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At UN Climate Talks, Canada Must Acknowledge Loss and Damage


At UN Climate Talks, Canada Must Acknowledge Loss and Damage

Leehi Yona

As the world begins to hammer out a draft for the next climate deal at the United Nations climate change negotiations in Bonn, Germany, Canada stands in the way of progress.

Insufficient and out of touch

Our government has put forward its commitment for the upcoming Paris COP21 climate negotiations in December. Canada's commitment, or Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) in U.N. jargon, is to reduce its total greenhouse gas emissions by a paltry 3.6 per cent compared to 1990 levels.


I’m a Canadian Citizen, a First Class Canadian Citizen under our new citizenship caste system. I’m not a Scientist, which means I can speak to the issue without fear of losing my job or my access to the great Science Libraries that Canada used to have. I have pondered AGW for twenty years and have things to say about certain extractive industries. Things so groundbreaking and acute that they could save the world!

However, if I were to criticize those industries, or encourage others to raise their voices, it could affect the profits of certain multinationals, making me a radical environmental terrorist.

Under the new Terror Bill and the revised and redacted Charter of Rights and Freedoms I could then have my passport revoked and find myself removed from Google and then Facebook and then my home in the middle of the night by mounties dressed like robot assassins.

So I’m just going to have some pancakes.


When will Canadians reject Harper and his crusader killer government. What the hell happened to Canada as a country. It used to exemplify a moral standing that Americans could look up to. Now, under Harper, it is trying to out do the US when it comes to selfish disregard.