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At White House Lie-In, Teens Call on Congress to 'Protect Kids, Not Guns'


At White House Lie-In, Teens Call on Congress to 'Protect Kids, Not Guns'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Building on the nationwide mourning and outrage that followed a Florida school shooting last week that left 17 people dead, dozens of teenagers held a "lie-in" at the gates of the White House on Monday to protest years of congressional inaction on gun control and highlight the National Rifle Association's perniciou


Golf! The president of the U.S. plays golf on President’s Day, while children whose friends have been shot down in yet another NRA- sponsored school shooting demonstrate their grief in from of the White House. This says it all. I wonder what his score was?


Those US flags need to be upside down a more fitting symbol of the multitude of man made crisis.


Read the comments to this article for insight into the intractability of the opposition to changing the gun culture.

Then consider this from Australia where “Personal protection or the protection of another person does not constitute a genuine reason for possession and use of a firearm. Additionally, the protection of property does not constitute a genuine reason for possession and use of a firearm, other than for the genuine reason of Business Security Industry.”

More here:

How far might be public opinion from achieving controls as seen in the above example?

Also may be of interest: 'Armed violence and gun laws, country by country’


My first thought when looking at the article…Thank You.


More please…thank you…the more we teach the better are our odds at regaining sanity.


I daresay most people agree that we should treat gun possession the same as we do with other dangerous things like cars; train, license, register and insure.

Why isn’t this mentioned on tv news, PBS or talk shows? Are they afraid of offending their donors and customers?


Yes, I agree, and a form of surrender.


Yes, they are. Other countries have people with mh issues, but they do not have gun violence like this.


Reinstate the assault weapons ban wold be a good first step. And police don’t need these weapons either.


To stop the massacres, Republicans must be voted out of office! That is the fact of it. get them out, get their corrupt NRA votes out. You will have to electorally fight the Deplorables, those red necked cretins who love to use their guns, not to hunt, just to intimidate. You will see them carrying at your nearest restaurant, the movie theatre you frequent, the barber shop and numerous other public venues. Does carrying stop massacres? Not that anyone knows of. All it does is scare ordinary people and cause them to gather up their families and flee the presence of the carriers. What a way to live!


“NRA votes” and not just the NRA: Heard of the NFFS?


May be of interest to see how America: ‘Guns R Us’, got to be:

(Mainly because the founding slave-owners, tax-evaders, and rent-seekers didn’t wan’t to pay for a standing army when they could have a ‘well-regulated militia’ who would provide their own weapons (smooth-bore, muzzle-loading muskets) and maintain them (in-between shooting squirrels and the original inhabitants of land that they coveted).


Imperialist amerika is very sick! Live by the gun, Die by the gun!


More Power to these kids! It takes a certain kind of courage these days to stand up (or lie down) in protest. A politically very active friend of mine, 78 years of age, just recently was hauled to jail for two days for civil disobedience. We’re planning the next protest…


You’ll never know his score. He lies.


The best way to protect kids is return the country to the New Deal, with genuine relief efforts for the homeless, un and underemployed, but more importantly the underpaid, PROGRESSIVE REDISTRIBUTIVE TAXATION, ( 90% under FDR, Truman and Eisenhower) a meaningful infrastructure “Manhattan Project” putting Americans to work for the common weal not the privateers and leadership that is genuine and authentic in these efforts, not like the current mobster fascist and corporate shills we’ve been enduring for decades.


Two Words: “Gun Insurance”

Free-market, private, market-based insurance should be right in line with right conservative Republican ideology to avoid government control.


Possibly because it’s a stupid idea?
A gun is not a car. You’d be the first to scream in horror if guns were handled like cars.


I know many people who insure their guns.
Not sure how this would prevent the extremely rare misuse of AR-15’s, however.