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Atlanta Cop Who Shot Rayshard Brooks in the Back Charged With 11 Counts—Including Felony Murder

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/17/atlanta-cop-who-shot-rayshard-brooks-back-charged-11-counts-including-felony-murder

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I saw guys like this in Vietnam. They were in the minority because most of us were drafted and not insane enough to join the US Army to go over a kill people who were no threat to us at all. Actually, the Vietnamese were some of the nicest and most intelligent people I ever met.

But there are always cowards who sign up for jobs, police especially, so they can get away with murder, literally. I hope this cowardly, back shooting son of a bitch never sees the light of day or draws another free breath.


All I can say is that I’m glad the DA has seen fit to charge the cop with murder- even if it has taken weeks-long demonstrations to all but force this and other such prosecutions. At the same time, I’m sad that it has taken so many years of never-held-to-account police murders of people of color to reach this stage. I could name only a tiny percent of those murdered by cops because of having the misfortune of being black at the wrong place and time. Each one calls out for justice. I can only hope that this moment in time in the U.S. is a true turning point and not just a moment of fever soon forgotten.


They will get a change of venue to some backwater county in Georgia where they still fly the confederate flag. We then know what the verdict will be. Once you get out of Atlanta and some of its suburbs, Dixie is still standing strong in Georgia. Now if Rayshard Brooks was still alive they - in that little county - they would find some way to charge him with something. I don’t mean to be divisive but I think it’s true.


Life in prison. Now, we’re getting serious, folks.
I grew up in a state that hasn’thad the death penalty as an option in 6 decades. I’m very proud of that. For a cop to face a conviction like that; well, his come to Jesus moment just arrived. And, I’m an atheist, too.
" So operator; Information please, get me Jesus on the line,. "


Agreed. And it’s true, lots of people are conditioned to accept the premise that cops are always right. And Brooks wasn’t even resisting arrest; he had been calmly cooperating with the police interrogation; and they didn’t even give him the courtesy of telling him he was under arrest for DUI before the killer cop suddenly grabbed his arms from behind. Perhaps your friends might look at the video evidence before saying he was resisting arrest; then ask them to imagine being in Brooks’ shoes… would they still think this was justified? person?


I know white people, mostly males, who’ve faced what Mr. Brooks experienced. What you fail to grasp, or mention, is the fact that in the 27 minutes before the cops decided to cuff Mr. Brooks, the compute(s) in the patrol car was in " whirling mode " and, ** the 2 cops were in contact with a superior officer(s). Who was advising or keeping track of what was happening. Shxt and orders, flow downhill.
Additionally, if you’re black person with priors ( yikes!!! ), a brown person with priors ( besa mi cullo, gringo ) or a white person ( male ) with priors who doesn’t necessarily take authority figures at face value ( snark ), well; hello in there and how the hell are you? Please put your hands behind your back, or guess what, the smoke wagon starts rollin’.
Even when you are completely innocent, most often, you’re guilty of something. The " whirling " of the Police & Security State apparatus never stops, never gives up the chase. Savvy?
" Whirl on! ". { snark }


I keep saying that as much as the killing of Rayshard Brooks is the ugly end, that 40 minutes, or 27 minutes or any extra time longer than it should have taken to help him get home and out of there they are in intimidation, interrogation and game playing cop entertainment. My partner used to hear the cops who would come in the late-shift lab to talk to her, boast about their “games they play on civilians.” That should tell us everything, which, in its own way, tells us more about police. They’ve played games on me and I’m white. My black friends get it much worse. None of it is needed. You would think that at the very least their supers would stop them just because of the time they are taking, at premium salary rates, while they are not doing any real “crime stopping.” But, of course, as police, they are their to control and suppress the lower classes, the lower the better (as in “funner” for them), but all classes below the millionaires (the real criminal class, like the title of the book “The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own It.”


I read this in a comments section somewhere.

How many Cops does it take to change a light bulb?


Cops don’t change lightbulbs, they beat the room for being black.


I think it is all bluff. Just look at Georgia’s history and its criminal justice system. We will be lucky if he gets a slap on the hand. Of course - hope springs eternal - and we all hope this guy will pay dearly and his brethern will see that the public means business now and it ain’t gonna be the same old game.


The “lower classes” are an easy target for their abuse and don’t have the money to buy the legal resources to fight them off. A rich person writes out the big check to the lawyer and that’s the end of the story.

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Rolfe’s words as he kicked Mr. Brook’s body, after not (?) rendering aide for 2 1/2 minutes, " I got him ". The County D.A’s official report will eventually tell us. That is a self-indictment, right?
Those are the same words I’ve heard deer hunters utter, after they hit a big buck. Of course, most hunters know you don’t attempt to shoot a deer in the backside, as he’s running away from you. I hope we don’t have to explain, yet again, the difference between these two. Don’t you?
X-Officer Rolfe is an overgrown child in a uniform, that unfortunately, comes with a state license to legally kill. Sitting in his cell maybe he’ll figure it all out, what put him there, went down, but I seriously doubt it.

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The rate of people killed by Police forces in the USA is 46.6 per 10 million.
The rate of people killed by Police forces in Mexico is 30.0 per 10 million

The rate of people killed by Police in Canada is 9.7 per 10 million people
The Rate of people killed by the Police in France is 3.6 per 10 million people.

The rate of people killed by the Police in the united Kingdom is .5 per 10 million.
The rate of people killed by the Police in Iceland is 0 per 10 million people.

In all of those Instances of a given States Police forces killing a Citizen in every country the killing is claimed as justified. I am pretty certain each of those Countries Police forces had to deal with someone that was drunk and behind the wheel of a car or running away.

So explain how it is that in the USA law and order and the Police “defending themselves” is kept by the use of deadly force out of proportion to all of those other Countries?

Now you brought up lynching.

The number of total recorded lynchings in the USA is well over 4000 just over an 80 year period. There were thousands undocumented that happened before and after that measured 80 year period. The peoples being lynched were usually black. These often instigated or aided by the Police forces.

The number of recorded lynchings that happened in Canada is zero.

I really do not think it the left that has a “lynch mob mentality” and your comparison of what is happening to this Police officer (Formally charged via the courts and who will receive a trial) to a lynching is ridiculous.


I often wonder how ‘law and order’ is maintained in the UK where police do not routinely carry guns. They seem to manage.

Also wonder why in US, and Canada, we shoot to kill rather than disable. In cases where the police are being shot at by someone…maybe. But shooting someone in the back? Four officers holding down one man, kneeling on his neck…charging into a house and opening fire on whoever is there… so much excessive use of violence.

How is is that police academy entrance exams, education and psychological evaluations and continued upgrading courses do not manage to screen out those with racist and violent tendencies…

We should learn something from the UK.

Precisely. The number of people killed by the Police In Canada is considerably lower then what happens in the USA but it still orders of magnitude too high. There no reason it needs to be that high. They are far too quick to use deadly force.

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I’m picturing the old west. When “the people” marched to the police station (sheriffs office) bringing their rope along with them.

Since when does consummate respect include murdering that same person minutes later. Police respecting citizens is in the high percentage of bullshit.
By the way, if he had gotten away, so what. This level of apprehension is disgusting and absurd. Someone with no training at all would do better.

This made me think of something. Perhaps it would serve us all better if we demanded that all police shooting ranges only allow targets with pictures of family members. Maybe a few with their backs turned to the shooter too.

Well, an interesting vision but that gives me the creeps as that is what happened with lynchings all over the U.S. This cop deserves a fair trial with adequate representation by a jury of his peers and hopefully without bias one way or the other. We should have a system that works for all and is fair and transparent not the circuses we have become used to. All must be accountable and all must be able to have adequate resources to defend themselves. The hero worship and looking the other way at police misbehavior has to stop once and for all.