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At United Nations, Trump's Attack on Palestinians Rebuffed by 128 Nations


At United Nations, Trump's Attack on Palestinians Rebuffed by 128 Nations

Phyllis Bennis

Yesterday's vote at the UN reflects the profound global antagonism that the Trump administration has caused and indeed embraced


In the school yard of the world, someone better stand up to this bully or we will have ww3 on our hands. Violence is never the answer and if Peace is what the U.N. is suppose to be achieving then it damn well better start now.


Do these Trumpistas even care that they’re making the US into a pariah state? Is pleasing their big donors so important that they can knowingly put us all at risk of retaliation?


Yes, you got it right.

The latest…or maybe not, since Dump is the gift that keeps on giving…is his suggestion or intent to give Kim Jong un a “bloody nose” in a “limited strike” to warn Kim that Donnie means what he says (if he can remember it later). I’m sure Dump knows what a game of chicken means, but I doubt he ANY clue of what nuclear reaction means.


“…damn well better start now” by doing exactly what?


Niki Haley is proving to be the epitomization of the autocratic ‘true believer’ ginning game of fomenting the froth of ‘ideocracy’ - dissociated from conscience, someone has to let the hyper-conservative end-times types that while they pray to be beamed up in the rapture, is largely a rationalization to break from the commitment and responsibility of living into the reality of a manufactured system where REAL application of all of the positive premises in human spirituality. It isn’t a matter of how far you can throw a punch or a grenade but rather the presence of mind and heart to disassemble and use the contents for good.


Trump does not care, and he said so.


And most of the world just told him to take a hike, while the rest of the world said, “we are not backing your plan”. I think mostly because it is a very bad plan.


I particularly enjoyed reading this, from Al Jazeera, this morning:


There are some valid considerations there along with the anger.

Isn’t the UN resolution that divides Israel and Palestine the very same resolution that establishes Israel as a state? How can you void part of and not void all of it?


Just what do you not understand about my post, is it that hard to comprehend?


After the vote, She sez: ‘’ We’re taking names here.’’

What an arrogant female junkyard dog!!!

The world has spoken at the UN about Dumpster’s, retarded, three legged bull in a China shop attitude, indicating the relocation of the embassy to Jerusalem is another step towards uncontrollable, unending war in that part of the world. Why can’t these mental defectives realize that juggling flaming torches in an explosives factory is likely to end poorly with no positive result.


Gilbert, no need to get testy with me. We’re on the same side. I was not challenging you or being snarky.

What I AM doing is asking you to do what’s called “operationalize your concepts or terms.” You said that if peace is what the UN is supposed to be achieving, then they’d …better start now.

If you operationalize “they better start now in achieving peace,” then you describe the specific actions you’d recommend they take, i.e., if I were sitting on a ledge above watching the UN, what actions would I SEE them do and what would I HEAR them say (as they start achieving peace now)?

I gave an example earlier in some post: parenting books tell parents to respect their children. Fine, but what does “respect” your children look and sound like? Operationalize the term “respect” and we might say that you never hit them, you listen without interrupting when they talk to you, you don’t mock them, you are not sarcastic to them, you try to give understandable explanations to them when they ask you questions, you keep any promises you make to them, you don’t lie to them, etc.

I hope this clarification makes sense. If it doesn’t, tell me and I’ll try a different answer.


The historic notion of judeo monotheist Jerusalem over millennia,
also Islam, Hebrew, Christian, Arab, Persian, Philistine, glistening Yemeni,
dancing before the fire god, gods and godesses.


I am ashamed of Phyllis on Al Jazeera for not even mentioning the Refusal of the Palestinians to recognize Israel’s Right to Exist! 50 years of suppression, discrimination and embargo with now continue, the UN has not made a stand against the racist attitude toward Israel, their demand to have a separate state and not recognize Israel is total foolishness,It is US, not President Trump , We the People , Our President is correct,


When will Israel recognize Palestine’s Right to Exist?


Thank you for this, I take for granted that people understand from the get-go what words mean without having to explain every detail. I am at heart a poet and brevity to me is a blessing but writing prose I’m not so good at. Yes, I need an editor :slight_smile: I don’t know what you have read on my site but I am self-taught from the 4th grade on, so maybe I need a teacher as well :slight_smile: again, thanks, I’m glad you are on our side :slight_smile:


Good morning…thx for your reply.

Can we go back to the suggestion that you write specifically what you want to see the UN doing? Some of us might be nutty enough to write the UN…like congratulating them on their Jerusalem vote and their standing up to a bully.


A list of how countries actually voted:


The U.N. must insist on Peace. Must insist on Inclusion. Must hamper those that subvert those principles. The Palestinians are people just like you and I, they should have the same rights as you and I. Jerusalem, the Palestinians, the Israelis all suffer from Zionism. The only solution I see is the one-state solution. Ego stands in the way.