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At WaPo, You Can Say Anything to Support TPP–or to Smear Sanders


At WaPo, You Can Say Anything to Support TPP–or to Smear Sanders

Dean Baker

In pushing trade agreements, it is fair to say anything, even if it has no relationship to the truth.


Zakaria should be reporting for the FOX War Network and not CNN.
He is now and always has been an apologist for the oligarchy and a critic of the Left.


WaPo has long been committed to the oligarchy. Most of what they decide to publish has little to no relationship to the truth. Expecting them to be factual is akin to waiting for water to flow up hill.


Zakaria is not paid to speak truth. He is paid to deliver propaganda with an assumed air of authority that sells lies to an unsuspecting public. He's a used car salesman peddling junk. The WaPo would serve as toilet paper if it was not covered with all that useless ink.


CNN has been a huge apologist for the oligarchy. What they and MSNBC did during the primary proves they are a suitable place for Zakaria.


Jeff Bezos, a vile abuser of the labor force he oversees at Amazon, is the owner of the WaPo. What could be more obvious in exposing that rag for what it is: an outlet for corporatist propaganda.


When I heard Obama playing his version of Bill Clinton PIMPING NAFTA in the form of the usual (false) promises surrounding these "free" trade deals, it occurred to me that Obama cost corporations ONE BILLION dollars to prop up (via his campaign costs).

Who knows what the return has been on that investment?

TIPP and TPP are the fiscal cherries on the toxic cake.

"Let them eat crumbs...." redux.

The problem is: The public doesn't HEAR the counter-narrative... only a variety of paeans to the greatness of TPP and TIPP.


Wow Dean, you're as confused about trade as is Fareed.

In these so-called "free" trade deals the jobs flow from the high wage countries to the low wage countries. And the lower prices in the high wage countries does not offset the lost wages in those countries since much of the difference between those two dollar amounts is taken as profit by the multinationals.......and, thus taken as income by the world's wealthiest who own the bulk of the shares in the multinationals in the form of dividends and share enhancement via share buybacks.


Yet another reason to vote for Jill Stein. As if more were needed ...


Or to demonize Putin.


Eh. Before launching her campaign, Hillary Clinton was working hard on selling the TPP to Congress. This wasn't done secretly, and we weren't surprised, since her husband had signed on to NAFTA. Democrats and liberals went all out (again) to sell Clinton for president. This would indicate that they're fine with the TPP.


Yep, it's just another step. The US began transitioning to bottom wage jobs in the 1980s, while dismantling the "safety net." Adding in such measures as increasing the number of people who can be paid even less than the min. wage, while breaking down so many jobs into pt. time work, have all worked together to quietly transform the US itself into another third world labor state. Top this off by shipping out a huge number of jobs since the 1980s, ensuring a scarcity of jobs. Consider the impact of creating a massive surplus of job-ready people who are desperate for any job at any wage -- grateful for the chance to replace you for less than you are paid.


Researching the 30s for a novel, I read that Abraham Lincoln said, during the war, "I'm more afraid of the banks than of the Confederate Army." And that there were five depressions during the 1800s and then the "Great" in 1929. Each time, the government in DC supported and excused the banks of any responsibility.
Obama is a traitor in the real sense of the word. Clinton, Kaine and Warren won't say so publicly, "party loyalty" prevents that, and anyway Clinton and Kaine will be relieved if Obama rams the TTP through before they take over and have to renege on their promises.


I agree with the main point, but the facts on trade became confused. For general audiences numbered points or other devices to give some roadsigns in the material would be helpful


In Washington money and sex trumps all religion and common sense.....All them politicians who take corporate money should have to wear a FOR SALE sign on their backs...or even,,,My back needs scratching how about yours....An Itch goes a long way toward a scratch....or I am your Man just put money in the can...