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At Town Hall and in Campaign Filings, Clinton's Cozy Wall Street Ties on Display


At Town Hall and in Campaign Filings, Clinton's Cozy Wall Street Ties on Display

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Hillary Clinton's deep ties to Wall Street are under the spotlight again following her defense of taking large speaking fees from Goldman Sachs, as well as campaign finance records showing the tens of millions her campaign and super PACs have received from the financial sector.


I fail understand why there has been no detailed discussion about Dodd-Frank. This bill which is supposed to lead to some reform of Wall Street should be discussed more in these debates and forums or in stump speeches so voters can be better informed about what it is and whether it is working and how the candidates intend to implement it.


Dodd/Frank started out as a mouth with two teeth left in it. Obama kicked out one of those teeth when he signed the 2014 cromnibus bill.

Dodd/Frank requires banks to add meaningless red tape to just about everything they do. The cost to deal with the red tape is easily absorbed by the big banks while the small banks are put at more of a disadvantage when competing with big banks.

The results of Dodd Frank are wonderful for the 1%, dismal for the 99%: When Congress started drafting Dodd/Frank in 2009 the too-big-to-fail banks controlled 25% of US bank assets. Today they control 45% and within a year they will control half of all US bank assets, so you better be ready for the next crash when those big banks need more than the $26 trillion of taxpayers money Congress has already committed to various bank bailout schemes.


Lrx just wants to talk about something besides Clinton's albatross.


We also need to mention how both Chris Dodd and Barney Frank have CASHED-IN on their Congressional careers since leaving office. Dodd is now Hollywood's chief lobbyist - head of the MPAA (the movie ratings people, but so much more), which does it's best to thwart consumer interests regarding the consumption of entertainment. They tried for years to make it illegal for private individuals to "time shift" TV programs on their VCR's, for instance.

Barney Frank now is a member of the BoD of Signature Bank. 'Nuf said.


Yes, the Clintons, "progressive" champions for the 99% and our issues.

As I've written before, I find one of the most telling, among many, aspects of Hillary's "close-ties" to financial parasites is her daughters $3 million marriage to a hedge-fund founder and manager, Marc Mezvinsky. If anyone still believes the Clinton's are really interested in representing the little guy and gal or Black Americans.......Sacks o Gold "speaking fees" laundered payoffs or political crock o shite? Wonder why GS's Blankfein delivered the thinly-veiled threat and attack on Bernie Sanders?

"the Clintons have given their daughter a lot of handouts in life - from helping to buy her a $9.25million apartment to referring their billionaire friends to Chelsea's financier husband, sources told Vanity Fair in a new profile".


Yes, she gets things done allright. Like making sure a certain server got wiped clean.


She is despicable, ie, a regular politician of the neoliberal world. Besides that, she is totally undependable as far as keeping her campaign promises.
My wife used to get ill when ever Stephen Harper was on the TV here in Canada, Hillary is triggering the same response in our family now.


Well Endgame, from this exchange, I guess we learned that sarcasm doesn't play well here.


If this is meant as sarcasm, then please clarify it before making it appear as a criticism of Senator Sanders and an endorsement of HRC. Does the profanity add to the message???


"Clinton Brushes Off Wall Street Ties, But Are Voters Buying It?"

Only the uninformed would buy it. Her actions belie her words...she does not walk her talk. Flim-flam comes to mind when I catch glimpses of her speaking.


Problem is we ALL get it too.Check this out: http://www.alternet.org/election-2016/accusations-fraud-and-theft-fly-after-iowa-vote-heres-lowdown


Hillary Clinton is tethered to Wall Street. Who would believe differently?!! If she is elected, she will do everything to help Wall Street while sacrificing Main Street.


And, oh, yes, the only thing she offered was her speech, right, just like her speeches in Iowa and now in New Hampshire, right? About how she is going to clamp down on Wall Street, right? Like she always has done, right? Excuse me, I have to clean all the barf off my computer screen.


No fear of words here, to be sure. Not a fan of using profanity to get messages across. Not whinin', just sayin'. Peace, my friend. (CD guidelines: Always Be Civil, etc.)


I can just hear Ms. Clinton telling her Wall Street supporters: "Don't worry when I will tell these voters what they want to hear, after I am president you'll find that your investments in me were fully justified!"


Kind of like Obama railing against NAFTA during his '08 campaign. Then, on a swing to Canada a short time later, he was accosted by Canada's trade minister.
(The following is paraphrased ...)
Canadian minister: "WTF, dude?"
Obama: "I was just playin', yo. Don't sweat it."


And I thought Kerry was seasoned with Ketchup.


It amazes me that Clinton's remark that "that's what they offered" is being reported all over the place, but I could only find one reference to what I thought was the most telling moment in the CNN town hall. Anderson Cooper asked her if she regretted taking those huge speaking fees from Goldman Sachs and she said no, because she "won't pay any price for it." !!! That's Hillary Clinton in a nutshell. If she can get away with it, it's all good. Here's the reference I did find:



What a ridiculous defense: that's what they offered! Hillary's patronizing alter-reality where rules have no bearing on her conduct and one plus one does not equal two is an insult to common sense let alone anyone's intelligence. If her relationship with these powerful and rich interests is so benign, she should immediately release all transcripts from her paid speeches to them and let the public see it with their own eyes that there is no there there.