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At the Democratic Convention, Round One to the Progressives


At the Democratic Convention, Round One to the Progressives

Bill Moyers, Michael Winship

Shoot if you must these old grey heads, but these two semi-qualified observers of the passing political scene watched Monday night’s proceedings at the Democratic National Convention and saw past the heckles and opprobrium of the leather-lunged few. Instead, we witnessed an evening of progressive rhetoric and thoughtfulness unseen on a big political stage since the days of William Jennings Bryan, Wisconsin’s Fighting Bob La Follette, the Happy Warrior Al Smith and the crusaders of FDR’s New Deal.


The authors may have enjoyed the evening of progressive oratory, but as a prelude to crowning the queen of neoliberalism, I found it distinctly disingenuous and anything but enjoyable. More words and no real action or progress are simply the bait in yet another Hope and Change swindle. It's the same old movie with same old bleak ending, but I suspect the DNC is banking on all those young voters Sanders brought to the fold don't know any better.


Hey, let's pretend the made-for-tv movie that is the Democratic Convention somehow represents a positive change in the Democratic party. Of course, the scenes that were cut, like the removal of Sanders supporters signs, the street protests, the walkout, show an entirely different picture. They show a corrupt political machine trying to suppress any signs of dissent. They show the convention to be a Potemkin village manufactured for national viewers.


"Then and there, the old socialist from Vermont liberated Democrats to be the champions of everyday people again.

If only — and it’s a big if — if only the party can liberate itself from the stranglehold of Big Money."

Right. And if I win the lottery, I won't need to worry about bills.


My big takeaway from the dum convention is:


Got cut off: my takeaway is the DNC is systemically corrupt and is asking us to vote for a woman who "won the primary" through corruption and money laundering. Sorry, having a vagina is not a good enough reason to vote for this Monster.


I forgot to mention: I spent the day unsubscribing to many entities that are celebrating this fraud.


It was a sickening display. It was an HRC commercial. I could barely stand to watch it. Had to walk away several times....

How can THEY say it was a night dedicated to the PROGRESSIVES? I don't expect much any more but this was RIDICULOUS (quoting Silverman). Michelle Obama spouting off about how her daughters are lucky to have HRC as a role model? E. Warren saying that HRC will take on the banks? Get a little REALITY (quoting Bernie). Then top it off with Rachel Maddow saying that Bernie's Delegate need to get in line 'cuz HRC won't tolerate their continued nonsense much longer.

The DP should be ashamed.... but they have NO concept of TRUTH or DEMOCRACY or ..... 'insert value here'.


Same here. I have spent the last few days unsubscribe-ing to candidates.... web sites... news sources.......etc. Including Bernie. That one really hurt.... we donated to him bi-weekly up to the very end. I only partly regret doing so (donating that is)... I don't regret my subscription removal.


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This is not what Democracy looks like.


Well, the article IS about the Democratic convention. Hopefully Moyers will have a piece on the Greens and their candidate Jill Stein's convention. As Bernie has said, we are the ones who need to make the demands. Why not write Bill Moyers and ask him to weigh in on Jill Stein. In fact, ask all of the mainstream big news outlets to do the same.


Between now and November the media will work harder at making Jill Stein invisible than they did making Sanders invisible during the first half of his campaign.




If I could I would shoot. Just another blind apology for the Corporate Democrats. They make all the 'right" noises, the flowery speeches, but the end game is the same - Absolute Corporate Power - and none embodies this treachery more than Michelle and Barak Obama except for perhaps the Clinton's and their DNC henchmen and women.


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I was surprised and pleased that NPR's weekend edition did mention Jill Stein and the Green Party and even had a short interview
But there needs to be more in Progressive Media


CD does a great job! They bring attention to news I would never see in the Corporate Media or even news from the Corporate Media buried. You cannot expect them as volunteers to write everything themselves. If you want become a contributor to CommonDreams yourself!


The rhetoric was great but I got sick to my stomach of all the paeans to brave warriors wound in Afghanistan, our men in uniform etc. Carefully calculated to undercut Trump while slyly promoting the endless Wars destroying our planet and the nation. When $1 Trillion of our Federal tax dollars every year go to fund the endless Wars consuming 6% of US gargantuan oil consumption and with the Pentagon the biggest greenhouse emitter on the planet it is hard to resolve anything without stopping the endless Wars. That money needs to be redirected towards transitioning from Auto Addiction to Green Transit Rail, bicycling and walkable communities, to solar panels on every school roof and library where it is appropriate with backup batteries for disasters, to insulation and energy saving measures for all buildings.


Thanks Bill and Michael and CD for all you do.
Four years of HRC - maybe eight? - if she gets to wrap herself in the flag of war come the next election. Years of corrupt capitalism and tinkering around the edges of climate change, healthcare etc.

A future to believe in is one where human civilization is sustainable.
Capitalism and Democracy are incompatible.