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At Trump Inauguration, His Hollow Rhetoric Collides with Reality


At Trump Inauguration, His Hollow Rhetoric Collides with Reality

Michael Winship, Bill Moyers

Throughout the campaign and the transition period leading up to the Inauguration, whenever Donald Trump was caught lying or tweeting something outrageous we were told by his acolytes that we should ignore his words and instead pay attention to his deeds.


In the current cultural mind climate when Hollow rhetoric collided with reality, it scatters like a water ballon hitting a tank,

Something more than demonstrations need to be put into play,

.I was glad to see the size of the demonstration and that there were so many others In so many other cities, and I think your use it or lose it comment is true, but it's going to take more than that to keep President Donny from going all full tyrant on us. His overblowhard overreaction to things like that lays open his biggest weakness and area of vulnerability. I hope he keeps reacting like that to the media and calling them crooks and liars they'll turn really against him.

My suggested plan, which of course nobody will ever listen to, would be to try to provoke him as
often as possible. That's the way to get back at him. Every time one of those preposterous lies gets said or Tweeted it should be answered quickly with effective counterpropaganda, The Trump regime can only be counteracted by making it show what it is at every opportunity.

The idea is to shake the confidence of the Followers of The Don by exposing the self serving bullshit as many times as can be done -- not wth an attitude of scorn but to use the Trump version of "truth" to undermine his and his gang's effectiveness. James Carville put something like that for Bill Clinton and it worked very well.

What the Anti-Trump forces need to do is create a communication network to monitor everything The President says so that lies and bullshit are pointed out to all involved in the Oppositional Resistance so that rebuttals can be researched and disseminated with Press and other media contacts as quickly as can be so the Facts of Liee can be made public.

The president's own words can be used to undermine his legitimacy and effectiveness. The goal must be to tarnish him in the eyes of those who think they love him. It won't do any good good to try to persuade his "base". That will only solidify it. But his own tendency to get all miffed and shoot off his mouth if tracked, recorded, made widely available can do the trick because Don Presidente will provide plenty of usable content. So I say Mock The Don, he can't take it.

He's a big baby and seemingly unable to perceive how stupid his blusterbrat reactions look to much of the country. I'd like to see him get mad and storm out of the presidency. My biggest concern about that is that I think Preacher Pence would be much more difficult to find a way to deal with.


What does Trump mean by the people? It is probably not the 99% and may not even be the portion of the 99% who are white. Yesterday Juan Cole claimed that he was referring to the same thing that the people meant in Germany during the 1930s, basically the white people, excluding Jews and gypsies it would seem, but including whites running the corporations. So perhaps in Trump's white nationalist rhetoric includes these corporate honchos when he refers to the people. The real citizens of America in this white nationalist code. So it may be impossible to understand what Trump is saying in left wing language and requires figuring out what this right wing language is, particularly the code words


Is it immoral to wish for someone's implosion? Please say no.


First, let me give my resume before we begin. I was a life long democrat with over 40 yrs voting straight democrat until this year when I finally had enough and so demexited and voted for Jill Stein. I am also a vagina American, so when you get pissed at my sexism, racism etc., well you know where you can put it. Apparently we should only elect white men to office because they are all that liberals seem to feel comfortable attacking. Obama drops 26,000 bombs in one year, no comment, he appoints a Goldman cabinet no problem, he allows voting rights to be eroded, "well he tried." You get the point. Then there is Hillary "We came, we saw, he died" Clinton. Her lust to start wars to prove how tough she is, ..., well if we comment we are sexist. Her speeches to WallStreet: Sexist to comment! Notice her sucking up to anyone with enough money, whoops, sexist again. How different do you actually believe her policies would have been from Trump's? She's pro fracking, pro TPP, pro war, oops I'm being sexist again. Apparently progressives are too sensitive to criticize anyone but white males so to force ourselves to stop being hypocrites we need to only elect the people we feel safe in calling out. Then maybe we can have real change.


If constant criticism of the destructive words and policies of thin-skinned Donald does cause him to cut-and-run, we will in fact be stuck with President Pence.

Pence is a self-righteous, right wing moralist, wrapped in the mask of a small-town, humble and decent fella. he would look like a calm breath of fresh air after Trump, though sharing the same authoritarian and repressive ethos.

Pence is the silent partner here, and silence, in this case, is consent. I think any analysis and criticism of Trump should frequently include close scrutiny of his sidekick. It would help set the stage for a quick and robust opposition to Pence, should Trump bail, or be impeached.


I think that "mock the Don" is a good idea, but while we are focusing on the tweets Trump is sending out we are ignoring the real damage he is doing to the nation. He has set the stage for repeal of the ACA. Did he tweet that?


Everything that you criticize Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton about is something Donald Trump has already done, in triplicate, or something he has promised to do once he has the power. The difference, in my opinion, is that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have done more that is good and worthwhile, while Trump has nothing.
Hillary Clinton has about fifty years of good work to her credit. She has not always been successful but, more often than not, she has been successful. Thousands are better off for her successes.
What has Trump done to make life better for anyone except himself?
When you look to compare, please look beyond the past four years. Look at the whole life a person has lived.


Your profile says you joined CD in Sept, 2016, and you seriously can say that no one was willing to attack HRC, or if they did, they were called sexist?? Good god, there were mountains of anti-Hillary posts here on CD, and I don't remember anyone, not a single person, being called sexist for making them. What are you thinking? BTW, people still write anti-Hill posts here.


Good post.


I've mentioned Trump's Cabinet picks, to Trump voters, and gotten a blank stare in return.

"... this dial goes to eleven."

Apologies to Spinal Tap.


His verbalisms in the speech of "total allegiance to the United States" and "I pledge allegiance to you the American people" translate as identifying himself with the nation, and the nation with him. This is not even authoritarianism but the purest totalitarianism. His immediately disprovable lies are another sign that it is he, and he alone, who will define reality. Every one of those notables who sat silently through his speech are now complicit in promoting the gravest threat to our democracy we have ever seen.

People are asking what follows the past two days of protests. And what Inwould say is that every interchange, every conversation needs to become a place to tell the truth about Trump. Express your understanding of exactly what he is at every opportunity to everyone. And when it comes to classic politics. Take Michael Moore's advice and put your congressperson and senator on speed dial and call at least one a day to express your opposition to Trump. Simple human speech can ultimately defeat the Great Liar.


[quote="Knickers, Apparently progressives are too sensitive to criticize anyone but white males.

I neglected to mention that there have been, during Obama's whole reign, mountains of other posts critical of (non-white) Obama, and the only poster I recall ever calling any of us racists was a guy who said he was Canadian, and called anyone racist who criticized Obama--he showed up a few months back, and then got himself removed from CD for some abusive language, not for calling everyone critical of Obama a racist.

So, again, I can't imagine where you are getting your notion that progressives will only criticize white males.


Thanks, HC.