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At The New Hampshire Democratic Presidential Debate, Populism Wins


At The New Hampshire Democratic Presidential Debate, Populism Wins

The face-off between Senator Bernie Sanders and Secretary Hillary Clinton last night in New Hampshire highlighted the strengths and vulnerabilities of both. Both put in impressive, strong performances. Both got their message out. Voters are left to decide whom they choose to believe.

Populism Wins


Based on new polls the race in New Hampshire is tightening. The debate over Wall Street really got nasty. I can't remember seeing Clinton getting that angry in any debate. Sanders apparent disinterest in foreign policy may be his Achilles heel. He seems only interested in class-based economics. Chuck Todd asked about what his plans for the 10,000 US troops in Afghanistan would be and Sanders immediately pivoted to talking about ISIS in Syria and Iraq, totally ignoring the question. Todd followed up and asked him again to answer the question and he gave a short response. Clinton then took the same question and gave a good answer. Voters should expect more from Sanders on foreign policy. Nobody expects him to have Clinton's detailed knowledge but he is running to be not only president but commander-in-chief so he has got to focus more on foreign policy. What about Afghanistan? He voted for that war that is still going on 14 years later. He should be concerned that the situation there remains unresolved.


"the push for a new cold war with Russia went unchallenged."

That simply isn't true. Sanders explicitly stated he would, "Work with Russia against ISIS."

In general, NBC asks "foreign policy questions" in all their debates that are front loaded with lies about "Russian aggression." Of course, last night all they had to do was quote Ash Carter to get that same effect ...


Sorry, but Clinton merely used more standard methods to evade answering that one as well. Neither candidate answered that question. Sanders merely was more direct in not having an answer for it, and didn't do a long winded dance to avoid answering ...


Detailed knowledge, huh? Not war hawk decisions that turned nations into pits of hell with refugees dying in attempts to get out of battle scorched territories.

You are hilarious.

You use terms like "ignoring the question" and "Achilles heel" for Mr. Sanders, but glowing terms for Mrs. Clinton.



He shills for Clinton daily.


Exactly Clinton didn't answer the question.

Clinton gave a strong performance and the key word here is performance. Listen to everything that Clinton is putting forward its like Obama lite-she stated awhile back that she was not running for a third term of Obama but this is exactly what she is offering up-except she is a woman?

I think many people who don't pay much attention to politics are being amazed at Sanders message.

This is a change election-the best bet here is Sanders----Clinton represents the status quo.

And Sanders spoke about returning the democratic party back to the people. Pay attention to those supporting Clinton like Sen Jeanne Shaheen and Sen Stabenow from Michigan----what was Stabenow doing a year ago when Flint Mich. was switched to poison water?

It is important to understand the Clinton machine has played a role in electing corporate democrats.


What's there to debate about foreign policy?
Stop using unmanned drones to kill others abroad.
The problem with drones is the plan to deploy them domestically.

Pull our troops out of Afghanistan; end cheney's endless war policy.

Cooperate with the other nations of the world. Form a coalition. Begin by extraditing cheney, bush-2, rumsfeld, rice, Petreus, Powell, and that little CIA bitch Judith Miller and her Pulitzer Prize to the Hague to face the not-quite-so-long-arm of Justice.

Get back to where JFK left off. Defund and dismantle the CIA. That will put an end to the on-going fomenting of wars around the globe in the name of the "national interest" and "national security."

Sign a declaration bringing the Cold War to an end by repealing the National Security Act of 1947 and all of its subsequent amendments.

Defund the U.S. military / industrial complex by the tune of $100 billion per year and use the funds to provide meaningful employment to U.S. residents and provide safe, affordable housing. Convert the de-industrialized factory locations of U.S. manufacturers into worker-owned cooperatives making solar power generators. Begin exploiting small scale geothermal energy solutions to reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Defund the U.S. military / industrial complex by the tune of an additional $100 billion per year and use the funds to restore stability to the world by bribing the warmongers in Syria and Africa into accepting voluntary early retirements in the Cayman Islands. Then resettle the refugees in their home lands and provide funds to rebuild the destroyed homes, hospitals, and the rest of the destroyed infrastructure.

Stop the U.S. Justice Department from creating plea bargains for white collar criminals. Remove and investigate the Justice Department officials who have been bribed by Wall Street, then begin confiscating the private estates of the billionaire white collar criminals. Send them to Flint, Michigan with picks and shovels to dig up the lead pipes.

That would make a good start on straightening out America's foreign policy problems. Keep our noses in our own business and take care of the needs of our own People.


Hillary has a 10000lb gorilla (Iraq, Syria, Libya, Goldman Sachs, Chase, Monsanto, big pharma)tied around her neck. We all can see it. Hillary put it around her neck. Now she has to own it.
Bernie Sanders 2016.