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At White House, #KeepItInTheGround Movement Calls for End to Fossil Fuels


At White House, #KeepItInTheGround Movement Calls for End to Fossil Fuels

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Climate activists from around the country who collectively make up the Keep It In The Ground movement delivered more than 1 million signatures to the White House on Thursday calling for an end to fossil fuel use.

Following the petition delivery, Gulf Coast residents and other activists occupied the Department of the Interior, demanding no new fossil fuel leases on public lands and waters. Some arrests have been reported.


Now 'this' is something that everyone should be involved in.


The irony of people driving their privately owned vehicles to climate change rallies...

We've known that there is an "urgent need" to end our dependency on oil ever since the Arab Oil Embargo of the 1970s. We hoped to pursue a public education campaign to teach the necessity of transitioning to a modern mass transportation system. We remain stuck at square one.


OK, so how will we fuel those millions of middle class cars that hit the roads every day? We're already stuck in semi-permanent oil wars in the Mideast.


It is very difficult to solve future energy needs with no energy structure. But can be done. The problem is, states do not want Tesla cars to be sold in their state. So, it is politics and hence we are not going anywhere....

To start with, make the cars electric in a big way.
Next step is Solar power for homes now.

Then work on new technologies like newer capacitors and carbon nanotube products....ETC


Generated by solar or wind power?


What floors me these days is that peaceful protesters are being arrested. Of course that's only if those protesters are attempting to protect people and the environment. Occupiers were arrested; tea partiers were not. Big surprise.


It is a sort of do or die thing.


We do not. We eat well. Have good shoes. Walk or ride a bike. Also Mass transit based on electricity.


Like pulling billion$$ subsidies to fossil fuel industries and taxing the sobs.
This should give you a good amt. of the funds needed to subsidize installation of solar cells for homeowners.
Print some more of the billions handed to banks to jump start the green economy...
It's a matter of shifting the input away from corporate strata to that of the people the gov't. supposedly is in office to represent.


OMG..... that ... is an understatement.... so, I look at it this way.... since, I can't "go there".... to other places.. to protest, .... make a stand... I CAN.... teach... in every day life... I bring up as much information as I can get away with, at work, in the grocery store, with family, on the street even.... asking people how much they know about climate change.... and I give them points to start with... incase they need them.... like, "climate change feed back loops.... Tim Garrett's name... Paul Beckwith .. Kevin Andersen... Peter Wadhams... and ... I think it's Paul Wasdell...Ocean acidification... Sixth Mass Extinction... 400 ppm of Co2... Artic methane burst... permafrost melt... '
I think that tells it... if we ALL spread the knowledge... people will begin to understand....
OH AND GUY MCPHERSON.......................................


How about getting out of those oil wars? They suck up oil, and money and most importantly, lives. Develop an alternative energy system, public transport that runs on it and save $ on the health issues created by the poisoning of our air, water and soil by the ff industry.