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At UN Commission on Women Rights, Trump Appointee Pushes Reproductive Policies Worse Than Saudi Arabia's

At UN Commission on Women Rights, Trump Appointee Pushes Reproductive Policies Worse Than Saudi Arabia's

Julia Conley, staff writer

Reproductive rights advocates on Friday denounced reports of an extremist Trump appointee pushing anti-choice policies at the United Nations' annual conference on women's rights.

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In some Muslim countries along with an equal rights amendment, abortion is legal and provided by the national health services. Like here minus the equal rights amendment, the national health service and constant harassment women seeking medical care get at clinics.

What we are getting notice of here …

USAID gender equality adviser Bethany Kozma told UN diplomats the US is a “pro-life country,” despite broad support for abortion access

is that the fascists in control of our nation will continue on with GAG rules and will advance their influence over other nations to STOP reproductive freedom.

Our real problem is the that Elites/wealthy have always used religion – Christianity – as one of the major
tools in their toolbox – and they are using it again to reign in Church control over societies.

Keep in mind the United Nations recognizes the Vatican as a sovereign nation – though it is merely a nation of a few square miles inhabited ONLY by males who represent a male-supremacist religion.

Further … if anything more needs to be said –

US is a liberal nation which supports funding for Planned Parenthood and reproductive
freedom by immense numbers – high into the 70% range and beyond – and even when
Catholics are included (who have the same number of abortions of any other women) and
when Latino/Latinas are included which only causes the percentages to rise even higher.

Americans don’t fully appreciate that reality because of the loss of the “Fairness in Broadcasting”
Act which was overturned.

Those bullying and violent members of the “pro-life” movement which has murdered doctors
at women’s clinics and staff at women’s clinics are a MINORITY among us. Photos of their
annual meetings always make that clear – and NO, there are none of these fanatics who stay home.
These fanatics are pushed by male-supremacist religion which propagandizes them in their churches,
takes their money and lies to them about what it will be used for helping pregnant teenagers to avoid
abortion. That these organizations tell these young women not only that abortion is dangerous to
their health, but that even BIRTH CONTROL can cause them to lose their fertility are just some of
the lies told to young pregnant girls who know no better. Often these young girls want to have
abortions. Pro-birth organizations delay them long enough to put them into the second trimester
where an abortion would be harder to secure and much more expensive.

Often these are young girls without sex educations – often with families who also lack information on
human sexuality and facts about reproduction. These young girls are also often without much of any
education – and often they realize it and are seeking educations. And this doesn’t stop with the first
child that these young girls are persuaded to actually have. These organizations continue on with
these young girls – telling them that even CONDOMS can be dangerous to their health – and
needless to say, they are quickly pregnant again. Yes – the “helpers” do arrive with a few diapers.

But the girls go on to have babies they don’t really want and can’t care for. They continue to exist
with shortages of food and necessities for their children, dependent on families and low-wage jobs.
They continue to lack the educations they know they need. And the problems only continue to
increase once this pattern is set.

Other religious fanatics being propagandized in their churches have ended up murdering doctors
and nurses at women’s clinics.


What’s next for American women - bourkas and purdah? We really need a whole lot less testosterone in the United States. Will somebody please develop a vaccine for this?


Sex education in the 21st century, abstinence = you don’t need to know or understand it, just don’t do it. We wouldn’t be having this discussion if information about our own bodies hadn’t been invalidated by male dominated religions and women that thought they could just ignore it.


As people age men have less testosterone and women have more. I find that quite amusing. I think knowledge is a better remedy as it confers a lifetime immunity. :slight_smile:


My apologies for not getting back to shape up my post –

and would just mention that this sentence should read this way…

Our real problem is that Elites/wealthy have always used religion – Christianity – as one of the major
_ tools in their toolbox – and they continue to use it to increase Church control over our societies._


That given the plight of these young teenaged girls, working for minimum wage - some with more
than two children – and without educations, in one case, the female’s situation was coming down to perhaps totally losing her children who would be taken from her home because it was obvious that she didn’t have sufficient food or means of caring for them.

I also repeat what many here know – that we are in threat of losing all of Nature (of which we are a part) because of the recklessness of Elites/wealthy and corporate practices which have polluted the Earth. There is no guarantee that Global Warming will not stop the planet from turning. There is no way to predict the consequences of Global Warming which has the power to actually change our weather systems on which we depend.

There are right now 7.6 Billion people on the planet. (328.5 million in US)
The choice of further burdening the planet with 34.3 million new births a year (341.9 thousand a day)
should not be left to the insane.

Actual population growth this year 20.8 million.
(13.5 million deaths this year)



I thought your post was excellent but enriched by additional information.

I think what we see now (the level of destruction of our natural world) is the results of delayed consequences. The problem with many religions is that they remain traditional and not in a good way. In other words they don’t adapt to changing times and conditions. We create managed wild life preserves as if they are natural and retain the natural life cycle of species. They aren’t and they don’t. People are no different in that regard, but with few exceptions we are losing our connection to what is nature and good for us.

Thanks again. Just my 2 cents.


Yes, perhaps elitism is a symptom of insanity.


We need a tax credit for people who have never had children. Who would want to bring a child into a world with limited opportunities and resources and a decline in happiness?

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Vote Trump and his clowns out of office. To all those women who voted for Trump, shame on you. No one wins when 21st century women are being pushed back to the 19th century.