some reason.

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