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At Sanders Rally in Wisconsin, Tim Robbins Delivers Fiery Speech Against Political Pragmatism


At Sanders Rally in Wisconsin, Tim Robbins Delivers Fiery Speech Against Political Pragmatism

Kevin Gosztola

By now, you may have read about actor Tim Robbins’ introduction of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in Wisconsin. The headlines suggest Robbins insulted supporters of Hillary Clinton and called them “sheep” and that he erased black voters in South Carolina in his criticism of how the Democratic Party establishment saw her victory in the state as significant.


The Clinton campaign has used this tactic since Iowa, resulting in Sanders limiting the number of facts he will let get in the way of Clinton’s BS. Its good to see more facts forthcoming. Hopefully at least a few of Clinton’s supporters will realize that only a fraction of Clinton’s baggage is being addressed in the primaries, and the GOP will have no constraints in making ALL of Clinton’s baggage an issue during the general election.


The Hillary supporters should be made to understand (not from Bernie) that they are voting for the unelectable politician.

  1. She has so much baggage that any GOP candidate will have a field day. If she doesn’t like Bernie’s tone (actually his policy positions) wait until she gets the GOP’s tone.

  2. Whatever Bernie says many, many of his supporters will not cast a vote for HRC. She is a dangerous neo-con. To vote for HRC is to vote for everything they stand against. Their $27 will have been spent for what- to support Wall Street, Big P{harm, the MIC, AIPAC… not going to happen.

  3. many Bernie supporters gave up years ago - Bernie brought them out - they will not vote for HRC.

  4. Bernie supporters will vote, Stein (policies they believe in), write in Bernie, vote Trump if he wins the GOP, or abstain.

The word needs to go out to the Hillary supporters. Like it or not notwithstanding what Bernie says (if he loses) we will not be voting for HRC. We are not in the “bag”.

Ask the HRC supporter - who will you vote for Bernie or Cruz/Trump?

Besides Hillary has only shown she can win general election Republican states in the primaries. She is the loser here.


beautiful comprehensive words bringing in history which is a form of accountability- - the way we stand on our feet again- allows redemption saying we have never have said no before and we say no again until our no is respected- this is music- what the smear campaigns are are noise,screaming, an attempt to turn off the channel- censorship of freedom of speech, freedom to hear, freedom to assemble.


Beautiful analysis again. Eloquent summary speech too.


It should be easy to understand why many Democrats favor Clinton’s pragmatism. There seem to be two reasons. The most obvious is that sweeping liberal proposals have no chance at all of getting through a Republican controlled House of Representatives. So either Sanders or Clinton would be faced with familiar gridlock. The other reason is that Sander’s proposal lack details and gloss over the consequences. Banning fracking means burning more coal. The $15 minimum wage may mean higher unemployment, Free tuition at public colleges and universities doesn’t explain how this would work without the US having a federal system for higher education and how it might affect US colleges and universities which are now superior to those in Europe and everywhere else in the world. Single payer healthcare doesn’t explain how hospital costs and doctor’s fees could be reduced enough to make it affordable. I think if Sanders supplied more details with his proposal and explained how they would get passed without evoking the fantasy of a political revolution he would get more support from those who are now favoring pragmatism.


Kudos to Tim Robbins!

The essence of his speech DIFFERNTIATES between the actors who make progress impossible and those who work to make progress happen.

In other words, the term WE conflates one with the other and is therefore a most expedient way to wipe out dissent and imply consent for every odious policy put into motion by elites.

Notice the verbiage here:

“It is an eloquent statement about a crime against humanity that was perpetrated by the political class in America against the people of Iraq.”

POLITICAL CLASS–which includes corporate head honchos, military top brass, bankers, and high govt. officials (along with the rest of the 1%) leave citizens OUT of the decision making process to thereby unleash their own agendas.


What “incremental” positive proposals would HIllary have a chance of getting through the current congress? Hillary is the most hated politician on the right…ever. Any proposal she makes has as much chance of passing as that proverbial camel going through the eye of a needle.

This tired argument that progressives need to settle for not even asking for the things that matter is just wrong. The only way that large change happens is by dreaming big. If you asked people in NY whether a $15 minimum wage was possible 3 years ago, they would have laughed at you. But, people demanded it and made the case and NY just signed it along with a number of other states. It can happen, but it takes someone making the case loudly and with passion.

That person ain’t hillary.

As for all the other hillary talking points in your post…

  • banning fracking would mean more coal unless there was a loud hard push towards getting more renewables online - the costs are very competitive at this time.
  • Already spoke about minimum wage and how it is taking hold already in the states with the same formula. It also has not shown any correlation to unemployment where it has taken hold. It may cause some inflation, but even that is debated by economists, and it would lift the working people of this country above the poverty line.
  • Your comment on the free tuition at state colleges doesn’t really make sense - some of the US state schools are excellent and some are terrible, but how does that have anything to do with financing the tuition?
  • Single payer does not do anything to reduce hospital costs, but it removes the estimated 30% administrative overhead and, as a result, allows us to cover all the population for the same or less cost. You can get more coverage for more people at less money than the status quo.

Sanders has detailed many of these plans. This fiction that he is making pie in the sky promises while HIllary is somehow being “realistic” is a strawman. Sanders is reaching high and pushing for change to make the country better after he leaves. Hillary is trying to keep things (roughly) the same.

Sanders vision for how to pass these things is easy to summarize:
A - Excite the 65% of voters who did not vote in the last election. Mobilize them. Rally them.
B - Get a Congress that is FAR more friendly to him

Democrats win big when turnout is high.

Now, I ask you. Which candidate is more likely to inspire the independents and the disaffected voters to come out and vote in the general election?

I don’t think even you could say Hillary with a straight face.


I do not vote for Democrats or Republicans, and I plan to vote for Jill Stein in the general. If Sanders is the Democratic Party nominee, I will at least listen to arguments for why I should make an exception for him. Under no circumstances will I vote for Hillary Clinton.


It isn’t ‘pragmatism’ it’s Clinton’s excuse for not changing a status quo that favors the people giving her money.

Clinton sez: No, we can’t!
Wall Street sez: She’s ‘Fighting for us’!


What a great speech by Tim Robbins.

I swear, it’s like there’s a celebrity intelligence test and those with top ranks actively support Sanders.


Oh. My. Gosh. Tim Robbins! He just delivered GIGANTIC TRUTH.


I agree. If Hillary wins the nomination, that means it will be either 4 or 8 years before we can try again to get a real progressive in the white house.

If Hillary wins, we have to wait 8 years because they will NOT let a primary opponent run in 2020 to the left of her.

If a republican wins (god help us to say that), then at least we can fight against them and have another shot at a real progressive in 2020.

But, let’s hope Wisconsin speaks loudly enough that we don’t have to worry about that. With a 60-65% win tonight, we can continue to change the narrative.


Well put.

We should make sure that at least ONE message is repeated constantly:
— If you want to win, SANDERS IS THE BEST BET!

That all polls and statistical information now points to SANDERS as the leading vote-getter on the Democratic ticket.

• He will win by BIGGER margins!
• He has the HIGHEST Trustworthiness of ALL candidates

Stop Trump & friends — choose the best chance to win & move our society


Thank you Tim! Telling the truth and shaming the devil. Love it.


Well yippy skippy for you.


Yadda yadda yadda. What, are you crafting more betta bogus ‘talking points’ for Clinton?
As a progressive I am quite sick to death of being marginalized and sidelined by the moneyed class of asshat placeholders and the DLC/DNC fuks that courted them.
What are you FOR? more of the same old, same old? It sure looks that way…


Perfectly stated, my sentiments exactly. We will not give in, we will not buckle!
Bernie Or Bust / Fuck The Rest.

                                                                         -White Illegal Alien


Beautiful. Tim Robbins nailed it.
Well it worked for Obama to talk liberal and then swing right as soon as he got the nomination. If you think Clinton won’t do the same you’re not paying attention. She’s mad cause it’s not working as well for her. This speech is exactly what they don’t want you to hear. Truth to power.


Lrx, If you think that Clinton wil be able to get things passed, you don’t know recent history. The complaint Dems made is that the Republicans early on decided not to make it easy for Obama. (His problem, he was too easy. He always started from the middle. That of course where he was to begin with.) What makes you think that a Clinton will be able to get “good” legislation through? You obviously do not remember Bill Clinton’s presidency and the bad legislation he pushed through along with his Republican and DLC Blue Dog allies. So Hillary is not going to be successful for working people and the poor. She will be successful for her backers–neocon, neoliberal, multi-national corporations. All your arguments are those of a small-thinking naysayer, a dithering throwing of your hands and saying we are not smart enough or bold enough to solve our problems. That is, in essence, the problem with your post. For example, I suggest you do some research on single payer. It most decidedly will reduce hospital cost. Read up at PNHP, HealthCare Now, the Labor Campaign for Single Payer, or a host of other informed and fact driven sites and you will see how wrong you are on the undeniable efficiency and lower costs that single-payer will bring. You off course want all handed to you. You want it easy, You want Sanders to educate you. Physician, heal thyself. The revolution Sanders is talking about demands it. There are no heroes to lead you into the promised land. Organized, mobilized, knowledge bases, humanitarian based, always proactive–those are the ones you were waiting for and it is made up of hundreds of thousands of individuals who must stand together and say yes to change and not wallow in your cynicism of no.