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At UN, Iran's Zarif Blames US War on Terror for 'Countless Broken Societies'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/26/un-irans-zarif-blames-us-war-terror-countless-broken-societies


The “war on terror” (that never targets domestic terrorists that have proven to be an exponentially greater threat to murkins’ safety than all the alleged foreign terrorists combined) is the military industrial media infotainment complex’s (MIMIC) solution to revenue dips when wars and occupations end…simply create an endless stream of wars and occupations that assure an eternally growing taxpayer funded revenue stream for MIMIC.


It is too bad a US politician will not give the same speech. When they do, they are eviscerated by both the Republican and Democratic parties and called unpatriotic by the media. I believe Jesse Jackson was the last Democratic presidential candidate to call for a reduction (15%) in the War Budget back in 1988.


Reality: No one wins in a war.

True, with the exception of the AMERIKAN WAR PROFITEERS!


Zarif is more AMERICAN than I am.
Me, a native born.
He graduated from both San Francisco and Denver universities.

If you elect me, I will replace Pompeo with Zarif.
I will lift all sanctions on Iran.
I will sign the nuclear agreement.

I will travel to Tehran.


Nationalism is the problem.

It’s time for a one world government .Share all the worlds resources .End spending on machines of death and destruction .

This alone would save trillions.


For the domestic purposes, terrorism is very poorly defined.

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If we call it Persia, we have to think about it quite differently.


A voice of reason…and an ally of Russia. Who is the real enemy of the world?


The Iranian foreign minister took at the "eight violent wars that the United States initiated or joined since 2001

IMO, this isn’t a US war – it is a US/CIA fascist War on Terror – by fascist corruption of
our US people’s government, using Elite/corporations to corrupt our parties and government –

It’s a wonder there is anything left of the United Nations with the US/CIA fascist wars on it –

Haven’t we yet had enough with Koch Bros. running our societies with guns and assault weapons?

With CIA drug running in all of our societies –

and every where an attempt to re-fight the Civil War
and overturn every effort toward true equality and freedom for all here – ?


Hi WiseOwl:
Yes, Persia was the word’s first empire—and THEY learned a lesson from that-----Empires are not aII they are cracked up to be. In fact when the do crack up, the people suffer even more.
I still ike my originall solution to this problem.
Once again—close down the UN building—make it a homeless shelter----and move the UN to the Hague----where it belongs. America is fiIIed with infantile politicians who are not grown up enough to create any kind of PEACE!


The rest of the world’s politicians ain’t any better

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America’s wars since WW II have been wars of terror, not wars on terror.
Our military is the largest terrorist organization in the world.
Look what we did to Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Central America, and on and on.
Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange exposed the crimes of empire–yet they’re the ones punished, while volunteer war criminals get medals.
I wish I hadn’t been born in America and am ashamed of what my tax dollars have funded.


MLK gave a speech about America’s worldwide terrorism, and then allied himself with a union in Memphis, and that’s why he got shot to death.

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…im sorry, i thought that over a million Iraqis alone had died since 2003 as a (in)direct result of the USA invasion. So, “hundreds of thousands” dead? GTFO, trying to cover up the extent of the USA’s destruction, folks.

The USA is actively killing all mammalian life on Earth


Who’s next:


Hot on the heels of UAE and Bahrain.


Hi CarolEllison:

Weirdly, it seems that those who avoid war, seem to want to also make it. GW Bush—for example. I have read that he was in the Air National Guard to avoid Vietnam-----then I read that he just walked away from that and----nothing happened. EXCEPT, he started wars all over the Middle East, which are still raging. : ( And of course there is also Donald of the Bone Spurs-------who bombs Sulimani in a pubic airport in Iraq----and killed several others besides ----- all who were guilty of NOTHING! : (

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Hi gwkimball:
I Iook to the Sunrise groups work---- who actually care about the planet—all of it. Things can change when people truly have something to believe in. : )

Hi raydelcamino:
I think we showed change the name of the "war on terror, to:
Bush’s War in ERROR!