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At White House Conference, Tribes Push President to Act on Dakota Access


At White House Conference, Tribes Push President to Act on Dakota Access

Nika Knight, staff writer

As the final session of the annual Tribal Nations Conference first instituted by President Barack Obama begins Monday, the question of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline will take center stage.


Will this get national coverage by the corporate media?


ETP's modus operandi is to roll out its logistics well ahead of its PR so that the project looks as much like a done deal as possible when people realize their community has been invaded.

Tribal leadership's reliance on corporate-state politicians -- and, subsequently, courts -- is of no avail:
"The tribal leadership is closely tied to the Democratic Party and the Obama administration, with [tribal chairman David] Archambault hosting Barack and Michelle Obama for a visit in 2014, where he proclaimed the Obama administration the best thing that ever happened to Native Americans. This dismisses the real conditions facing Native Americans, who suffer the highest poverty and unemployment rates and the worst health conditions of any section of the US working class."

Community rights organizing:
"...rejecting the idea that corporations should be accorded the rights of human individuals, and building toward changing the federal and state constitutions in order to secure the right of local community self-government over that of the corporate state."


"Push" ? This is very weak and timorous.
Learn from Canada's First Nations and challenge your Government in Court, on Land and Human Rights. Go, for it, and best of Luck!