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At the Heart of Global Woes, 157 of World's 200 Richest Entities Are Now Corporations, Not Governments

At the Heart of Global Woes, 157 of World's 200 Richest Entities Are Now Corporations, Not Governments

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As corporations in the United States and around the world continue to reap record profits thanks to enormous tax cuts, widespread tax avoidance schemes, and business-friendly trade and investment policies, an


Money is NOT speech.
Corporations are NOT people.
Capitalism is NOT democracy.


Kim Stanley Robinson wrote a series of boos called The Mars Trilogy in the early 1990’s . In it he wrote of a future world of Transnats or super Mega Corporations that were of such an economic size and wielded such power, entire Countries surrendered their Sovereignty to them. These Corporations would then run the respective Country as a “business concern”.

We are there.


Oil companies have been doing this for more than 75 years already. Many of these countries end up owing the oil company in the end.

In the United States, the corporations have bought the politicians who have stacked the Supreme Court to rule in favor of the corporations and against the masses.

The Axis of Evil in America is comprised of The Judicial, The Legislative, and The Executive.

All bought and paid for.

Revolution is the only answer.


Published in 1995 — read it…I did when it was released…


And there is no path to the future if we do not:

  • Reform ownership, to redress the legacies of genocide, enslavement, colonization, and capitalism;
  • Democratize the wealth that has been looted and accumulated under these practices;
  • End the predatory, colonizing, “limited-liability, investor-owned corporation” as the basic building-block of the economy;
  • Put profit below ecology and humanity, in accounting for the “success” of any enterprise.


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And Who allowed this to happen? Our bs Justice System and lack of Direct action by Americans. Now we can all swim in the pot of poison Soup we created for ourselves.


You forgot to add… AndxWe do nothing to stop it .

Anybody that believes in democracy must be a commie or a socialist or whatever lefty label these people can think up. And we know how the right loves a label. Saves them from thinking.


Its possible for a progressive American government to limit the wealth and power of its corporations. But would other countries do the same? Probably not as this would give them a competitive advantage.

Corporation’s economies of scale could be preserved without promoting inequality. A wealth cap or income taxes could be solutions if all the people make the rules, instead of oligarchy puppet politicians:

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We are all going to die anyway, Rainy.

Might as well make our lives mean something.

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Pony I’m afraid you’re right, err correct. Sorry! Anyway, it’s obvious the protest isn’t working. I mean really, look at what Herr Donald is doing now. He’s trying to make new rules limiting where protests may be held and under what conditions and that’s only if the protesting group pays the appropriate fees and gets the proper permits. This motherfucker is beginning to shame Hitler as he’s a far more hardcore fascist. Yeah, unfortunately I think revolution is the only way to get this country back to at least a place where there is once again a healthy middle class, a very small lower class (preferably no poverty) and a limited upper class. No one person is worth $165,000,000,000 even if they can walk on water and heal the sick and blind by touching them.

Revolution IMHO is inevitable. I fear it will be in the form of a civil war eg the Trump conservatives (our brand of brownshirts and “good Germans”) and those who want to see a fair government that engages in fair trade with other nations, deals with geopolitical conflict with negotiation rather than military force, cares about maintaining a modern, ecologically friendly infrastructure, and most of all cares about it’s citizens health and prosperity while maintaining personal freedom to the point where the only limit is that one person’s rights only go as far as they don’t encroach on another person’s rights. That means ending the drug war, ending all other “vice” laws, restricting some religion (no proselytizing?) etc. The key is that one person’s rights only extend to the point to where they don’t violate another’s same rights. That would eliminate the need for minimum wage because an employers right to wealth is limited to where he doesn’t impoverish his or her employees in order to make him or herself rich. I know, there are lots of kinks to work out but as long as everyone who wants a place at the table gets one I feel certain things could be worked out to the satisfaction of all but the very people who are the current ruling elites. Why not them too? Because they are far too selfish and greedy to see past their own warped desires.


And YOU have meddled with the primal forces of nature, and YOU… WILL… ATONE! Am I getting through to you, Mr. Beale? You get up on your little twenty-one inch screen and howl about America and democracy. There is no America. There is no democracy. There is only IBM, and ITT, and AT&T, and DuPont, Dow, Union Carbide, and Exxon. Those are the nations of the world today.



Corporations are now “persons” though they aren’t even mentioned in our
Constitution – and they can’t vote.

They also can’t breathe, don’t get ill, and have no conscience.

Guns can’t be regulated, but women can be forced to bear children and their
bodies can be regulated by government.

PS: Recommend, if anyone here has the chance to see “The Case Against 8” (2014)
by HBO2 – Showtime ran it tonight and presume it will repeat.

Fantastic story of the beginning of the fight for same-sex marriage in fight “8” in California.
A Lesbian couple who had been married in San Francisco suddenly received a letter in the
mail from the government telling them that they weren’t married. Great story – and oddly
enough Ted Olson was one of the lawyers representing the homosexual couples – the other
was David Boies who if I recall correctly represented Gore in Bush v Gore?
Are women in danger of getting a letter from the government telling us that we can’t vote?

It should especially be interesting to women because my response was: "Well, where is the
Women’s War Room?" “Where are our expert lawyers representing us?” "Where are females
being equally protected by our government?"

It’s a model case for women to bring forward a suit against government –
and one way to do it, imo, is to sue the government for supporting organized patriarchal religion.
Why should our government be using taxpayer $$$ to support “Male Supremacist Religion”?


“Sighs from the depths”.
We are there.
But its not over till the fat lady sings and i believe the fat lady is the climate which is looking more and more likely to be our ultimate demise.
Sub specie aeternitatis.

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This is not news, and the situation is far worse than you think.

  • Rid Earth of ICBMs. If not, then everything else is pointless blather. Our future is cooked if we don’t free ourselves of MAD.
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i agree, but two additional points:

  • There are several other “Our future is cooked if we don’t free ourselves of…”. Slicing and dicing the ecology (the mass extinction event now underway was not started by climate change, but by habitat destruction, “development”, automobiles and pavement, agriculture, etc.); Pumping atmospheric carbon; Producing and spreading toxic chemicals; Industrial agriculture; Genetic manipulation for profit; War; etc.
  • These are all intertwined, and all connect to human systems of power, profit, greed, exploitation, etc. “Our future is cooked if we don’t free ourselves of nationalism, racism, white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism, etc.” MAD and all the other systemic existential threats were built by humans. Humans need to get a grip on – or, i mean, let go of, and free ourselves from the grip of – the human ego.

EDIT: Adding this link to a new article by Heinberg, making some related points: