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At Washington Post, Defunding Police Is a Step Too Radical

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/21/washington-post-defunding-police-step-too-radical

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Yes defunding the police has been under a strong propaganda campaign against it, since calls for it first started. Now there are police friendly companies subverting the will of the people, and possibly privatizing policing standards across the country.

“Private Company moves To Profit From New York’s police Reforms”


Exploiting Black voices for a whitewash

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Turn the volume up on shifting resources from law enforcement to social services, and never turn it down.

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Democracy most likely died in darkness at the Washington Post in 1946, when Philip Graham took over as publisher. Graham was said to be a huge supporter of the newly formed CIA in 1947. Most likely it was also the starting point of Operation Mocking Bird.

Social services? Really? For many on low incomes and people of colour, the record of social services has not been encouraging. Both the police and social services need radical changes to make them accountable, transparent and community-led.