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At White House Gates, Hundreds of Religious Leaders Demand Trump and His Enablers "Repent of Their Sins"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/12/white-house-gates-hundreds-religious-leaders-demand-trump-and-his-enablers-repent

Looks like the resistance is moving closer to the WH. There’s hope…

These are season devil sell-outs. There IS no redemption.

Despite Trumpo the Klown’s utterly shameless pandering to a bible college audience during one of his “speeches” in which he said that The Bible was an even greater book than “The Art of the Deal” (now THAT is true egomania) he is a total bullshitter. The only “god” that Trump worships is that fat, orange face that stares at him in the mirror every morning. Therefore, he is incapable of feeling any guilt or need of atonement for his many, many crimes.
“I am the only person who matters.” – Donald Trump, the most twisted, mentally diseased POS to ever sit in the Oval Office.


Trump only worships the Golden Calf


Dump probably believes they have come to worship him.


Another exercise in futility, as those ignorant slobs still believe that a Sky Daddy is somehow going to save us all from trump by appealing to him and his followers better angels.
There are no better angels here. Just sociopaths, psychopaths, and the 90% of the population that permits themselves to be led by them. Invisible men in the sky and their demigod bastard children are not coming to help. If we are to be saved we will have to do it ourselves.


Note which Christians are critical of Trump. The division makes it seem that religion is not really about religion, but about a psychology obsession among most people to use all aspects of culture principally to define the group they belong to, to separate themselves from other groups and to concoct imaginary moral distinctions between those groups - - i.e. “we’re superior to them for the simple fact that we’re us, and they aren’t.”


As a long ago fallen away Catholic, this is the best news I’ve read in months! I have long been waiting to see religious leaders take a stand against ANYTHING done by this immoral federal government. They have been essentially silent on perpetual war and silent on torture and murder by drone, but finally they have acted in public.



I thought these fanatics were part of his Fan Base? lol!

Hi TulsiFan:

LOL, I love this action. Besides, as religious leaders, they must be familiar with the “throwing the money changers out of the temple.”
But how bizarre that the security people don’t seem to realize or recognize the First Amendment’s right for people to peaceably assemble to protest. Maybe security also sees that building as just another White Wash of a House.

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