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AT&T Preps "Media Colossus" with Time Warner at Customers' Expense


AT&T Preps "Media Colossus" with Time Warner at Customers' Expense

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A mega-merger between AT&T and Time Warner, which could come as early as this weekend, would create a "media colossus" at the expense of customers and fair competition, watchdogs warned on Saturday.


Just gets better and better for lousy, overpriced asteroid-like corporations.


P.S. Comparison to Monsanto/Bayer recalls that Bayer is prepared to pay $66,000,000,000 in cash.


This is classic Capitalism at work.
The object of the Capitalist economic system is to kill off every competitor in order to become a monopoly. As a monopoly you are not required to share any of the profits with anyone. Including your workers who have no choice but to work for you for whatever wage you’ll pay or starve in the street.
This fatal flaw in the Capitalist economic model has been recognized for hundreds of years.
Laws, regulations and even shame have been used to try and prevent the growth of monopolies, but to no avail.
Capitalism will eat itself alive and all of us with it.
It must be junked and replaced.
Time is running out.


How many ways can a culture eliminate and reduce jobs:

  1. Elect a Democrat or Republican for POTUS.
  2. Increase mergers to create mega-corporations.
  3. Increase the use of technology.
  4. Consume and destroy your local natural resource base.
  5. Bring in Big Box stores to eliminate your local economy… big boxers include your Wallmarts, your large Food stores including Trader Joes & Whole Foods, your mega malls.
  6. Increase Climate Chaos and Disorder.


Don- Capitalism will destroy this planet by consuming all of its natural resources, that is the end game is it not?..And what will all of the Capitalist be left with, but a pile of money or bitcoins…and what will they eat and drink? There is no other planet to migrate to once this planet Earth has been consumed…No, humanity needs to advance and evolve out of this adolescent phase of Capitalism on Steroids… which is consuming this planet…this is not babbling, this is looking to the future and what future we are creating today… The ones who seem to be the most short sighted are the ones who control most of the money and resources today…for they could make real impacts on the future of this planet, but no…as time passes and things get really bad, who do you think the starving masses will go after…


The next time Time Warner raises my cable subscription by even a nickel, I’ll cancel. Their rates are ridiculous as is.


Don- I am with you… We now have capitalism that is out of control, a cancerous beast that will devour its host. Competition that is out of control, destroying cooperation. A cancerous system where only a few truly profit off of the many… As humanity moves ahead in a world of ever decreasing resources, competition will need to become subservient to sharing,…that’s right sharing the resources so that humanity can live another day…for what happens to the predators when their prey is all killed off?..they crash, they go extinct… If humanity devours itself and its natural resource base, humanity, well most of it and its civilization will crash and go extinct.


No price hike for this tv boycotter. Boycott. Divest.

The end stage of corporatism is cannibalism until the empire is one corporation with robot soldiers that hunt down humans who don’t consume.


Try never to agree with or explain anything to Don.
Don lives in the far north of Canada where it is apparently so cold that the gray matter in the brain is quickly destroyed.


That sounds like science fiction, but it’s not.


Garrett-- you make a good point, as was made in the 70’s movie Soylent Green. Cannibalism is a likely outcome of corporatism and extreme capitalism as all of the natural food is used up…and at that point, robot soldiers or drones may not be needed to accomplish this task.


Theoretically, the FCC could say no, correct? The word Monopoly has been removed from the government’s dictionary.


I’m sure the corporate media will tell us that this merger is a great thing for society and will reduce consumer costs. Especially those media that are owned by Time Warner.

It is time for a great correction. It will be WWIII or global warming. I feel sorry for the youth.


Wow classic monopoly monster madness mergers Messed up! Anybody here old enough to remember when court mandated AT&T break up the insane monopoly they had oh 20 some years ago they were mandated to allow all Kinds of new and small phone companies to gain access to shared AT&T phone lines for deliVery… We Just had landline phones with also UNCORDED by 1990s…then many new long distance rates and some new companies hacked into AT&T online accounts and switched custOmers to lower rates and AT&T was calling customers up to 9, 10 PM noTidying of change and we dickered and made deals lowering our insane phone rates Were 27 cents per minute 8-5 business hours with in your home county! Long distAnce Rates got driven down down down by healthy wholesome Competition… We have been fighting to save our Internet open free net neutrality for over 12 years. I do not use TIME TO BREAK UP THE MONOPOLY MONSTER MADNESS MERGERS !


No … you are just attempted to make excuses for the inherent nature of capitalism.

Many of us are far too smart to buy into your fairy tale that capitalism can be reformed to be socially responsible and caring. That is nothing but pure propaganda of the elite ruling class.

I suggest you open your eyes and look at the destruction and chaos (especially austerity under global neo-liberalism) that is being deployed globally just so the global ruling class can earn and amass more and more stolen wealth from the working glass.

By the way, the European countries of Great Britain, France and Germany (and in that order) were the master exploiters of capitalism long before the U.S. Your biased Canadian hatred of the U.S. is getting old real fast.


Is too big the problem, or is the problem its concentration of wealth and power? Suppose the excess wealth large conglomerates generate was distributed equally among all the people? Would we even need to pay taxes?


I think that would be Charter Communications now. Time Warner Cable was acquired by Charter earlier this year. It’s called Spectrum now. It’s kinda confusing tho. Anywho, i usually call them every year on my anniversary and negotiate deal with them for the next 12 months. I currently pay $39 for high speed cable internet. No cable TV. Didn’t have that since 2006.


The record number of mergers approved during the Obama Regime created too-big-to-fail insurance and drug companies and will soon create too-big-to-fail petrochemical and telecommunications companies, Adding those to the too-big-to-fail banks created by Clinton Regime deregulation confirms that the next round of extortion disguised as tax payer funded bailouts will bankrupt ALL domestic programs, not just Medicare and Social Security, and we will soon have more monopolies than existed at any time during the twentieth century.


Psst, Don, about that comment you made (‘If not capitalism, then what?’). Are you having a hard time switching to decaf coffee? Come on kiddo, this is not 4th degree differential equations. One doesn’t REPLACE a cancer, one REMOVES a cancer. There’s no law of nature than demands anyone believe one of the apex bullshit propaganda lines of all time: “…yea, it’s not perfect but it’s the best there is”. You don’t have to walk around with those fish hooks pulling on you. It has something to do with rationality and free will, an inheritance we acquire from birth, although those words won’t be found on the walls of any Chamber of Commerce headquarters. And something indigenous peoples have never forgotten. While we compromised white folks have to use caffeine to rediscover what we were born with. Try the half decaf, half regular method. Works for me.